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Author has written 16 stories for Ranma, Sekirei, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Ikki Tousen/一騎当千, Gold Digger, Robotech/Macross, Marvel, Highschool of the Dead, Mass Effect, High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, A song of Ice and Fire, Rosario + Vampire, Hobbit, and RWBY.

Name: VimesEnthusiast

Gender: male

Yo. I'm new to fanfiction writing... well that's a lie I've actually been writing my own stories for a while now, i just never got around to publishing them online. I like to lurk like that. As such my updates will be pretty quick for a few weeks/months but then slow down to a chapter a week after that.

Story Update: WIild Wolf will not be updated this month, the chapter is going to be a huge one, and I will get it out mid-August.

story status:

Third Path to the Future = Harry Potter/Marvel crossover

After taking a jaunt through the Veil (mainly to get away from being called the next dark Lord for actually fighting the war as it should have been and calling out the Ministry on how craptastic it is) Harry meets and protects Franklin Richards until his parents come looking for him, whereupon he travels with them into the marvel universe. What adventures await him there?

Pairings: Harry/Jean Grey/Ororo Monroe/Emma Frost/maybe Betsy Braddock

cliches - Genius!Harry, Powerful! Harry, mutant Harry

Warnings: Lemony content, some violence

Status: ongoing/neverending story - will be updated every three months or so due to chapter size/research needed

Horse of the Dead = Horse of the Dead/Ranma crossover

Ranma found a note in his dad's pack from his mother and leaves the old man in China to return to Japan and find her. He does, but she's living with her sister Kiriko, her husband and daughter Rei. Taken into their home he starts to go to school with Rei. Though they really don't get along that well he makes friends at his new school, but that is set aside when the dead start to rise. With his skills and survival training, he becomes the impromptu leader of a small band making their way across the zombie infested wasteland.

Pairings: Ranma/Saeko/Saya/one or two others, Takashi/Kyoko/Rei, Kohta/Asami

Warnings: Lemons and general ecchiness to match the original

Status: Finished

The Effect of a Wild Horse = Mass Effect/Ranma crossover

A different decision right after being cursed leads to a very different Ranma showing up in Nerima. When he goes after Herb to beat some sense into him Ryoga takes the chance to get rid of his rival once and for all, sending both combatants to the Mass Effect universe. What changes will two martial artists and their use of ki have on the coming conflict?

Pairings: Herb/Kelly Chambers/Jack/Liara, Ranma/Kasumi Goto/Tali/Samara

Status: on hold indefinitely due to my Mass Effect muse's death.

Lion of Light = Gold Digger/Ranma crossover

Ranma hates how his life is going, but sees no real way out of it until a strange concurrence of mystical events lets him meet Brianna Diggers in the worst way possible (though in her mind it was the best way - -;). This catapults him into the new adventures that he longed for and maybe just maybe may give him the home he always wanted as well.

Pairing: Ranma/Nabiki/Kasumi/Brianna/Sheila/Brittany/Moisha maybe others but not Gina.

Warnings: Eventual lemons, some ecchiness

Status: on hold until my muse revives

Gods and Devils and Wild Horses, Oh My. = Ranma 1/2 / High School DxD crossover

Ranma leaves after the events with Saffron to find a cure. Thinking he might have he heads to Rome and instead winds up adopting Asia, and getting introduced to the world of the Threeway War. Being his usual self Ranma befriends Asia and fights off the Fallen. Ranma and a few new friends will enter this conflict and make their mark.

Pairing: Ranma/Rias/Saeko-hotd/Gabriel, Kasumi/TBA, others

Warnings: A whole lot of ecchi going on, lemons eventually, violence

Status: Ongoing but paused until it wins in the polls

Fed up with life in Nerima, Ranma runs away, only to be followed by Happosai, who has a magic scroll he want to try out. It works, but... Ranma suddenly finds himself in Westeros, replacing the champion chosen by the old gods in a time of great peril for humanity. How will the world change with the Wild Horse raised in the den of wolves?

Pairings: Ranma/Daenerys/Myrcella

Warnings: this story contains a lot of violence, politics and some lemons

Status: Finished

Warrior's Way: Finished Baby!

Pairings: Strong Minato/Tsukiumi/Akitsu/Kazehana/Miya, with the rest of his original harem on the side.

Destiny vs Chaos chapter 1: Finished baby!

Ranma/Kan'u/Ryomou/mystery girl who you have to read the story to find the identity of.

The next book will take Ranma and his girls into Rosario Vampire, wiht Inner moka and Mizor added to the girls. Some bashing of the principal and others, as well as a Tsukune manning the fuck up and paired with Outer moka and Kurumu

Chaotic Space book 1: Finished Baby!

Pairing for this story will be: Ranma/Kasumi/Lisa/Miriya - don't like don't read. Canon basically disappears the further into this sotry you go.

the next book will deal with the Invid/exploration/other races, along with some surprises along the way.

Hunting With Your Fists

Ranma/RWBY crossover:

A mistake with the mirror of time travel strands Ranma momentarily in the past while everyone else heads home. Faced with Cologne in her teenage years who sees him as perfect husband material but all to easily remembering her as a ghoul, Ranma is forced to find that time's Happosai to get his mirror. In the ensuing fight the single shard left of the mirror from his time smashes Happosai’s, causing a massive flair of magic, teleporting Ranma into the land of Remnant. However, Remnant rejects the magic of Jusenkyou, separating Ranma’s male and female forms. His female form turns out to have a mind of her own, a merging between his own and that of the young Amazon girl who had drowned in the pool. In this new realm she takes the name Benzaiten - the Japanese Buddhist goddess of everything that flows: water, words, speech, eloquence, music.

Pairings: Either Ranma/Yang, or Ranma/Pyrrha god i love both of them.

Will be the first story where I don’t go the harem route!

Anything Goes Game Changer: Ranma/Sekirei crossover

Bored one day while waiting for Ryoga to show up for their duel, Ranma goes searching through Tokyo for someone new to fight. He finds a recently married woman who has more ki than anyone he has ever seen. After a Ranma style meeting, the two actually become friends and semi-sparring partners in return for Ranma's help in repairing Izumo house. Years later,Ranma seeks her out after arriving at the Tendo dojo, soon realizing that his old friend/big sister/mother figure has more going on than he had ever imagined, and in true Ranma fashion decides to get involved.

How will a human being who can fight Sekirei (most of them anyway) effect the Sekirei plan? Especially one who goes looking for trouble, and has no worries about showing off or telling people about the plan. And how will the Sekirei effect the mad zone known as Nerima?

Ranma would be trained by Miya, so will be at a far higher level than he was when he first appeared, and his normal 'rivals' will be little more than annoyances. Ranma will not take them seriously, and will see most of them as a source of amusement.

Pairing: Ranma/Tsukiumi/Akitsu, possibly Haihane

Status: Paused until it wins in the polls

Horse For the Force: Ranma/Star Wars

Attacked as he tries to use the Nanban Mirror, Ranma is flung through time and space when the mirror shatters. He lands in the Star Wars universe a few months before the start of Phantom Menace. He runs over a pirate raid, finds out that what he does with ki is called the Force here, but the Force seems like an even worse concept than emotional ki. Sees the Jedi as robot wannabes, tries his damndest to rile them up, but gets on well with a few of them - Yoda, a few others, not Mace Windu, hates the politicians and Coruscant in particular - freaked out by the idea of a whole world covered with cities. Sees the Sith as Akane/Ryoga gone off the deep end. Possible rivalry with Jango Fett, and is being hunted by the shape changing bounty hunter as well as a few others in turn.

