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Oh, so you've come to my profile thinking I had something clever and witty to say, did you? Well, you'll be rather dissapointed that I really don't. =PMight as well start with the basics though.

About Me:

You may call me OrangeTabby or OT. Kitt works too, and I'm actually more used to that one. But, see, it would be much more of a hassle to get everyone to remember that since... well it doesn't really have much to do with life in general. More like a random name I picked out of a hat one time, metaphorically speaking of course.

I overuse commas, dot dot dots,smileys, the words quite,honestly, rather, though, apparently, and a bunch of others I'm probably forgetting. (See also: pronouns, and sentence fragments.) I overkill them to the point that it really isn't even funny anymore, and yet somehow it still manages to amuse me when I look back at it. Huh, go figure. I've been trying to break those habits though, cause they bug me when I notice them.


Away From The Light: In Progress Vincent had dissapeared that one day, and few had asked questions. He had always been a bit strange, they would say. Some tried to look for him, but even those closest to him gave up long ago. Yuffie had been far to young to know anything about that, to her his tale was just a legend told by parents to scare children into behaving growing up, and that was all it had ever been. But sometimes fate works in mysterious ways, and Yuffie does find the enigma known as Vincent Valentine. But... does he really want to be found? More importantly, does he think he deserves it? AU, Yuffentine (Eventually)

Things I'll Never Say: Complete, One-shot Not my best work... but then again it is a year old,so I guess it has an excuse.=P I'm really only leaving it up for that reason, so I can look back and see how much my writing has changed. I would end up rewriting it as a story, since a couple of people said the were interested, but truthfully I don't remember where I was going with that...


2.19.06: Started working on the oneshot. Speaking of which, it reminds me that I might have a couple half-written stories saved on the compy. Of course I have nooo clue whatsoever what the file name would be. ((Off to go look))

2.18.06: I actually updated my profile, and it only took me two weeks rather then several months, go me! Hah. I updated Away From the Light, which is apparent, y'know, when you see the little "Updated" icon next to it. Figured I'd mention it here anyway though. No real reason.

I might be starting a one-shot, possibly story. Wait, no. Scratch that. I will be starting a one-shot (I am debating whether or not I want it to become a story... I'd really need to think more about the actual plot.) because if I don't it will nag at me. And nag and nag and nag until I go crazy. It'll probably be a Squffie to start... Maybe a Yuffie/SomeoneElseWhoIsCurrentlyUnknown later. And there will be angst.Sooo... be on the look out for it if you're interested at all. (Even though my description was oh-so-vague and didn't really tell much of anything. O.o; )Or watch out so you know when to flee, either one.What is the point of me saying this, you ask? ((points at title)) It says 'ramblings' for a reason. (And even if it didn't I'm prone to rambling on and on about nothing.((shrugs)) )

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Away From The Light reviews
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