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I go by many names. Maribel is one of them. 17-going-on-18. Awkward female. Heart of Toronto. Aspiring writer/graphic designer. Nostalgic.

Love: Disney, Cartoon Network, various books, 80's movies, indie movies, can't seem to think of anything else...

Hopeless romantic, yet cynical pessimist. I'm a web of contradictions, and 100% sarcastic. Writing is my passion, reading is my life. Beware of my feels.

Currently working on Teen Titans fanfiction, but may write for Class of the Titans, Hunger Games, and any of my other fandoms.

Once I establish some of my fanfiction here I'll add more to my bio. But what else do you wanna know about me? I'm really bad at writing bios…

Update! There's a slightly-better written bio on my tumblr blog, i-never-quite-grew-up-so-i.tumblr.com. Also, I'm on tumblr more than this website, so if you want to message me, I'll answer there faster than here. If you follow me, I'll check out your blog and follow you back :) I really need more blogs to follow!