Pairing would be Ranma/Shaak Ti, Aayla Secura, one more maybe, probably not though

Canon Divergence!!!!

Status: See the poll!

A Change in Circumstances: Harry Potter/Star Wars

Harry, left alone to heal up after a particularly vicious beating at Vernon's hands began to remember how to use magic, which had always been oblviated out of him after moments of accidental magic before. Remembering how he had teleported onto the top of his school's roof to get away from Dudley and his gang of bullies, Harry wonders if he can do the same thing again. He bides his time, watching as his body heals from the beating and trying to figure out what this power he has is all about.

Finally, after being beaten once again, Harry has had enough. Wishing with all his might to be somewhere else, anywhere else but there, Harry pours all of his magic into trying to get away, only to unconsciously tap into the power of the blood wards, sucking them dry in an instant to horrendously overpower his spell.

Harry/Aayla/maybe others, but very doubtful - friendship first, then lovers later. Harry will not have a lot of truck with the jedi code as it is practiced these days (thanks to a certain spectral acquaintance), and will not be favored by many of the council, since at 11 or so he's already too old and again other reasons, but he will be powerful, oh yes...

Canon divergence!

Status: On Hold until at least Horse For the Force is done. Doing two stories in the same universe would be far too confusing.

A Fate Touched in Middle Earth: Harry Potter X Tolkien Works

Instead of happening in the antechamber of the Wizangamot, Voldemort ambushed Harry and his crew in the room with the Veil of Death in it. The battle was much fiercer with casualties on both sides. Seeing Voldemort kill Hermione, Harry losses his mind, tackling the dark lord and hurling them both into the Veil. The Veil was not a simple doorway, and their battle, now of wills and fury rather than magic and skill, continued, until the Veil spat the pair out in a place where another fate touched was living his life as a smith. How will Harry Potter effect the story of Thorin and company and the rest of Middle Earth after? One thing is certain, the changes will be huge.

Thorin will live! Everything else plotwise is secret.

Harry/Eoywn eventually, no other pairings that are important. but this is subject to change considering how much time passed from the Hobbit to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

This is very different Harry Potter, one who took to magic much more seriously, and is at times suspicious of all people with flowing beards. Also dealing with PTSD and more than his fair share of a Marauder's genes.

Ideas for the Future:

Ranma/Madan no Ou to Vanadis: If you are unfamiliar with this world, check out the anime of the same name, or better the light novels.

Basic premise would be the same as the RWBY idea, but Ranma has gone through some changes before hand that effect his abilities - specifically thanks to the constant blunt trauma he took, Ranma began to be interested in healing, and went to Dr. Tofu to learn about how to heal via ki. He becomes closer to Tofu and Kasumi due to the payment for said training, and finds out some things about himself that make him hate his father, not just not trust, but loathe him, though he hides it, knowing that with the problem now solved he would face even more issues from his fiances.

After Ranma comes out of the portal, he is in a lot of pain and unable to really move, but is thankfully found by Tigre on a hunting expedition about half a year before the start of canon. Despite his curse Ranma finds himself fitting in with Tigre and his household. Realizing that he has no way to get home, Ranma, realizing this is an honorable way out of all the crap at home, decides to stay on there. Thanks to Alcase being out in the boonies, his skills and abilities go unnoticed until Tigre and the levies are called to war.

During the battle, Ranma lays low, not liking most of the nobles or their retainers, and blaming the king and prince for letting them run amok. However he does his best to lead the Alsace levy, with him and Tigre working together to get them all out plus a few dozen more who join up with them. After as they are trying to retreat from the battlefield as a group they are spotted and Ranma and Tigre halt to stop the pursuit, causing Ranma and Tigre to be captured. After that however, the plot diverges greatly...

Healer! Ranma - guess what that means, go on, guess...

Combatant Ranma, and semi-competent swordsman Tigre - Ranma beats him into shape somewhat in return for language lessons.

VERY Different plot!! canon would start to deviate the moment the battle between Brune and Zhcted begin. However certain aspects, the invasion by Thernadier's men into Alsace, and other such, would be there. The demons who are a big time enemy in the light novel will be equally big in this, maybe even more so.


Tigre/Ellen/Tieta/Regin possibly Elizaveta

Ranma/Sasha/Sophie/Limlisha/ possibly Elizavetta or Valentina

Making Waves: a Ranma/fairy tail crossover - Ranma is tricked into once more eating the magic mushrooms, reverting him back into a baby and then is sent through a portal by someone (Cologne, Gosunkugi, Happosai). Found by the ancient water dragon Typhon and with no way to return he moves on with his life in this strange new land of Fiore,

Pairings: Ranma/Erza/Mira/Ultear/maybe Edolas Erza or someone else, little sister Wendy, Natsu/Lisanna/Lucy? Gray/Juvia

JELLAL bashing!!!!!

Mainly thought up as a denial of the Jellal/Erza pairing this could be a fun story to write, so if someone else wants to give it a shot that would be great, i probably won't get to it for at least a year or more. Seriously, i hate the Jellal/Erza pairing so much, its disgusting that its almost certain now.

Inter-dimensional trouble shooter: After defeating Saffron, Ranma is offered a job by the representatives of the Ultimate Force, Belddandy, Urd and Hild. If he agrees to work for them, they will solve his familial obligations and he will go to work for them, taking on the role of heroes in other dimensions who were not able to fulfill their destinies for one reason or another. Ranma agrees, but gets them to agree to let him keep some of his skills, and whenever he is given a new task he can ask for one skill to aide him. Thus begins the journey of Ranma, trouble shooter extraordinaire.

More of a story creator than anything else, this was just an idea i came up with. Parings could be anything and anyone in any anime, though as time goes on, maybe Ranma would start to flirt with his supervisors? How about the councilors when they meet someone who doesn't give a flying fuck about them, their power or their laws?

One Piece/Ranma idea

thought up more in response to how true few good One Piece crossovers there are, this idea will build upon the above one, and place Ranma in Luffy's place! Called in becuase Luffy had the best chance to stop the world of One Piece falling into utter ruin and death for various reasons, Ranma will take on Luffy's dreams, and his passion for freedom, which resonates with his own feelings and desires, as well as being a challenge that he would love - to be pirate king is to be the strongest, freest man on the seven seas.

naturally this will change the plot hugely. Ranma will train like nobodies business, having his own memories of his past life to call on and his drive to really be the best. A closer friendship/rivalry with Zoro will also push him to be even better, with Sanji lagging behind - he has the drive to better himself, but his duties as cook and manwhore will keep him busy. Ranma will also effect the characters of those around him differently. I would try to get past East Blue quickly, in one or two chapters, before moving on to the rest. No big back story, just several allusions to Ranma having already changed things. Ace and Sabo will also be much stronger - base stat wise, but only Ranma will use ki - something he keeps as a secret reserve.

Story will include:

Cursed Ranma - final parting gift from Urd - which complicates his relationship with Sanji something fierce, but also has a major upside...

