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You would have noticed that I've not really been updating anything for quite some time now mainly due to my job is now taking over my life, so not really got much time to write anything, thou hopefully this will not be prolonged much longer. Thou employment has taken up majority of my time thankfully I'm earning money to actually fund my needy habits (mainly gaming, anime and manga).

Genral mecha anime otaku thou not many have I truely enjoyed to the point of writing stuff about them yet or I can't seem to think up a good enough story, but you never know.

OK. On with this bio, the best series of mecha I've seen has got to be the Gundam series in the original universe, the later spinoff's were really crappy to be honest, ie Gundam Wing, and even worse Gundam SEED and lately Gundam SEED Destiny god kill me now beofore the third series comes.

Fav Gundam ;

GP-01:- Why? think about it hugh bazooka, shield which is almost indesructable, and as for the beam saber.. well if i had to compare that I would say that only the Big-O or the Genesis Gundam is in par with it. If any of you lot out there has seen berserk then I'd say that the slab which the main char carries is the solid form of the GP-01's beam saber

Fav transformable Gundam;

Air Master:- First decent Gundam to have both a good chance in battle in BOTH fighter and robot modes, I've stated this amany times and have been argued with the fact the other's like the Wing, Zero and Wingzero, are much better, but I think that is all BS, the Wing has crappy beam sabers, main weaponary is long ranged and cannot be shot over three times per charge up. Zero had better guns but were weak, and also lacked the power in a robot mode fight. The Wingzero was even worse even thou the stats say that the Gundam has the firepower in par with the Tallgeese III it couldn't handle a stupid underground base. Oh and I forgot about the Eypon it had a better chance in battle when in robot mode but as a fighter jet it had what NO weapons.

Most hated Gundam: this is a dead on no gundam ever has made me as mad as this one. all forms of the wing/zero Gundam nuf said.

Second most hated Gundam: All Gundams in the SEED and SEED Destiny series so far, haven't got that many complaints about them had they designed the Gundams from scratch but they ripped too many series off.

Presently watching animes;


Presently playing games;

Blue Dragon; Akira Toriyama artwork also quite similar to the Dragon Quest series.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2; whats better than killing stuff with traps and hugh giant swords? now with added bows, also some really kick arse armour

Currently watching (none anime);

House; Hugh Laurie is brilliant in this, thou it is quite weired since I grew up watching him in stuff like Black Adder

Reaper; Good new show, on E4

Numbers; Solving crime with maths

Presently reading mangas;

One Piece; Thou not the first of it's kind, but it is the first pirate manga based story I have read.

Bio Boosted Armour Guyver; Classic but it is really slow coming out

iD_enity (AKA yureka); those who like mmorpg's should read this, also good read for dot hack readers as it is more light hearted and comedy in it without the loss of plot seriousness.

Charaters which I own ie ones which are created by me in my fan fics, and no you cannot use them in your fics before asking:

Emperor J GaoGaiGar evil dude

Plat san dai GaoGaiGar new G-Tool

Silnee Another new GaoGaiGar G-Tool

Zero Gem new GaoGaiGar enermy power source (named by my dear friend Ramza Lionheart,)

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