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  1. Hey, the names Tabby. Yeah, like the cat, what of it? :P

I'm a pretty cool person! Well, in my opinion... Actually, in my opinion I am awesome. Let's not get into that... :3 Anways, stuff about me;

Name: Tabby

Age: 17

Height: 4'11

Eyes: Vary. Change between green and blue.

Hobbies/Current Groups: Marching Band, Drumline, Cheerleading, and JROTC Battalion Commander.

Anime: I like anime, but not as much as I used too... Let's hope this gets me back on track!

  1. Naruto
  2. Bleach
  3. InuYasha
  4. Higurashi
  5. Darker Than Black
  6. SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Cartoons: Don't ask... I have too many favs...

  1. Teen Titans
  2. Adventure Time

TV Shows:

  1. Supernatural
  2. House (Can't believe it ended...)
  3. Castle
  4. Warehouse 13
  5. Once Upon a Time
  6. Bones
  7. Hells Kitchen
  8. Master Chef
  9. Etc.

Personality: I'm a pretty funny person, workaholic, dreamer, and so much more. I'm the person that everyone would go to wanting advice, to party, and even just to have the person to sit in silence and acknowledge some company.

Genre: I love them all, but I'm a sucker for action and horror.

About Me: I'm very short, and very strong. I strive to be amazing in everything I do. I'm a lovable person that many people seem to live. I'm a great advice giver and I can always turn someones mood around, but... When you cry too much I stop caring and tell you to go away (minus a death or something obviously!). I don't have much more to say really. Read my stories!

Checks out the facebook page and see pictures and stuff! PLEASE!

Advent Angel follows the adventures of a young high school student of Tokyo, Japan named Kami Nakamura. After finding a mysterious majestic sword while running from the vicious Yukuza mafia, Kami obtains the powers of an Advent Angel (angel that is part demon). Kami's life is soon anything but normal when she and her friends are forced with the duties of protecting the human race from a demonic virus that threatens her world and ultimately the entire universe.

Genre: sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, romance, drama, comedy

Creator: Matthew Stewart

(I'm just the storyline/story board creator person as well as the person to help work on paneling for the manga.)

Publication Date: August 20th 2013

Check out pictures and information on Advent Angel on facebook!

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Darker Days with Brighter Nights reviews
Read Darker Days first! - As Slade takes the upper hand Robin has to fight to keep the big bad villain from taking over the 'once a video game, now a reality' world. With help from an outside source, can Robin defeat Slade or will Slade complete his evil ploy?
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Hey, I have a question. How hard is it to play a simple video game with a group of friends? Eh, not too hard. Well, here's a better question for you. How hard is it to play a video game when you are sucked into it and forced to fight for your life in a world that is unknown to any of you? Pretty dang hard. DickKori/RobStar GarRach/BBRae VicKar/CyBee
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