Different crew: No Usopp, sorry fans, but I just don't think Ranma would get along with him, nor could i do him justice. Needless to say they would be doing something about the Neko pirates, and in the future this would make for tougher fights for some of the crew.

One more girl from East Blue, not certain who - either Tashigi, Nojiko or Makino - who would be joining up to search for a certain pirate and smack him around for her own reasons.

Other people will be joining as the story goes along.

Different ship - at first the crew would just be making do with any ship they capture, but they will eventually get their own, but not Going Merry or Thousand Sunny.

Different flag: the hat will still be there, but Ranma won't fight with it on - silly

much more serious battles at times - Ranma won't run from marines, but won't be a relentless killer either. won't have patience for them, but also respects some. Doesn't like their whole absolute justice/obey the world government thing.

not so much silliness, a lot more banter - Ranma's mouth will get him in trouble a lot! Some romantic hijinks, some Ranma style craziness and naivete.

questions I need to think about:

How strong to make the soul of Ice, ki techniques. My thoughts on the ki techniques would be powerful, but not as strong as haki in terms of defense or hand to hand attacks, much more so distance wise, but the Soul of Ice could combat extreme cold temperatures, making him immune to Aokiji's power, but much more susceptible to Akainu's

Should Nami and Sanji and whoever else i add in East Blue get devil fruits during the course of the story?

Should Ranma have a devil fruit at all?

What the dreams of the new crewmen should be. This is an area I feel most stories who go with this idea fail. Everyone aboard Luffy's ship has a major dream that will change the world, in order i would say Luffy is the highest, followed by Nami, Robin and then Zoro, with Sanji and Chopper and in the original Usopp at the bottom. Robin and Nami's are bigger than Zoro's becasue the world government will do everything it can to stop them. After all, why would they want anyone to have an accurate map of the world, that would include their secret islands and would hurt their control if they didn't control said map.

What should the flag look like? I want the straw hat to still be there, but anything else is up in the air.

Pairings would be:

Zoro/Tashigi/one other person

Sanji/will have girls here and there, no long term thing unless i go with Nojiko or Vivi joining the crew, Baby 5 possible since I love her powers,


Sorry no Hancock. Nami would also have a semi-major attitude adjustment coming. Not so much her attitude toward the rest of the crew, though Ranma/Luffy will not let her hit him/her all that often, unless he deserves it. But her own cowardly attitude will need to be smacked on the head for her to really fit in with the crew, and the reality of her dream, and the enemies it will garner her, will be pointed out to her to give her further motivation.

Harry Potter/ Sailor Moon or Highschool DxD: Wands and Fukus or something else

Harry and Hermione keep in touch by telephone summer of second year, have a discussion about the wizarding world. Harry has done a lot of research, and has decided that he really doesn't like it, and has had enough of the Dursleys. Nothing much else happens except for the two of them beginning to study up on their own - have a lot of time to do it in since history is a joke, and they did a lot of work for the other classes over the summer - practical still bothers them.
Year three - Harry and Hermione start to distance themselves from Ron, take runes and arithmancy as well as care. Save Sirius, rest happens as in the book, but they both decide they're done with wizarding England. instead of Harry going home with the Dursleys, he goes home with Grangers, and and Sirius leave the country that very day. Head to Japan, which is highly magical, but not part of the ICW, making any act against them while there an act of war.

They find out they have to go to school like normal as well as taking magic courses. Hermione is over the moon, and at her insistence they cram so they can enter freshman year and enter the chosen school.

IF SM, Sailor Venus knows about wizards from England, and heard the boy-who-lived legends - fan girl maybe or not, while Hermione gets along with Ami and Harry bonds over cooking with Makoto and Usagi - one loves to cook, other to eat. Would be just after Venus joins the party, so the Brits would be there for all their later adventures.

problems - Dumbledore - evil or old man who can't understand how the world works anymore, not certain. I've gone evil before, might switch it up.
Voldemort - comes back, problem on the other side of the world, not Japan - finds the limits of his powers, runs into other issues
Setsuna and the Outers - have major problems with Harry - screwing up Crystal Tokyo, and a man

Harem would be: Harry/Usagi/Makoto/possibly one more and Ami/Hermione/possibly Rei with Ami's mother becoming a friend with benefits to Sirius

THERE WILL BE KAMEN BASHING - honestly, he is almost the most useless male lead in any anime.

For Highshool DxD, would be entering as freshman, disgusted by the trio, takes to pranking them - quickly becomes friends with most of the school along with Hermione - friends because of her intelligence, something new and amazing to her.
Rias and Sona know there is something odd about them, can't tell what, magic and demons/angels have only mixed a few times, with disastrous results all around. Friendly, so get along with both of them, though Sona prefers rule abiding Hermione to trouble pranking Harry, who is flourishing under Sirius's influence.
Harry and Hermione eventually learn to feel out magic around them, discover what is going on, and rescue Issei from death. Become even better friends with Rias, she comes clean about her plight after hearing what Harry ran from and they agree to help her.
Harry beats on Phenex in one on one duel - magic can offset out many demonic powers, including regeneration, so beats him handily. Finds he has a distant relative - Lily wasn't actually a Evans - her mother had a bit of a dream with an incubus - she became a succubus, and Harry is a quarter - helps with regeneration of his magical core, other benefits.
Other enemies come around at times, and Harry and Hermione deal with it with their new friends inclduing when their old life shows up again.

pairings: Harry/Hermione/Rias/Akeno or Koneko one of the fallen not certain who, Issei/Sona et al - would be joining her peerage instead of being with Rias and her friends, because he has developed a rational low key hatred of Harry.

Wizard of the Dead Harry potter and HOTD

Fed up with the UK after being returned to Durzkaban after Fourth year, and realizing his friends are obeying orders not to contact him they must not be real friends, Harry decides enough is enough, leaves the UK behind after a few adventures with the aid of Gringotts. He randomly chooses a new city to live in, and comes to Fujimi Highschool as a freshman - barely passed the tests to get in, thanks to having been out of the regular schooling for so long. When the undead start rising a few weeks later, he shows off his survival skills, joining Takashi and the others, though the group's members might be different - don't want to just repeat my Horse of the Dead story.

pairing would be Harry/Saya/maybe Saeko, two more, with Takashi/Shizuka/Rika/Rei

Ranma X Infinite Statos: With the induction of the Stratos suits, martial arts seems somewhat boring. However, as a practitioner of the Saotome school, Ranma has always wanted to fly, so, sneaking into the testing center he tries to see if the suit will respond to him. Turns out it will in either form, very strongly, which brings in the government, which asks him to learn to be a Stratos fighter and represent them in the next games. When Akane nearly kills the government official after failing to make the suit activate for her, the Tendo agreement is switched to Kasumi, since Nabiki is off at college. Kasumi and Ranma move to the Stratos institute, where Ranma joins at the same time as Charlotte, and Ichika.

Pairings: Ranma/Charlotte (love her!)/Shampoo/Kasumi. Ichika/Houki/Cecillia. Ukyo/Lingyin Huang

Harry Potter: Harry Sawyer

Harry's reading level was well above the norm even as a nine year old, so a teacher decided to let him into the school library without supervising what books he got. Entranced by the cover of two boys on a raft, he read the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn to him, and decided to run away from home to the sea. Getting there was tough, but once there, Harry was able to head out to sea eventually. After being on his own and having a number of adventures, how will Harry, who has discovered his magic already and begun to manipulate the very elements, react to Hogwarts, Dumbledore, and the Magical world?

