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NOTE: I'm on hiatus until my entrance exams are over. That unfortunately doesn't mean that I won't publish abything... It just an ecuse if I don't :)

So, I'm Elsa, a nice girl from Finland. I love music and writing. I have actually never written anything online, or let anyone see my writings, so this is a big step for me. I love to write and I hope it shows in my stories :)

My writing is strongly related to my feelings so my biggest problem is to keep the stories in control. I'm still learning to come a writer, I don't plan on bublishing anytning, but I just want to improve myself.

Oh, and one major thing you might want to know about me: I'm a perfectionist. That means that I rewrite my stories all the time and I'm never fully pleased with them. I apologize from all of you who get the e-mails because of that. It's stupid, I know, and if therr was a way to stop kt, I would. In the mean time, just bear with me :)

Note 29.12.2914

I decided that I'm tired of feeling depressed and down. It's all because of stress, that sly bastard, but now I have decided to get rid of it. I plan on doing everything because I like doing it, not because I have to. It's basicly doing the same things as so far but with a little different attitude. Let's see how that works up :)

Okay, so every one of my stories have a special meaning for me. Their not my diary or anything, but reflect somewhat my situation. In case someone is interested, here are the meanings of my stories:

Pet's place: This is my beginning to something new. I'm breaking my old ties and trying to find a new way to my life. Like Allen who escapes from Tyki. It's hard and he has some difficulties, but eventually he manages :) Just like me in the end, I hope.

Hated Love: So, this is my D.Gray-man fic that I started but took out. It had four chapters already but I just didn't feel like writing it anymore. I hate unfinished stories and since I didn't know if I ever finish it, I decided to take it off. No hard feelings, right? I wrote it because I wish to go to the university so the environment was a university. nothing special there.

The Missing Piece: Umm... I'm not actually sure why I wrote this. Maybe inspiration, don't kniw. What I do kniw is that it sucks, so DON'T READ IT until I rewrite it. Though it was badly written, it did somewhat help be a better writer since I noticed a lot of mistakes.

Captivated: I just had a really bad day :)

Inescapable Feelings: Okay, so here is my "masterpiece". I wrote this story in addition to get rid of my anxiety. If you read the story so that Alois is my anxiety and I am Ciel, you get the idea. Anxiety is something that won't let you take things that you truly want to do. It locks you in place, torturing you in every step of your life. I got annoyed with that feeling and decided to say it good bye. Am I able to do that? You just have to read the story :)

The Mansion: I'm actually writing the crafts already and this is my "Challenge". I'm trying to do something I have never done before: Write in first person. Plus, I decided I want to write it in Brittish england, don't know how that will hold up. And, the story is situated in 19th century. I have a lot to research, but please, look forward to it.

To come: No Way Out: My first fic ever from Supernatural.

As always, thank you for reading my stories and I hope you review. That's the only way for me to know if my writing is good or not. I'm not that good just yet, but I hope I'm going there, so that one day I can be truly happy about my writing style.

- Elsa

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Inescapable Feelings reviews
Ciel prostitutes in order to get money for his boyfriend. Even after three years of this, he still isn't willing to submit to anyone. What happens when he meets the mysterious man who makes his body react in unwanted ways? Will he be able to keep his sanity when things get out of hand along with his feelings? A dark story about love and abusive relationship. Full warnings inside!
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