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warning: update time may change depending on what is going on in my life

about me

name: Joe

age: 18

gender: male

fav tlos character: Cynder (all forms)

Deviantart account: Joekemp19982907

Fictionpress account: vampire-at-heart

Fanfiction news

3/14/15: Cleaned out my profile a bit.

12/14/14: I'm back

7/12/14: temporarily moving over to fimfiction

6/26/14: I'm taking a small break for a while

6/12/14: Writer's block again

4/7/14: I changed my name. My new name represents my persona from my portal fanfic as a dragon of the Aperture element in the Spyro world (The element will be explained during my portal/spyro crossover)

2/26/14: I'm having major writer's block and getting distracted a lot so update time will likely slow to a crawl, if not, stop completely.

1/13/14: I'm back.

My OCs (pm me if you wish to use any) (note: in almost all my fanfics Malefor will be Cynder and Inferno's dad but you can change that for your own Fanfics) (All ages may vary depending on the time of the story)

My OCs that will be in all or most of my fanfics


age: 16

Gender: Male

species: dragon (a rare guardian of the purple dragon destined to guard the purple dragon of that generation)

elements: fire, light, darkness, time, poison, fear, shadow, and convexity

Other Abilities: Inferno can only die if his twin sister dies (Unless the purple dragon he's destined to guard dies, in which case he can die like his sister), he has power over the element of the Adelikes (most often referred to as black hole), he is able to change his form to one that more closely matches any of his elements, and he has Dark Magic (inherited from his father).

family: Cynder (twin sister) Obsidian (mom) Malefor (dad)

Nicknames: The darkened dragon (used to speak about his time under Malefor's control) and twins of darkness (used to describe him and Cynder based off of their scale color and dark pasts)

Personality: Inferno is sarcastic, energetic, dark, a little crazy, and easy to anger most of the time. Inferno is also protective of his sister and can become a little blood-lust at times

Appearance: Inferno has midnight black scales with magenta underbelly, magenta wing membranes, light-silver horns and spikes that look and are arranged exactly like Cynder's, and a light-silver tail-blade shaped like a crescent moon. He also has white markings, these are on his head, shoulders, back, and under his eyes

Background: Inferno and Cynder were corrupted at the age of five. Inferno become as feared as Cynder rather quickly. When Inferno and Cynder were technically eight Inferno flew a little too close to a Convexity furry that Cynder was doing and it caused the spell that had corrupted him to break. Once Inferno came to, he found himself in the dragon temple with Ignitus over him, he panicked for a moment before Ignitus reassured him. After that Inferno started having dream where a strange ice dragon (Shard) met him and told him what he really was. Shard started training Inferno in his dreams so that Inferno could fulfill his destiny of guarding and protecting the purple dragon of his time until they die.


Age: unknown

Gender: female

species: dragon (Darkness dragon)

Element: darkness

Family: Inferno (son) Cynder (daughter) Malefor (mate)

Nickname: destroyer of light (for her assassin nature)

Personality: to most she is pure evil and a killer but to her children and there loves she has a kind heart to a point

Appearance she looks a lot like Cynder during her corruption but with a few blood stains on her tail and without holes in her wing and tail blades

Background: Obsidian was born a killer as she killed her brother for no real reason after that she started hunting down powerful dragons and assassinating them. At some point in her life Obsidian learned that even pure evil can love as she found a mate that shared her evil nature and they had an egg (Inferno and Cynder's egg) but somehow their egg got frozen in a time crystal for the next hundreds or so years and Obsidian got (ironically) sealed inside of a large obsidian crystal once she was free Obsidian decided she wanted to control the world and set out to do so


Age: unknown

Gender: Male

Species: dragon (guardian of the purple dragon)

Elements: ice, fire, time, wind, and convexity

Family: Glacia (twin sister)(dead)

Personality: Shard is outgoing and always looking for something to do, but he will protect his sister at all costs.

Appearance: Shard has light blue scales with a red underbelly, red horns and wing membranes, two horns that come out the side of his head and then curved back at a forty-five degree angle, and he has five red spikes on each side of his tail.

Background: Shard was one of Malefor's only four friends before he and his sister died. At some point in Shards life he learned that he was destined to guard Malefor. Not much is known about Shard as he had lived during Malefor's childhood and died at the age of thirty-four, five days after Malefor's imprisonment.