Warnings: lemons (duh) selective Weasley bashing, MoM bashing, Umbridge bashing, manipulative Dumbledore, Flitwick, Minerva and others are actual teachers who give a fuck about their students rather than yes men in a social experiment.

Pairing: Harry/Hermione/Lavender Brown/possibly Daphne or Susan Bones.

Harry Potter: A name to Conjure With:

The Potters were an older line than most in England realized, or wanted to admit in their idolation for Merlin. A Lot older, tracing their line back to Alexandria and a certain female librarian and her lover, a captain in the Roman army, whose descendants came to Britain as part of the roman conquerors, then stayed after, having married into a noble line. Now, such an old family would never put their eggs in one basket, nor would it be likely to yield to exterior pressure. When Charlus Potter realizes his son has firmly fallen under the sway of Dumbledore, a man whose credentials Charlus has doubts about, the old man takes steps to insure his line would continue. This included leaving the family grimoire with Gringotts bank, to be handed to Harry Potter on his tenth birthday on pain of losing all Potter business to their rivals, the pixies of Ireland. When the the goblins cannot send it to him, they panic, abduct the Potter heir from durance vile, and introduce him to the world of magic a year early. Armed with the grimoire of his family, the reluctant aid of the goblins, and a year on his own, what will this Harry make of himself, and how will the wizarding world and Dumbledore's carefully laid plans react to him?

Pairings: Harry/Hermione/maybe the patil twins, not certain.

Warnings: Weasley bashing of all save Bill and the twins, Manipulative/not stupid Dumbledore, Ministry bashing of all and sundry, Duels galore, some lemonish content starting year four, blood, gore and violence.

Not exactly a Bhallspawn: Baldur's Gate/Ranma crossover

Bhall's plans to be reborn in his children did not go unnoticed, and (either Ao or Istishia) is unhappy to say the least with that idea. So when they find the soul of a warrior from another plane, torn from said plane by the destruction of a time traveling mirror in the middle of the most powerful chaotic locus on his planet, they jump at the change to meddle, and, not incidentally, possibly do some good for this young man. When Ranma wakes up from what should have killed him in a new, albeit young, body and in a world where magic isn't seen as anything out of the ordinary, he decides he likes it here, and to continue following the code as he sees it.

Curse will be in this one, though with certain... twists. Ranma will take the place of the Bhallspawn throughout the trio of games, which it will follow, not the book series. Expect a lot less side quests, no leveling up nonsense, simple training and experience will add to Ranma's skills in the area of the first story, BG 2 will have much more in the way of fleshy bits added. And again no, the story won't really follow the same chapters as the original.

Bro-con and non-spirited away Imoen! naively blind Ranma to that attraction. Possible Jaheira romance eventually, though not like in the original - much more guilt and attraction in the first game followed by some more guilt but even more attraction in the second. Possible Viconia romance, though this one might be more based on physical attraction and the knowledge Ranma has it in him to change the world. Almost certain Dahnaheir (sp i know) romance, and definite friendship with Minsc - trained Minsc!!!

No Aerie romance, Ranma's blunt manner will turn her off him hugely.

Saerileth romance is possible, but she will certainly be a character - mod created character for those who don't know.

Expect Ranma to go his own way as much as possible.

the next concept is one I've shared/exchanged ideas about with Archangel Igneel

My idea for the transformers universe would be to mix all the universes together to give me a wider array of humans to add to the transformers.

Basic premise would be a mix between the Transformers Dark Ages concept and the original canon: War has been going on for thousands of cycles, Cybertron (planet larger than Jupiter, makes more sense if it is a scorched earth war almost form the start) is being slowly burnt out. The planet intersects an asteroid field and Prime and a select crew take the Arc, the last battleship on the planet, to blow a route through the asteroids for the planet. group would consist of ten of his best, and unfortunately in many ways brightest: Jazz, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Hound, Trailbreaker, Ratchet, Hoist, Wheeljack.

Ambushed by Megatron and another select crew. Like in the cartoon, the ships fight it out, not the crews, eventually go through a warp area, a section of space where matter is warped from there to someplace else randomly. Crash-lands on Earth as per usual.
Nemesis crew would be: Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Dirge, two female decepticons uncertain who(female Seeker for one, and one more) Insecticons - the first trio, Soundwave and his bots, Ramjet.
War goes on, but with Megatron and Prime gone, it becomes like in Dark Ages, many smaller groups fighting it out, with many of them only loosely allied under their respective banners. Ultra Magnus, Shockwave, try to bring their groups together, fail for various reasons. Shockwave disappears, Grimlock and dynobots go after him. Ultra Magnus is killed, but takes his killer, Deathwing, with him. War goes from bad to worse, and neutrals and many on both sides start to escape the burned out husk of their world. War spreads, second and even third generation bots come into it on both sides, but more are neutral.

one Autobot group attempts to create a space bridge to gather resources to rebuild Cybertron. A volunteer someone like Hot Shot (leader of the protectobots) or Guardshell, ready to go through it, supposed to land somewhere specific on a planet ripe with resources but no intelligent life. Decepticon attack messes the bridge up, coordinates dashed, as well as him.
Appears on Earth horribly damaged - Helped by Coby and group - some background on them
Coby - 18 year old reluctant to go on to college for classes in things he already knows - genius with anything mechanical - biker and all around outdoorsy guy
Lori - 18 year old, very open, bright friendly, yet also commanding - more at home in the city
Jack - 16 - sort of outcast for needing to work to help his single mom (June) to pay the bills and is bullied by the cool kids due to his job, friends with Coby
Miko - transfer student - has gone totally insane away from her super controlling parents back in Japan -15
Raf, Buster - 14 years old - both geniuses in programing, computers - bullied for their ages and smarts
Daniel - ten year old - almost as smart as his older brother Buster
eventually others would be added - scientists, gov. rep - not Fowler

Coby and others Find Hot Spot and work to repair him in secret - Coby wonders if this is the first time transformers were on Earth - possible decepticon presence - tech higher in certain areas of the world - help the bot find the Ark, but convince him not to activate the computer or the autobots within quickly, since it would make the Ark too easy to find - work and activate the autobots one at a time.
Arcee from Prime universe arrives searching for a specific decepticon - could be any, possibly a pretender or infiltrator master - Swindle maybe? runs into the kids and is taken to see what she considers living legends.
Eventually decepticon finds the Nemesis - revives Megatron. Now faced with a choice to make war on this planet with his forces as they are, or retreat into space as soon as they can to reclaim his army.

would run the whole story like an ever expanding universe. Defeat, make peace with one enemy, move onto the next, with humanity moving in step with Autobots to the stars. Major enemies would be Megatron, Starscream (of course but more like he was in Galaxy Force- damn good combatant with courage as well as a schemer), Galvatron, Bludgeon, Insecticons, Quintisons, and of course Unicron and the Decepticon Empire - the one in the comics that was lead by the Liege Maximo. Makes for a lot if different battle types, warzones.

