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The wild card and most random person you will ever find, it's me, the bearer of heresy! The Heretic Lord!

What? You don't know who I am? Well, allow me to fill you in with some of my works:

RWBY: Competition Moon

- It's my first RWBY story, starts focused in Jaune and Ren with their problem with girls until my OCs start to interfere. Not your normal OC story since they are actually the antagonists of the story. RWBY had too few antagonists to use, so I created them for this story each reflecting a different side from a villain. As things unfold in the story, Jaune is forced to enter in battle to avenge Ren and teams up with Cardin Winchester to fight their empowering opponent, The Prince of Death, Vladimir Tepes.

RWBY: Escape from the HaRen

- Just like I did an OC story to follow different paths from normal OC writers, this story was mad to follow a different path of the harem route. It's not just a story with Ren in place of Jaune, it's a story where the entire world is crazy. The girls all have dangerous fetishes, the boys all have chuunibyou and the teachers are all gaming addicts. Ren is not only traumatized by his harem, but starts to shift as he develops plans to deal with it using the very cliches that cursed him, until the very point he starts to consider the idea of becoming a Demon Lord no different from the other boys.

RWBY: Against All Odds

- It may be considered both a rewrite, a reboot and another route from Competition Moon since I didn't like how it turned out after some time. Jaune doesn't develop a harem, but focuses in his relationship with Pyrrha while team RWBY employs the help of Ren and Nora to help to ship both of them. Things however take a turn for the worse when the OCs from Competition Moon start to strike the peace that was happening. Team RWBY and JNPR are forced to deal with this unknown force that seems to be always an step ahead, while having a time-limit of one day to stop whatever they are planning. The first arc is very similar to Competition Moon's Team VLNT Onslaught, but with different battles. I plan to end the first arc after Jaune and Tepes clash in battle.

Date A Live: Shidou in Rampage

- Quite obvious, but it's a harem story with a smooth protagonist. Dark Shidou is actually quite arrogant and prone to make mistakes, but has some morals to stop him from crossing lines he shouldn't. So far, in the first loop he takes over the school by giving boys tips about dating and proactively times his action to raise flags in his adventure.

About myself? Hmmm... I don't have much to say.

I can say that I am different, but we all are one from another, I can say that I am intelligent, but all people have something they are good and bad at.

In the end, I just think that as long as people can make mutual understanding of each other the world would be a better place. We don't exactly need to accept things the way they are or the way other people thing, but understanding it should be enough. The moment we can understand how they view the world is the moment we can choose how to act instead of refusing them right away.

Understanding is different from Accepting, but isn't something far from learning how to live together and avoid the wrongdoings of life.

Or... I have just said a bunch of nonsensical things, teehee! Either way, try to put yourself at the shoe of another person once in a while, it may help to avoid mistakes that can haunt you for a long time.

I am the Heretic Lord and I hope I can entertain you people

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