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Hello, my name is Scotch Megafleet , but you can call me SM if you so prefer. I'm currently seventeen (as of July 7, 2008) and live somewhere in the US of A.
I've been on FF since, oh - 2003 I suppose, writing Inuyasha fanfictions on and off. I've never been an exceptional writer, my skill is in my drawings. But I do enjoy writing when the muse is present.
Since '06 I believe I've more or less distanced myself from the anime/manga bout of my life. I've been much too busied by my lifes passion of working with and around horses.
Though, since I'm here writing a rather brief profile discription, I still enjoy reading other authors points-of-views of my favorite couples.
Speaking of couplings, if you're wonder for some unknown reason, I am a 'hardcore' Inuyasha and Kagome supporter. This isn't to say that I have posters to the two on my bedroom walls or make AMV's about them, but rather I specifically read fanfictions that have that couple and usually only that couple. I am a hopeless romantic, and get my fix by reading, since I could be called a rather shy person to the everyday citizen.
Besides Inuyasha, I like various other juvinille mangas/animes, as well as the Twilight and Harry Potter series. There's other novels that I enjoy as well, but I doubt you guys know of them, nor care. I assure you though, I do have a life other than idolizing fictional characters.
Simply because he is my life, you get to hear a brief discription of my love; my horse. His name is Jag, his show name being Scotch Megafleet (hence my screen name), and he's a beautiful little chestnut solid paint gelding. He's not by anything a top notch horse in the show standards, he is lacking in some areas in the conformational department, but overall is a nicely built little man. On top of everything he has one of the best heads on a horse (talking about his intellegence, not apperiance). A very willing character who isn't overlly affectionate, but does have quiet moments to show me that he does care for me, and not just the food I bring him. Hehe.
If you can't tell I love him to absolute death. I've owned Jag for three years, and if I can have it my way, he'll stay with me until one of us pass.
Well, besides him - I draw, as I've already mentioned once. If you have any interest, you can find me deviantart; (www . bucs3191 . deviantart . com). I also have recently started into the world of digital photography, my subject mostly being horses, but enjoy just findling in general.
Back onto the anime/manga scene, I've read multiple genres and series some of them being in no particular order; Inuyasha (anime and manga), Chibots (manga), Sailor Moon (manga), Cowboy Bebob (anime), .hack// (anime and manga), Bleach (manga) amoung others. As you can see, most of my anime/manga experiances were with pretty juvinelle series, but I enjoyed them.
Well, yep. There's not a whole lot more too me that I'm going to share with a group of strangers. I enjoy intellegent conversations and can't stand chat-speak, type out your damn words if you want me to respond. Uh, yeah. Haha, that's pretty much it. Oh yeah, I love hockey. :D

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