In the comics there are some of the flashbacks to before the war started, and there are far more femmes

The femmes would be linked to evolution. A femme plus a male bot (of which there are only about a third of the total population, most characters will be male gender neutral) will create a bot who is better in some fashion - more energy efficient, more powerful, more intelligent, able to transform into more forms, etc. Some of these can be achieved through experimenting on transformers, but not all. This would open up a whole new avenue for the war once discovered. It would also become interesting when i have a femme (prime series Arcee, not so huge as to be disturbing) with a human.

Most characters would look like what they do in the comics - much cooler that way - just check out Grimlock in them!
Humans would be a part of the battles - combat suits and tricks, and there would be a limited amount of Transformer/human romance, made possible only later in most cases.
pairings would be Coby/Lori/Arcee
Jack/reformed Archanid or Black Arachnia - one or the other hunting one another for their deeds
Daniel/G1 Arcee very much in the future
Prime/Elita 1
some others
reasons would be explained about why romance is so very small a part of transformer culture - unsure what just yet, but there were many more Femme-bots long ago, started to decline in numbers before the war began.
Solus Prime might also make an appearance, being put together/healed, maybe some connection to Coby and his insane ability with machines.

Ranma X Sailor Moon A Horse Does Not Wear a Fuku

For this story i would be doing something i haven't seen before in this crossover: Ranma with a different curse!!! i was thinking of maybe a monster - Rakshasa - like the Heroes in Might and Magic, or maybe like a land dragon of some kind, godzilla final war. Possibly mindless, but powerful and extremely durable. Basic premise though would be that Ranma had a girlfriend before showing up in Nerima - Makoto - sort of a forgotten girl at times in Sailor Moon. She would be the first girl n the harem, though the others will be kept secret until they join. I would be bashing tremendously Kuno, Furinkan as whole, Tuxedo Mask (maybe manning him up, or just bashing him).

Basic premise would be Ranma going to look for his girlfriend, joins in the battle against the forces of Pharoah90. He befriends Hotaru and Setsuna, after much hair pulling, screamings about the timeline being fucked, and other things. though that will have started well before Ranma shows up - he will have trained Mako-chan, so she is much better and more serious about this magical girl business than the others. First time Setsuna tries to appear behind them, Mako-chan decked her. Setsuna respects Jupiter, but is freaked out about how different she is from what she should be.

Ranma however Setsuna will have met before he actually helps them in Juuban district - hunted down some nega-tech or something that the yaks were using, got there in time to lay down fire for Ranma to get in close and take them out. Might have her join the harem, or might pair her with Kasumi - could be fun.

But not the other two outers, who dislike his brash attitude. The scouts use him on the sidelines, taking out forces of darkness that escape them in Juuban, especially for a few insidious forces. Would be a reality merging story rather than a Ranma insert story.

Favorite Anime: One Piece, used to like Fairy Tail as well until Erza/Jellal became almost certain - again this pairing sucks!!!! , Gintama, anything Zoids because they are the most awesome giant robots ever!


good well written stories with few spelling and grammatical errors and compelling plots

stories that aren't afraid to change canon

Stories that show a lot of world building above and beyond the


short blurbs under 2,000 words that are supposed to be taken seriously as stories. Seriously if you have 6 chapter and less than ten thousand words total that is just wrong in my opinion.

Highschool or Real life fics - where characters from anime/books are put into a high-school or other real life setting to, I suppose, 'see what they would do'. Just, why? Seems pointless to me.

Poor grammar, unless English isn't your first language, I'll give any author a pass in that case. I will also make an exception if the plot is good.

Ranma Lockfics - not stories where he starts out female, but lockfics, where he is locked into his curse form permanently. Hate them with a fiery passion.

Generally speaking:

I like crossover fanfiction especially the kind that changes the original stories in new and interesting ways. I especially like Harry Potter crossovers and time travel fics, which is a little odd because I dislike the original quite a bit, far too many plot holes and idiocies. Harry/Star Wars is fantastic!

Harems are always good if they're well written and not just a chance for smut. Smut is good, but a good story is better.

I am okay with Naruto crossovers as well, primarily because they are bleeping everywhere! he's like the Swiss army knife for male lead crossovers. though the original story again sucks - far too much concentration on the bastard traitor and his bastard traitor clan and using the fox's chakra to get stronger. I will never write a story with Naruto as the main character or in a crossover so don't ask. I don't write idiot. Focused yes, naive yes, oblivious yes, not a complete idiot nor Ramen mad, and that's not even considering the number of issues there are with the basic plot. Nor will I ever write pure Bleach. I don't write stupidly prude either.

I always value well thought out reviews and critiques, but flames will be used to line my grill. If you don't like my writing don't read it, simple as that.

And now for a bit of reality, given in the form of a Rosh Hashanah sermon by Rabbi Shalom Lewis's at Congregation Etz Chaim in Atlanta.

Ehr Daw 2014

I thought that maybe I'd start with a rendition of Paul McCartney's plaintive masterpiece "Yesterday"... "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they're here to stay, oh I believe in yesterday" - but then I thought too romantic.

And then I thought, how about the favorite classic we all learned as children - "Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques, Dormez-vous, Dormez-vous, Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines, Ding Daing Dong, ding daing dong. Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Brother John, Brother John" but then I said to myself...too French.

Perhaps the story of Chicken Little - "The sky is falling. The sky is falling" and I thought getting closer but too childish. What about Santayana's "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Maybe, but too philosophical. And then I remembered Joseph Conrad's sadly, cynical observation - - "The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness," and sadly it felt right. And so, here were are in a place of unimagined chaos and cowardice, paralysis and brutality. The beast roams the earth; we are stymied, stunned and continue to fiddle.

My friends, "Ehr Kumpt. Part 2, the Sequel."

This is not a time for delicacy. For tiptoeing. It is not a time to parse words nor worry about offending someone with unfiltered vocabulary. Time is no longer a luxury we possess. Distance, no longer provides protection. We are being threatened like no time before, by an enemy obsessed with an apocalyptic end game that will bring only disaster. An enemy that worships savagery. An enemy that celebrates depravity. An enemy that glorifies the death of the young.

There has been a seismic shift in our world. We feel it. We see it. We know it. We dare not deny it. Pick up any newspaper on any day, the first page, the second page, the third page, the fourth page and beyond - - most of the articles are about radical Muslims, not just ISIS, immersed in a vicious culture of blood and slaughter. Skip to the sports page or the crossword puzzle if you wish but that doesn't make the uncomfortable news go away.

In fact, it brings joy to the jihadists who hope for our indifference. If we deny evil then we need not fight it. It doesn't exist - just a few lunatics, thousands of miles away, pounding sand, blowing each other up and occasionally beheading an unlucky journalist. Not so bad.

For years we have been mercifully spared the ugliness and intimacy of war. The Battle of the Bulge and Iwo Jima were a black and white movie tone newsreel after Tom & Jerry and before the Pride of the Yankees. We planted victory gardens, rolled up tin foil, bought Liberty Bonds, said goodbye to fathers, sons and brothers. But the trenches were on the other side of the Atlantic and Pacific. So too, every other subsequent conflict. The Yanks were coming but the shooting was "over there." We suffered little. But today, war has been redefined and relocated. Geneva is finished. We are all combatants in the cross hairs. We are all on the front lines, like it or not. The battlefield has no boundaries and the war, no rules. The enemy targets deliberately, fiendishly, any place of innocence. All are vulnerable and so we must recalculate our strategy, re-examine our tolerance, re-energize our resolve and unequivocally identify the evil doers. Let us not be silenced by fear, by feckless goodwill, by reckless hope, by meaningless rhetoric.