Age: unknown

Gender: Female

Species: dragon (ice dragoness)

Element: ice

Family: Shard (twin brother)(dead)

Personality: Glacia is a strong and willing dragoness but prefers to hide her true power.

Appearance: Glacia has light blue scales with a red underbelly, red horns and wing membranes, two horns that come out the side of her head and then curved back at a forty-five degree angle, she has four red spikes on each side of her tail, and an icicle shaped tail blade.

Background: Glacia was one of Malefor's only four friends before she and her brother died. At some point in Glacia's life she learned that she was the sister of the one destined to guard Malefor. Not much is known about Glacia as she had lived during Malefor's childhood and died at the age of thirty-four, five days after Malefor's imprisonment.

My OCs from Malefor's Resurection and Obsidian's Rule: Rebellion


Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Dragon (Ice dragoness)

Element: Ice

Family: Neuge (mom)(dead) Clay (dad)(dead) Amber (Real mother)

Personality: she use to be shy, have a hard time trusting people, and be brave when her friends where in danger. After learning who her real mother was and being around Inferno a lot Snow became a willing killer and lost her shy nature

Appearance: her scales are light blue with a dark blue underbelly and wing membrane,. She has two horns that come out of her head then bend down at a 90 degree angle, and has a dark blue tail blade that is shaped like an icicle

Background: she was abused as a child by bullies and her parents, This has led her to become very shy and have a hard time trusting others. even with her terrible life she has always wanted to leave her life in that village behind and find some were else to live but is too scared to do so. After learning who her real mother was she decided that she was tired of being weak and scared so she asked her real mother to teach her in the deadly art of assassination.


Age: unknown

Gender: female

Species: Dragon (Ice dragoness)

Element: Ice

Family: Snow (Daughter)

Personality: As an assassin Amber can be calm in most situations but has a short temper and a strong blood-lust. Amber is completely different when she is only with friends

Appearance: Amber has light blue scales, silver underbelly and wing membranes, three horns that are arranged like Malefor's, and a three prong tail blade with each prong in the shape of an icicle

Background: Amber was friends with Obsidian and Malefor from the day they met. Amber at some point got annoyed because she was having trouble with her assassination techniques so she went to Obsidian for help, Obsidian agreed and she started her training. One day after Obsidian got imprisoned in an Obsidian crystal Amber was imprisoned in an amber crystal.

My OCs from The Legend of Inferno and possibly some future stories that are not from TLOI


age: 37

Gender: Female

Species: dragon (darkness dragoness and the darkness guardian)

Element: darkness

Family: Apollo (mate) Luna (Daughter)

Personality: As a nontainted darkness dragoness Darkra use to be fearful of tainted darkness dragons, she is very friendly so long as you do not wish to do harm to her or her friends, and she is extremely energetic.

Appearance: Darkra has midnight-black scales on her body, icy-blue scales on her underbelly, icy-blue horns and wing membranes, she has six-pointed star shaped markings, four horns, two horns at the top of her head, two horns at the bottom of her head, and has a tail blade that is shaped similar to the points of her markings

Background: as a hatch-ling Darkra always got herself into trouble and would pick fights with dragons that where a lot larger than her. Darkra has always preferred darkice as ice was her father's element. One day Darkra met a young light dragon and fell in love with him. After some time Darkra had a child who she named Luna but sadly on the night before Darkra and her mate became guardians their daughter died do to some apes. After her daughter died Darkra considered taking revenge on the apes but knew that it would only lead to her becoming tainted so she decided to try to be careful and carry on with her duty as a guardian. seven years before Spyro saved her Darkra was captured by Cynder and brought to th Caves of Light, the one place that both tainted and nontainted darkness dragons feared.


age: 40

Gender: Male

Species: dragon (light dragon and the light guardian)

Element: light

Family: Darkra(mate) Luna (daughter)

Personality: Apollo is always calm. He likes to have a little action every now and then. He can be friendly or not depending on the situation.

Appearance: Apollo has wight scales on his body, a silver underbelly, silver wing membranes and horns, three horns that are arranged differently than Malefors, and a tail blade that is shaped like the sun.

