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A little bit about me, ja? Of course, I'm an anime fan, with a very diverse interest across many fandoms. I'm also a music lover, with an interest in music that's even more diverse than my anime interests. I'm also an amateur trance/techno DJ, a certified car enthusiast, an aviation enthusiast, a computer nerd, and a gamer. Kind of a jack of all trades, ja? Though, I wouldn't say I'm a master of none :D

I actually began writing fanfiction back in early 2000, and have been posting them here since 2004. I have returned in late-2008 after a 3 year hiatus and am slowly re-releasing my older works, albeit revised, to both my website and here at I like to write longer stories, with very few of my works coming out to less than 10,000 words. And I can very easily write over 2000 words in one night, even after a day at work. I view my writing of fanfiction as practice toward a much larger original fiction project that I intend to have published.

My completed works and revisions in progress consist mostly of Sailor Moon fanfiction, but I've also expanded my writing into other fandoms we well, including Legend of Zelda. I'm very much sticking to the anime and video game fandoms when it comes to fanfiction. In addition to revising my older works, I also have 5 or 6 fanfic ideas I'm playing around with, 4 stories I'm not going to continue or release until I release the right revised works, and 1 story currently in progress.

As for how I write, I mainly do my writing on computer, whether it's my desktop when I'm home or my netbook when I'm not home or want to write away from home. However, I sometimes do it with pencil and paper and then transfer it to my computer. It's a great method as you write your draft on paper, and then revise and edit it as you transfer it to a computer to post here on But lately I've found difficulty getting back into that method as I have far fewer places where I can sit and write with pen and paper than I did when I started, so I end up using either of my computers.

In addition to writing, I also like to give out detailed reviews of some of the fanfics I read. I don't just give the ever-so-common one-sentence-reviews and other short and sweet reviews that praise or flame the author's hard work. My reviews point out what was great about a fanfic, what was bad about it, and what can use improvement. I give ratings on 5 categories: Idea, Style, Characters, Emotion, and Overall. And I give them on a 0-5 scale,with 0 being a really poorly-done category/fanfic, 3 being relatively average, and 5 being something of legendary proportions. Most stories I've read end up being rated a 2 in most categories, so anything above that is pretty good. I'm tough, but I'm fair. Do note, however, that my reviews are merely my educated opinions, and are meant to be taken as constructive criticism.

So enjoy my stories, and leave reviews of your own :)

Rekindling Their Bonds Update 5/4/13:

I am about 3/4 finished with Chapter 20 now after taking a nearly a year off from fanfic writing due to family issues, moving twice, taking winter vacation, new employment twice, etc. I've also just built a brand new, much more powerful computer since the motherboard in my old one died (was running my backup motherboard with 1/4 the RAM... it sucked). I've reread most of my story thus far , especially the last few chapters, to get back into the swing of my fanfic. So I am back on track to finishing Chapter 20. And once Chapter 20 is finished, the rest will follow :)

I also plan to do a little revising of Chapters 1 and 2, which mostly involve adding a scene or two, one of them that a few readers have said that I woefully missed. They were originally left out to keep the chapter from being too long, but after seeing how long this story has become, I might as well redo Chapter 1 with that woefully missed scene or two :)

So with my job and work on my car, I should have Chapter 20 up within a week or two... hoping for a week :) I apologize for the length of time between updates, and I thank everyone who has kept in touch with me and asked about my fanfic. It was your private messages that helped me to get back on track with my fanfic :)

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