There are one billion Muslims in the world and authorities agree that 5% are committed Islamists who embrace terror and wish to see, by any means possible, the Muslim flag fly over every capital, on every continent. I was relieved when I heard only 5%. Thank God it's only 5%. Now I could sleep soundly. But wait, let me figure this out, 5% of a billion is… 50 million Koran waving, Allah Akbar howling Muslim murderers out there planning to slit our throats, blow us up or forcibly convert us.

It only took 19 of Osama bin Laden’s disciples to bring down the Twin Towers, plow into the Pentagon and crash a plane into Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Over 3,000 dead. Over $10 billion in damages on that sad day. 19 Al Qaeda. 50 million Islamists. Do the math.

But what disturbs me is where are the other 950 million Muslims who are not terrorists? Who are not bomb blasting, acid throwing, zealots? Where are the other 950 million Muslims who tuck their children in at night with a lullaby, who are okay with Christians and Jews, crave a peaceful world and wish nothing more than a tasty bowl of hummus and a friendly game of Shesh Besh with a neighbor?

I want to believe they are out there for their sake and for ours. I want to believe they weep in pain over the desecration of their faith. I want to believe that we have partners who dream the dreams we do and wish upon the same star.

I want to believe - - but where are they?

A silent partnership is no partnership. Sin is not just in the act of commission - it is also in the act of omission. Most Germans were not Nazis - but it did not matter.

Most Russians were not Stalinists - but it did not matter.

Most Muslims are not terrorists - but it does not matter.

Stand up righteously or get out of the way. Perhaps in every mosque, in every madrasah, in every Muslim neighborhood, Edmund Burke's powerful warning should be chiseled on a wall in Arabic, in Farsi, in Pashto, in Urdu, for all to read and heed. “All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.”

A couple of months ago, 3 young Israelis were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and killed. And so began Operation Protective Edge. But the Gaza war was much more than shooting down rockets and blowing up tunnels - it was the preview, the soft opening, for a much more serious war - a genuine world war. It was a test of resolve, of fortitude. It was a test watched carefully by the indecent forces of a rising Islamist world. Israel is only the beginning. The first prize sought in what promises to be a protracted, multi-generational Kulterkampf. Israel made the headlines but the front lines are all over the map - we just don't know it yet. The whole world was watching and our performance was pathetic. We, the good guys, stumbled at the gate; tripped clumsily in an embarrassing display of moral confusion and ineptitude. It was amateur hour and the bad guys were licking their chops.

I say the following unapologetically and with a heavy heart. When the war began, the President of the United States, the leader of the Free World, should have immediately, instinctively invited to the Oval Office, the leading Democrats and Republicans of the Senate and the House, his cabinet and all significant Washington political players. Every domestic and international news organization should have been notified and the following talk broadcast across the planet.

"Fellow Americans - a crisis has erupted once again in the Middle East and I have been told that the war between Israel and Hamas is complex and nuanced. I have been told that our great nation must be evenhanded- but I am here to say with no equivocation, with no hesitation, this war is not complex. This war is not nuanced and we will not be evenhanded in this confrontation of good and evil, of right and wrong, of civilization and savagery. We Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives from sea to shining sea, stand together in unshakable support of Israel against foul, corrupt, murderers who sacrifice the lives of children in their pursuit of power. To Israel we say - do whatever you must. To Israel we say, take whatever time you need to crush this vile enemy and whatever you require, you can count on us. To the world we say, Israel is fighting for all of us - for our values, for our principles, for our civilization. Support her efforts, as we do, in every way possible. I will not tolerate any words of disparagement against our greatest ally and friend in the Middle East. God bless Israel and God bless the United States of America."

But these words did not ring forth from the White House, the capital of the free world. What we did hear was "No victor, no vanquished." This statement was our President's strategic plan. No call for triumph over terrorism, but a weak kneed, stalemate with butchers - a tie between good and evil. Right and wrong. Civilization and savagery.

This did not go unnoticed.

Media coverage during the war was biased and shameful with a few notable exceptions. To permit Hamas spokesmen and Hamas sympathizers to speak and to defend their monstrous deeds to millions of viewers is morally shocking. To promote equivalency between Israel and Hamas is morally appalling. With my remote, I would channel surf, go from station to station and I could not believe what I was hearing on CNN, CBS, BBC, ABC, MSNBC, and all the rest. The grotesque propaganda, the repulsive distortions - the tolerance of the wicked.

And this did not go unnoticed.

As I sat through these numbing broadsides, I wondered if our mainstream media during WWII would have invited the Germans and the Japanese to share their perspectives on the hostilities in Europe and in the Pacific. As they moaned about Dresden and the Doolittle Raid, would the anchors have nodded in sympathy? When the Germans and Japanese explained the need for the V1 and V2 bombardment of London and the necessity for the Bataan Death March, would the anchors have expressed understanding?

The obscenities and outright lies given airtime and legitimacy should be sickening to any person of conscience.

Words distinguish us from the beast. In a powerful Holocaust tale, Eli Wiesel painfully writes that when words lose their meaning, disaster follows. In today's Middle East, lexicon; restraint means suicide. Terrorists have become militants. Self-defense is a war crime. Democracy is apartheid. Israelis and Jews have become Nazis. Warning civilians to get out of harm's way has become genocide. 38 Muslim countries - 22 Arab countries and Israel, the only Jewish nation, must constantly defend her right to exist.

Russia invades. Nigeria enslaves. China oppresses. Pakistan rapes. Iraq slaughters. North Korea starves. Iran nuclearizes. Syria massacres. Venezuela plunders. Afghanistan tortures. Sudan annihilates. ISIS beheads and Israel is the pariah state, put under the microscope by the morally noxious.

And this did not go unnoticed.

Eric Hoffer, the longshoreman philosopher, wrote the following in 1968 - 46 years ago. His words have not grown stale with the passage of time. To the contrary, they are every bit as relevant and meaningful today, nearly 1/2 a century later.

I quote: “The Jews are a peculiar people: things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews. Other nations drive out 1,000’s, even millions of people and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it. Poland and Czechoslovakia did it. Turkey drove out a million Greeks and Algeria a million Frenchman. Indonesia threw out, heaven knows how many Chinese and no one says a word about refugees. But, in the case of Israel, the displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees. Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single Arab. Arnold Toynbee calls the displacement of the Arabs an atrocity greater than any committed by the Nazis. Other nations when victorious on the battlefield, dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious on the battlefield, it must sue for peace. Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in the world…Other nations when they are defeated, survive and recover, but should Israel be defeated, it would be destroyed…” Hoffers’ final words are chilling and prophetic. “I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish, the Holocaust will be upon us.” To those who are morally obtuse I say shame on you– from university professors to the useful idiots of the media, from liberal churches to Hollywood, from the United Nations to the clueless left – let me remind all the ‘misguided do-gooders” – your deeds do not go unnoticed.”

The world does not like a righteous Goliath especially if Goliath speaks Hebrew.

