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Name- Chloe
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Typical "American" -sigh-
I mostly like Rock.. I like some Classic Rock. But Mainly Punk Rock and Emo stuff. Such as...Dashboard. And then a lot of Alt stuff like Less Than Jake.

1. "Mmmm Steak!" -Me to Jackie

2. "I'm on my 14th box of Hawaiin Punch." -Jackie

3. "I can't see any boils," said Ron, staring at the twins.
"No, well, you wouldn't," said Fred, "they're not in a place we generally display to the public --"
"-- but they make sitting on a broom a right pain in the --"
-Fred and George W. from OotP

4. "How do you know a frenchman's been in your backyard?" - "Your garbage cans are empty and your dog's pregnant." -Chris Chambers

5. "Gordie, go get the f*ing provisions you morphadite." -Teddy Duchamp

6. "Boom Badda Boom Badda Boom" -Antelope Old Guys

7. "Take no prisoners!!!" -Teddy Duchamp

8. "I ran all the way hooome... just to say im soh-ree..." -Chris Chambers

9. "What's your name?" - "Freddie Jones" - "Freddie Jones, SHUT UP!" -Freddie Jones & Mr. S ^_^

10. "Would you make Picasso sell HIS guitar?! I don't THINK sooo!" -Dewey

11. "On bass...POSH Spice..." -Dewey

12. "Someone else has a weight problem around here..." - "Who?" - "Me!" - "Then why don't you just go on a diet?" - "I like to eat, is THAT such a huge problem?" -Dewey and 'Tamika'!

Me = Shipper

Harry Potter:
Draco/OC (Nicole Plimt)
Fred/OC (Me...duh.)
Sirius/OC (Jackie! lol..)
I read a Tonks/Lupin fic, and it wasn't that bad, I liked it! So yeah. Lupin/Tonks


The O.C.:
Seth/Summer (woot!)
Whoever invented Anna/Seth needs to go light a firecracker and stick it up their butt...
Same with whoever invented Oliver/Marissa. I like Oliver as a character, but he's WAY too whacked out to have a girlfriend. Plus, he's like SOOO mean to Ryan!
Luke/Julie is sorta creepy...but I like Luke, and if it makes him happy, that's cool.

Stand By Me:

Pirates of the Caribbean:

I solemnly swear I am with Fred Weasley and we are up to no good.

I love Fred and George Weasley. The twins are definitely my favorite HP characters.


Just so everyone knows, I have a HUUUUUGE Adam Brody obsession. It's seriously a very large problem of mine. If you don't know who Adam Brody is, I'm going to e-slap you. *E-slaps those who don't know who my husband is* Anyway. He's Seth on O.C., and he was Dusty on Grind, and he played Barry Williams on Growing up Brady, and he was on Gilmore Girls, and the Ring...as the birthday song goes, and many moooore. I'm seriously thinking about changing my pen name to MizChloeBrody.

Talk to everyone soon I hope! ~*~

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