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"What the hell?!?!"

Yes, this may be your reaction if you're one of my readers. I told you I would erase everything. I'm...tired. I never realized how much stress doing fanfiction put on you. Everyone whining to you about updates, making sure all of your stories aren't being neglected...oh, and then when you want to completely change something in your story but can't because there are too many people who will bitch to you; that's the worst.

If I ever feel like writing again, then I'll start a new story (but make sure to NOT start another one at the same time) and it'll be up under a new penname. But you'll never know it's me. Unless I decide to restart one of my old ones.

I am deeply sorry if I have upset anyone with my course of actions, but school really has me burned out and all inspiration is lost.

~ Ta ta, Summers Death


Tia, if you really wish for me to continue "Birth by light, death by darkness", bitch to me at school and I'll continue it for you, and only you.