Let’s leave the Middle East and head to Europe. For those who have not been recently, it has changed. It has changed dramatically. The sights. The sounds. The crowds. The streets are much different than when we backpacked with our Eurorail passes – strolling down the Champs-Elysees, chasing pigeons at Trafalgar Square, wandering the backstreets of Amsterdam after dark. The continent that gave birth to Western civilization, the continent that defined high culture is crumbling before our very eyes. Because of well-intentioned tolerance and an undisciplined pluralism, Europe is returning to the dark ages. By most estimates, Europe will be unrecognizable by the middle of this century – crushed by a demographic tsunami. The birthrate of the Brits, the French, the Dutch and the rest of the EU is well below ZPG. The Muslim community’s birthrate is prolific. The danger, however, is that Europe has not been a melting pot, assimilating new Muslims. And these new Muslims, for the most part, are not interested in respecting the great democracies of Europe. They want Sharia law and Islamic culture to be ascendant and with their birthrate, the ballot box and their disdain for the West, in time, they will get it.

The element that is surging and redefining Europe are not the democracy respecting Muslims but those who are rampaging in nearly every capital. They are preaching hate for Jews, for Christians, for Israel, for America, for the entire Western world. It is not our grandfather’s Europe and it will not be a Europe our grandchildren will recognize.

For the record, Europe is being flooded not by freedom loving, tolerant, assimilating Muslims who wish to share in Western freedom, in Western tolerance, in Western culture but rather by violent Islamists, extremists who reject every value we treasure. We love ethnic communities – they are vibrant, exciting, magical faraway places only a walk away. Chinatown, Little Odessa, Greek town, Little Havana, Lower Eastside, Little Italy, but what is spreading across Europe are not charming, quaint neighborhoods enjoyed by locals and camera toting tourists in search of a charming restaurant. These are beachheads for invasion.

Want to stare down a guard at Buckingham Palace? Do it soon.

Want to see the Follies-Bergere dance the Can Can? Do it soon.

Want to sip wine at the vineyards of Tuscany? Do it soon.

Want to sunbathe on the beaches of San Trope? Do it soon.

The sun never set on the British Empire but now there is a cold darkness settling on Europe. A Nihilism. A corruption. A perversion in the name of Allah. A Kristallnacht of European and Western culture is coming that will destroy a millennia of creative genius. Don’t listen to me. Listen to what the Islamists preach. Don’t listen to me. Look at what the Islamists do. It is not a leap into fantasy to perceive a dystopian future that is irretrievably ugly and inconceivably vile.

· The Sistine Chapel demolished for portraying God’s image.

· The Pieta, Venus de Milo, David smashed. Idolatry.

· Botticelli’s and Goya’s and Renoirs and Rubens torched – paintings of women not wearing a hijab and chador.

· The Guttenberg Bible. The Magna Carta. Tossed into a bonfire. Profane literature.

· Museums all across Europe vandalized by marauding Islamist fanatics.

Even the Nazis saved the masterpieces.

· Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart silenced.

· The end of opera. Rossini, Verdi, Puccini gone.

· For Shakespeare, Cervantes, Moliere. The Final curtain, a dark stage.

Even the Nazis enjoyed the classics.

I must assume there are skeptics out there – folks who disbelieve my warnings and might label me an alarmist – a Paul Revere wannabe – galloping across the Pyrenees through the European heartland in the shadow of the Alps crying out “The Muslims are coming. The Muslims are coming.” I weighed each and every word carefully. Repeatedly. Was I treading into bigotry? … into melodrama?

Speak with the ‘canaries in the mine’, the Jews of Europe, fleeing in record numbers. Synagogues fire bombed. Jewish businesses vandalized. Children threatened on their way to school. Kippot buried in their pockets. Mezuzot. Hamsas. Magen Davids dangling on chains tucked under shirts and under blouses to hide Jewish identity. Israeli products pulled off store shelves. This is not the 1930’s nor the 1940’s and yet it is. 68 years since the Nazis defeat but their descendants are making Hitler proud picking up where he left off.

“I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish, the Holocaust will be upon us.” Slip in the word “Jew” for Israel and we see the future of Europe.

This ever-growing tragedy doesn’t end neatly in Europe, in the Middle East, in Mumbai or the Philippines. Most of us have never tasted the bitterness of war. Witnessed its horror. Clawed our way out from beneath tons of rubble. But we dare not be complacent and cry out confidently – “we have 2 oceans and the TSA to protect us.” We live in a shrunken world. In a porous country. In an open society. We have become perilously naïve. Recklessly evenhanded. Unacceptably tolerant. Dangerously comfortable. The greatest generation has spawned the clueless generation. I say it again loudly, slowly and clearly – we are at war, here in America as well, with radical Islamists. We have been attacked repeatedly and yet we continue to turn away. We euphemize the enemy. Disguising his identity and his intent. There will not be armadas chanting “Allah Akbar” landing on the beaches of Malibu and Boca. No vast battalions chanting “Allah Akbar” while crossing the Rio Grande or the 45th Parallel – but make no mistake – we are at war, right now, this very minute. The tactics have changed. The battlefield is different. The rules of engagement have been redefined but we dare not make the mistake that all is well and that Islamic terrorists are simply violent criminals. That Islamic terrorists are just a bunch of unemployed losers, no part of a vast network hell bent on destroying our country. Their disunity in numbers but their unity in purpose is their power. The Lone Wolf is deadly and we are the prey.

Ask the man or woman on the street when did this all start and most would reply: “On 9/11.” That was a catastrophic day, but not the start. For us here in America, the war began in Teheran in 1979 when our embassy was taken over. It has continued ruthlessly and without pause ever since. Lockerbie and Scotland, TWA Flight 840, the USS Cole, embassies and American interests bombed and Americans killed in Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Spain, Kenya, Germany, Egypt, Kuwait, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

Connect the dots.

Here on American soil, before 9/11, the Twin Towers were attacked in 1993. The Times Square bomber. The Tsarnev brothers in the Boston Marathon bombing. The Fort Hood massacre was not work place violence but the calculated, cold blooded murder of 13 American soldiers by a Muslim Jihadist yelling “Allah Akbar.” The shooting up in Little Rock, Arkansas of an army recruiting station. The murder of 2 CIA agents outside Langley by a Pakistani whose final words before meeting his maker were “There is no God but Allah.” The indignant, impious, arrogant claim By CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic relations-that anyone who commits an act of violence is by definition, not a Muslim. Therefore, a Muslim terrorist, a Muslim killer, a Muslim suicide bomber, is a misleading term of bigotry and Islamophobia. The slick, masterful ISIS recruitment in Minneapolis. New York. Colorado. On Facebook. On Twitter and across the country.

Connect the dots.

Let’s get Jewish-personal. A Zim Line cargo ship was prevented from offloading it’s cargo for 3 days because of pro-Palestinian mobs in Oakland, California. A young man from our shul on his 1st day of university was taught by his PhD, tenured professor that Israel committed ethnic cleansing in 1948… In Dade County a synagogue was defaced with swastikas and the words Hamas scrawled on its walls. A JCC in Seattle was attacked. A pro-Palestinian rally in Miami called for “the massacre of the Jews.” University campuses across the country, hot beds of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish hostility. A local merchant in Roswell told one of our members (not realizing she was Jewish and vocal) that she was fed up with Israel’s brutal treatment of the children of Gaza.

We are not Europe but connect the dots.

I am concerned, as we all should be, of the alarming surge in Islamist rhetoric, violence and influence. I am equally concerned, as we all should be, of the alarming silence and inaction of mainstream Muslims.