Background: as a hatch-ling Apollo would act good until his parents back was turned and then he would often become a tornado of a hatch-ling. Apollo always likes to play games, even if they are very hatch-ling like. At a young age Apollo met a wonderful darkness dragoness and fell in love. A few years after that Apollo and his mate had a child that they decided to name Luna, to represent the light of the moons and the darkness of night where it comes out but sadly Luna died from an ape attack the day before her parents where going to become official guardians. The day after Luna died Apollo became the guardian of light. seven years before Spyro rescued him, Inferno captured him and brought him to the Valley of Darkness.


Age: 28

Gender: Female

Species: dragon (wind dragoness and the wind guardian)

Element: wind

Family: Talon (brother)(dead) Skyla (sister)(dead) Aira (daughter)(dead)

Personality: As the youngest guardian Breeze is energetic and loves to play around. She is very forgiving and understanding.

Appearance: Breeze has grey scales, dark grey underbelly, dark grey horns and wing membranes, two horns that come from the back of her head and go at a slight angle which makes her externally aerodynamic, and a tail blade shaped like a feather

Background: As a wind dragoness Breeze loves being in the air and rarely stays on the ground for more than a few hours. At some time in her life Breeze found a mate and had a child, which she names Aira. Aira sadly died from a predator attack and Breeze's mate die shortly after. Aira had always dreamed of being a guardian so Breeze decided to pursue that goal in honor of her lost daughter. After a year Breeze succeeded in her goal.


Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: dragon (fear dragoness)

Element: Fear

Family: Phobious (dad)(dead) Aphaya (Older sister)

Personality: Mysty is always ready for anything, she has anger problems from her corruption, and she has a strong will.

Aperance: Do to being corrupted by the grove Mysty has dark blue scales with purple underbelly, purple tail blade and wing blades, two horns that are in a similar shape to the devils, a tail blade that looked like a knife but has spikes with serrated edges lining the edges, the wights of her eyes have become purple, and her actual eye color is a fearful red.

Background: Mysty had a normal life, but one day she was wondering around an area that her parents had left her in for a while and she saw some glowing mushrooms. Being five she started walking over to see what the mushrooms where but she didn't notice that she was entering the grove until it was to late. Thanks to a strong will she was able to keep control but forgot a lot of her life.


Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: dragon (Fear dragoness)

Element: Fear

Family: Phobious (dad)(dead) Mysty (younger sister)

Personality: Aphaya is outgoing, she always is ready for a fight if one is to happen, and she will do anything to help her sister out

Appearance: Aphaya has scales that alternate between red and black with black underbelly, black wing membranes, two devil-like black horns, and a tail blade arrowhead shaped tail blade.

Background: Aphaya was at a friends house when her parents set Mysty down near the ancient grove. As a hatch-ling Aphaya, like Mysty, was attracted to glowing objects. When Aphaya's parents said that they fear that Mysty had entered the ancient grove and been corrupted, it took the entire village that they where in to keep Aphaya from running in after her. When Aphaya got to Warfang she had been playing with some other dragons and, unintentionally, ran into a wall, giving her a concussion and causing her to forget Mysty's real name. While in Warfang Aphaya got the attention of Night, who felt like she was strong enough to become a guardian, so he decided to have her as his student.

My OCs from Eclipse of Darkness


Age: 5

Gender: Female

Species: dragon (healing dragoness and half-ancestor)

Element: Healing

Family: Ember (older sister) Hecktor (dad)(dead) Helen (mom)(dead)

Personality: Amy is fun and outgoing, but she takes her position as a half-ancestor very seriously

Appearance: Amy has bright pink scales with an extremely light red underbelly, her horns and long heart shaped tail blade are the same color as her underbelly, she has extremely light red spikes in place of where Ember's frills are, and her wing membranes and spike membranes are blood-red.

Background: Amy had always worn her choker and the crystal that once was in it, but when she found out that her crystal defied the ancestors, she got rid of it and found a new one. Amy died at the age of five, Ember was ten at the time. Amy found herself in the position of a half-ancestor and was happy.


Age: unknown

Gender: Male

Species: dragon (darkness dragon)

Element: Darkness

Family: Demnex (younger brother)

Personality: Demetriouse is evil, but he still cares about his brother.

Appearance: Demetriouse has scales darker than darkness its self with a light-blue underbelly, light-blue wing membranes, light-blue horns that are arranged similar to Cyril's, his markings closely resemble skulls, and he has a light-blue tail blade that is shaped similar to a long dagger that is jaged and very sharp.

