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I'm Jasmine nice to meet ya!

I live in Neverland - how about you? xD

I'm random

I'm creative

I love to write

I love to read

I have amazing friends

I am English/Turkish/Irish :D

My favourite colour is purple

I have a cat called Daisy

I love wolves, owls and tigers

Karyn - is mega-awesome

Cerys - is the bomb

Darcie - is pure funny

Jim Carey is the funniest guy in history

Music is my baby

Twilight is my world

Writing is my escape

Reading is for cool people ;)

I'm in love with - Iron Man (Tony Stark), Edward Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Adam Conant, Vincent Keller and Jared Leto (If u don't know these people - Google them!) :D

Cerys is in love with - Loki, Gambit, Jacob Black, Paul Lahote, Embry Call, Quil Aterea, Jake Armstrong, Alcide Herveaux, Eric Northman, Jace Lightwood and MANY MANY more! :O

Karyn is in love with - Thor, Jacob Black ;)

Darcie is in love with - (basically every fit guy in existence!) but she likes Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn the best me thinks ;)

Stephenie Meyer has epic dreams ;)

Michael Morpurgo has an epic imagination ;)

Cathy Cassidy has an epic view on real-life ;)

Maggie Stiefvater has epic style ;)

Don't judge me if you don't know me

I live, I breathe - just like you.

I have feelings - like everyone

My heart is not a playground - the roundabout and see-saw is off limits :/

If I laugh like a hyena - you must laugh like a seal ;)

Tomatoes are disgusting

Chocolate is a girl's best friend (fuck diamonds)

For some reason, the name 'Edwardo Wobblechops' is the funniest thing when said out loud...:D

I like:




My Kindle

My Phone





The Avengers

Judge Judy






Disney Junior

Cartoon Network


The Mentalist (Patrick Jane! :D)


My Laptop


Sesame Street (Elmo, Cookie Monster!)

The Muppet's (Mana mana do doo do do doo!)

The Minstrels Advert ;) (sexy men dancing)

CerysLahote (Fanfiction author)

The Royal Family - they are all so 'monty dahling!' ;)





New York


Jack Carroll (he is so funny!)

Anything to do with chocolate and did I mention money? Everybody likes money

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