I fear political correctness run amuck. I fear the worship of multiculturalism. I fear progressive voices of repression. I fear a distorted media tolerant of intolerance. I fear politicians who prefer the easy, still of the night to the noble, necessary struggle of the day. I fear we are not so far away from where we thought we would never be.

Three thoughts to ponder. This past year many of us saw the Book of Mormon at the Fox. An irreverent, vulgar, hysterically entertaining musical about the Mormons. We parked our car at the Georgian Terrace and crossed Peachtree Street. In front of the theater were a half dozen, well dressed, mannerly Mormons handing out literature. “Sir, if you would like to know more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,” a young woman said to me as I took her brochure, “Please go to our website.” I thanked her. She smiled, wished me a pleasant evening and turned to speak with another ticket holder. I thought, “God bless these folks. This is how we disagree in America.” At the same moment I had another thought. What if Trey Parker and Matt Stone came out with a tasteless, bawdy musical that was hysterically entertaining entitled “The Quran, Allah’s Holy Book.” What would happen? It doesn’t take much imagination to answer that question. Jeff Foxworthy correctly wrote, “Have you ever wondered why it’s okay to make jokes about Catholics, the Pope, Jews, Christians, the Irish, the Italians, the Polish, the Chinese, the French (including French Canadians)…but it’s insensitive to make jokes about Muslims?”

A few years back, a Danish newspaper “Jyllanns-Posten” printed 12 cartoons of the prophet Muhammad to illustrate an article. If the photos published were of Moses or Buddha or of the Apostle Paul, the event would have been met with a yawn. But not so with our Islamist friends. The reaction? Not a letter to the editor. Not a request to submit an op-ed. Not a friendly visit to the publisher - - but worldwide rage. Riots. Boycotts. Embassies burned. Ambassadors recalled. Attacks on Christians and on churches. 200 killed.

Soon after, a professor from Brandeis wrote a book on this outrageous event entitled, “12 Cartoons That Shook the World.” It was published by Yale University Press located at 302 Temple Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06511, United States of America. But what was missing in the book? What Yale University refused to print were the 12 cartoons and images of Muhammad. This self-censorship was shameful, cowardly, un-American and a sniveling submission to Islamic narcissism and intimidation.

Where is a great university’s courage? Where is Freedom of the Press? This happened in America. In the land of the free and in the home of, I hope, still the brave.

I recall, as we all do, the good old days when air travel was a pleasure. When I flew here to Etz Chaim in my commuting, student days, I’d catch a cab outside my apartment on the upper West side and be at LaGuardia in about 20 minutes. I’d check my bags in 2 minutes and be at the gate in 4 minutes, just in time to board my flight. I even got a meal.

In those days, flying was an adventure, even in coach. Today it is irritating and exhausting. What happened? What changed? Who’s to blame? Who has created the need for a multibillion dollar security industry? Who has created a tedious need for us to remove our shoes and belts, empty our pockets, pack only 3-1/2 ounces of Listerine, go through metal detectors and x-ray machines, submit to frisks and wand searches? Arrive hours before departure? Who is responsible? Let’s see - - not the Italian Mob, not skin heads, not neo Nazis, not Columbian drug cartels, not the Russian mafia, not the Crips nor the Bloods nor the Aryan Brotherhood, not the Ku Klux Klan. So who is it that has irretrievably ruined worldwide air travel?

So, think of a Muslim play on Broadway.

Think of a scholarly text on Muhammad.

Think of flying Delta or United or AirTran.

Think about it and connect the dots.

For us, WWII lasted 4 years. It has been 13 years since 9/11. 35 years since the invasion of our Iranian embassy and like it or not, we are still at war with radical Islam. Declaring we are not at war with radical Islam does not make it so. Roosevelt and Churchill got it and understood that the stakes were not just the Sudetenland and a few islands in the South Pacific. From the White House and 10 Downing Street, they understood it was planet earth. Today, the radical Islamists seek the same prize – not just Bagdad or Benghazi – but planet earth.

This is not dramatic fiction but the real thing. A handful of us, here today experienced the real thing about 11 weeks ago in Israel. We didn’t see the real thing on the nightly news nor read about it in the evening paper or hear about it in a long distance phone call from uncle Moshe in Tel Aviv. We were there as Kassam rockets rained down on Israel, on us, targeting, not military bases, not Merkava tanks, not IDF divisions, but children at play, families enjoying dinner, friends laughing over a beer, lovers strolling through a park, teenagers playing volleyball on the beach. The world watched and preached and judged and only now has begun to stir from their slumber of hypocrisy and inaction. Hamas is ISIS. ISIS is Hamas. They are all the same. Hezbollah. Islamic Jihad. Al Shabab. Muslim Brotherhood. Boko Haram. Al Qaeda. Taliban. Iran. The only difference, is the length of the knife they use in their butchery.

Israeli blood bleeds the same red as the blood of James Foley, of Steven Satloff, of David Hawthorne Haines of Christians and Yazidis.

Let’s reason some suggest. One last Hail Mary negotiation. Maybe we can figure out what’s bothering these troubled Muslims and perhaps they’ll tell us what we can do to resolve the friction. I am all for dialogue, but we are dealing with a moral species that eats its own, kills it’s young and celebrates innocent death as homage to God.

Osama bin Laden eluded capture for 10 years. Ever wonder why? There was a $25 million bounty on his head. That’s a lot of money. $25 million can by a lot of plastic surgery. A new identity. Rosetta Stone tapes. Elocution lesson. A suburban home. A Brooks Brothers wardrobe. New partners. New friends. Surf and turf every night and a round of golf every day.

In 10 years, there was not one betrayal of Osama bin Laden - - not one. And I asked myself, “why not?” - $25 million is a great amount of money and can easily facilitate a luxurious disappearance. The answer is simple. These Islamist criminals are unlike us in the most basic of ways and we have yet to accept and understand their total immersion in moral debauchery.

The enemy has eyes and ears. Fingers and toes. Speaks with lips. Runs with legs. Eats. Drinks. Has the face of a human being – but, has a much different heart and a much different soul.

Three years ago on this bema, on this very same day, standing at this podium, I cried out, “Ehr Kumpt – they are coming.” 3 years later on this bema, on this very same day, standing at this podium, I cry out not “Ehr Kumpt – they are coming,” I cry out, “Ehr daw – they are here.”

The fury of ultimate evil is upon us and we must act – not to contain it. Not to degrade it. Not to manage it. Not to tolerate it, but to exterminate it utterly and absolutely.

If we fail in this holy crusade, we will live in a world bereft of color. Empty of music, of art, of romance, of laughter, of freedom, of invention. A world barren of all beauty. Depleted of all virtue.

We are divided today not by faith nor holy book. We are divided today by decency and indecency. By right and wrong. By moral and corrupt. By courage and cowardice. By righteousness and evil.

The good citizens of earth must rise up. Gather on the mountain top and proclaim in thundering unison the words of Isaiah:

“Hoy ha’omrim lera tov v’la’tov rah – woe to them that call evil, good and good, evil. Who present darkness as light and light as darkness. Who call bitter, sweet and sweet, bitter.

We must turn back the evil.

We must turn back the darkness.

We must turn back the bitter.

My friends – Ehr daw – they are here.

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