Background: Demetriouse was fun and outgoing as a hatch-ling. He always would be there to protect his younger brother when needed. At some point in Demetriouse's life he became evil, though the cause is unknown.

My OCs from Inferno and Cynder: Peace in Darkness


Age: 10

Gender: Female

Species: dragon (blood dragoness)

Element: Blood

Family: unknown

Nicknames: Blood pack (used to describe Velti and her three blood dragon friends)

Personality: Velti is fun and always wanting new friends, but being a blood dragoness makes it difficult.

Appearance: Velti has black scales with red markings around her body and a blood-red underbelly, blood-red wing membranes, four blood-red horns that all curved down from either the side or top of her head, her tail blade is blood-red with two holes on each side, and she has fangs.

Background: Velti was always trying to make friends, but found it impossible because of her element. Velti's parents died during the war, in the battle of Warfang, while she was ten and so she had to fend for herself, but was often able to use dragon's fear of her element to get food, she didn't like doing it though. Velti thought she would never get friends until she met Inferno and Cynder.


Age: 10

Gender: Male

Species: dragon (undead dragon)

Element: Undead

Family: Inferno (older brother) Cynder (older sister) Obsidian (mom) Malefor (dad)

Personality: Slethos is hyper active and loves to play.

Appearance: Slethos has black scales with bone-wight underbelly, bone-wight wing membranes, two bone-wight horns coming from each side of his head and curving back, one bone-wight horn that comes from the top of his head and curved back, his tail blade is shaped similar to Malefor's, he has what seems to be a dragon skull worn as a mask, skeletal paws over his own paws and up his legs, a small peice of bone that goes over a part of his tail blade, and a skeletal dragon spine going along his spine, but all are natural.

Background: Slethos hatched in convexity and spent most of his life there, training with his dad. When Malefor left Slethos couldn't come so he stayed there and trained until he was able to leave and learned that Malefor had been killed so he vowed to get revenge.


Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: dragon (undead dragoness)

Element: Undead

Family: Blaze (mom) Boulder (dad) Spyro (younger brother) Conny (younger sister)

Personality: Sethra is always sad about Spyro going missing, but when she's not she is very playful and often willing to play any game no matter how hatch-ling of a game it is.

Appearance: Sethra has red scales with light-blue underbelly, light-blue wing membranes, two light-blue horns aranged exactly like Spyro's, she has the skeletal fetures of all undead dragons, and her tail blade is shaped like Spyro's

Background: Sethra never wanted a sibling, but when Spyro's egg was laid she wouldn't leave its side, this often made her mom joke by saying Sethra should take over being the hatch-lings care taker when it hatched.


Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: dragon (purple dragon)

Elements: all

Family: Blaze (mom) Boulder (dad) Sethra (older sister) Spyro (twin brother)

Personality: Conny is as playful and fun loving as Spyro

Appearance: Conny looks exactly like Spyro, only her tail blade is shaped like Spyro's with a fire design coming from the sides

Background: Conny was always playful and loved playing with Spyro, but when she was sealed away she was unable to do that until she broke free again.

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This is just a random idea that came to mind. It's an alternate version of what happens when Dark Spyro returns in DotD using a version of Cynder with little in moral training (I doubt that's the right word to use). This has no genre since I couldn't find one that made sense with it. Marked K for now.
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DISCLAIMER: this is a random story, in this case that means not to take anything you read seriously. Just a random little idea that popped into my head. G-man attempts to tell Gordon something very important after White Forest, but his daughter has other ideas.
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First there was Doug. Then there was Chell. Now a new legend joins the group of Aperture's legendary test subjects. Shade, the shadow in the darkness. The only difference between Shade and the other legends, he is there to save GLaDOS. four years after Chell left, test subjects have returned. Can Shade save GLaDOS and reveal the truth of Caroline's two children and their father
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With Malefor gone Inferno and Cynder finally have peace, but now what do they do, meet new friends or maybe just have fun. One question is in the air though, how long will the peace last. I... don't know what happened, this story makes no sense. This story really has no point, make of it as you wish.
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Spyro the Dragon - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 17,495 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 7/13/2013 - Published: 7/5/2013 - Spyro, Cynder - Complete
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First, oneshot, After they defeat Malefor Spyro and freinds decide to spend the night in a cave but it turns out Cynder and Inferno's mom lives there but who is there father they know but you have to read to find out
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