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Okay, updating on my boring life? yea right. But what I would like to say is that I NEED A BETA FOR A RIDDICK STORY DESPERATELY! . So bad. Well, I don't need one, I just want one, and it would be appreciated. If you like Riddick then hit me up, if not screw you he is the sex!

OH YEA! And I'm deviantart, I'm Demonshuriken87, take a look at my work! I promise I kick some ass.

Age: now, 19, but here in September I'm going to be turning twenty, omg, isn't that scary?

Height: Haven't checked, been getting growing pains, but around like 5'8-9 so yea

Hair: Well, it was a dark red for a long time but since I have no monies lately it's faded into a strawberry blond. I was supposed to be thi color, it was this color when i was born, but it kinda went POW PLATINUM ZOMG. Oo

Eyes: Blue with Grey streaks Woot woot

Weight: like hell I'm telling anyone my weight.

State: Texas

Town: wouldn't you like to know?

Country: United States

Okay, time for the stupid shit that I feel like putting on here. My favorite stuff! If you care that is, lol.

Movies: Pirates, both of them, Young Frankenstien, Constantine, Underworld, Prophecy (all of them but i like the first one more), and lately anything with Vin Disel. My poor little dvd of fast and the furious has been getting a running lately. But I want to see Pitch Black! It's my fav movie! whines

Music and bands: Rock, just about anything but mostly rock. I like Three Days Grace, Evenesance, Tool, Perfect Circle, Nuttin' but Strings, Nickleback, Trapt, and Breakin' Benjamins, SICK PUPPIES KICKS ASS. Go get their CD now!

Shows (including anime): Naruto, Samurai Champloo, Trinity Blood, Hellsing, CSI, Avatar, Shark, House, American Idol (in the first few weeks cause I'm a sadistic fuck that likes to watch Simon tear the hopefuls a new one), Smallville and Supernatural

Characters: Far too many to name so I'll just list my top five. Kakashi and Riddick tied for first (Naruto), Urahara and Zaraki tied for second(Bleach), House (House, MD), Iruka (Naruto), and Jack (Pirates of the Carribeian)


That's right, I said stories, as in the ones I'm working on. There seems to be some minor confusion as to which ones I'm continuing and what ones I've abandoned as just plain bad writing and will never touch again. So here's my list of stories I shall actually finish and what's to come, hopefully.

Many of these are in need of beta readers, if you want to be a beta, just send me a message_

Bleach (is it just me or is this show like insanely good? I'm addicted now, thanks B-chan):

There are many ways to see:

Blind. Such a hollow and horrible word, when in more ways than one you can see with your mind. When a blind girl stumbles across Urahara it’s found that she as well has some hidden talents, but what can they possibly be when she can’t see anything? What’s this about an escaped sealed Soul Reaper?

Beta needed

Boondock Saints (very good movie, I highly suggest it... for those that are over sixteen Oo):

Far from a Saint:

She raised up the gun with a fierce look in her eyes, her mouth pulled back in a snarl while blood continued to seep from the bullet wound in her shoulder. Saints don’t go down that easy! MurphyOC ConnorOC

Needs a beta, one over seventeen


Blood Berserker:

He turned to her and frowned ever so slightly at seeing that fake smile again, “why do you do that?” He wanted to make it stop for her. IrukaOC

Yes, I'm still writing in this one, it's just, this one is almost over and it gets harder and harder for me to actually finish a story the closer i get to the end. It's so sad, neh?

Cats and Dogs:

Cats and dogs, they don’t really ever get along, even more so when they’re ninja. Can one dog learn to care for a cat, and what is this about her Taijutsu? KibaXOCXShino

This one is really hard to write in. I dunno why it's just, evertime I go to write in it I get a huge writers block, so sorry if you're disappointed that I haven't updated it in a while. I WILL FINISH THIS ONE!

Siren's Song: Complete!

What happens when a strange teen from the village hidden in the mist arrives and suddenly becomes part of Naruto’s group? What connection does she have with Sasuke, and what secret form of jutsu does she wield, is she friend, or is she foe? KakashiXOC and a little ItachiXOC

Dragonflies: sequel to Siren's Song, complete!:

Four years has past since Nuri first came to village and won over Kakashi, the resident pervert, when Nuri’s past catches up with her and it turns out she’s a fugitive from the Village Hidden in the Sand. When shinobi from the Sand Village come in search of her who’s leading the charge? Zabuza?? What do you do when someone who’s supposed to be dead shows up and can Kakashi clear Nuri before she’s put to death? KakashiXOC, R&R

The Truth:

Not much is known about Kakashi's past, but just what happened in his years as an ANBU and when he first became an advanced Jounin? And why is it that the genin never see Kakashi with any girls (or guys)? KakashiOC PreNaruto

Needs a beta

Inuyasha (I've kinda out grown this show, as sad as it is):

The Past is Haunting me:

When the half demon Larien Chero is sucked into the world of Inuyasha after her boyfriend and love of her life Clow dies will she find peace 500 years in the past? Or will her enemies come to destroy her? SessOC

This is the story that has been discontinued, as well as one other that I've put on here. I think, now that I've read over it, that it's just bad writing and that I've grown out of the old writing style that I used. That and I just can't bring myself to write in this one anymore.

YuGiOh! (and GX):

Mirror's Refelction:

When Yugi's sister comes home for a visit, Time itself starts to unravel. What's this new Item and what connection does it have to Kaiba's and Bakura's ancient pasts? KxOCxB rated M for violence, language, and other... stuff

Okay, this story for the longest time was my baby! But I just can't write in it anymore. What you guys don't know is that the story on here is about the third draft that I'd been struggling with for this story over a good two year period. Yea, so it's just really a question of tastes now. I think that it's a good story, it's just I have too many plot ideas, writers block, and that how it is now is kinda just bad writing.Sorry, it's been discontinued.

Match, point, game... Chronicles of Riddick fanfiction that is M! It may be too graphic to put on here though... might have to go to adultfanfiction.net

It was just supposed to be prison sex, that was the rule, when they escaped they weren’t going to see each other and there were no expectations. Only problem was that Riddick doesn’t listen to laws… so what are a few broken rules? NOT YAOI

That's it all folks. If you want to be a beta for most of the stories you see on there just email me and we'll get to talking. I know that some of you are disappointed to see that I've discontinued some of my stories, but it's a question for what I want to do and what I want to put out there. I personally saw those stories recently as bad writing. shrugs Sorry, my ethics for standards cannot let me put out stuff I think sucks ass. Oh, and, seriously, I would really like it if more ppl reviewed my stories. As it stands I'm not updating Dragonsbane until someone reviews that chapter and I'm not going to update any other stories when I post new chapters until I get one review. I mean seriously, how can I get like a hundred hits per chapter and only get two reviews? sighs Oh well.

Anyway, that's my profile. Hoped you enjoyed. I'll have more stories and chapters out shortly. Later dudes!

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