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Hey everyone! (last updated 7-21-04)
Wow, I never expected people to really like my dibbun stories...I'll work on another one. Should it be about Sagebrush and Dibbs?
I am suddenly a huge Lord of the Rings fan. I like it better than, that is something.
I actually think that The Lord of the Rings is too good to write fanfics for, but that won't keep me from reading others'.
Favorite Lord of the Rings Charactor:
I love Sam, Pippin, Merry, especially Pippin, Treebeard! Eowyn, Aragorn, Saruman(in the movie, great actor. All the rest are book charactors.)
Ugluk!!! Anyone who knows who he is must think me a little strange. Boromir. I really like Boromir. They made him seem far to evil in the movie, as if the whole time he was intending to take the Ring. Faramir. Rather a handsome chap, I think. Also And incredible charactor. Tom Bombadil. Luthien Tinuviel. I like the story of Luthien and Beren a bit. But don't worry, I'm not a hopeless romantic sap. :P
Bill the PONY!!!!!!
Oh yeah, J.R.R. TOLKIEN!
Haha, now I love Pirates of the Caribbean!
GO DEPP! He is so funny.
"Me? I'm dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honesly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for, because you can never predict when they are going to do something incredibly...stupid."

Favorite Redwall Charactors:
Mariel, Song, Triss, Dandin, Gonff, how can you NOT like Gonff, Romsca, the two vermin in Damug's Rapscallions that always get in trouble. Pasque Valerian...SARO AND BRAGOON. Russa.
By the way, I didn't like Loamhedge much. Brian seems to be loosing his touch...we can only hope for the best in his next book. ...Rakkety Tam! Can't wait!

I am working on Elvish, maybe sometime I can write an Elvish poem and post it. Yeah, right. :P
Taking the Quenya course at Ardalambion.

A si i-dhuath u-orthor. U or le a u or nin.
A little about me:
I was homeschooled for four years. Need I say more? Now I go to GPCS-_ _ Christian School. I come from a family of Redwall and Lord of the Rings lovers. For the past two years we have done a Redwall feast with every charactor from "a vermin in disguise" to Martin, Russano, and good ol' Basil Stag Hare. And then of course The Lord of the Rings...purists must band together!
The movies were good, but...Ok, here are the things that bother me most about the movies:
-They made it seem like Frodo was 33 when he left the shire! And it seems as if Frodo has no trouble between the Shire and Weathertop.
-Tom Bombadil. Need I say more?
-WHAT ABOUT GLORFINDEL? Arwen wasn't supposed to bring Frodo to Rivendell!
-Aragorn isn't carrying Narsil til the third movie! He is supposed to have the broken sword right from the beginning! READ THE APPENDICES, PETER!
-Boromir seems too evil. He is NOT a bad man, just corruptible!
-Ooohhhh, they messed up my favorite chapter! The Uruk-Hai. MERRY AND PIPPIN WERE not TRYING TO SAVE FRODO! ugluk is very attractive. (this is my subtle way of making fun of all the Bloom maniacs out there)
-HALDIR IS NOT SUPPOSED TO DIE! That is the single thing that bothers me the most. he is supposed to be staying in Lothlorien peacefully killing orks...urp...oxymoron...poor guy.
-you know when Eowyn picks up Merry in The Return of the King? Well, you aren't supposed to know it is her until they kill the Witchking! Grr.
Ok, I will stop griping now. No, one more thing! Aragorn doesn't bring the dead men back with him! augh!
Ok, nobody get me wrong. I LOVE THE MOVIES. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! How many people cried during The Return of the King?

I really enjoy conversing with warriormaid3000 and other Christians.
I am a Christian. Some may take that as simply going to church, but I have Jesus Christ as my savior. I have been doing a newsletter, "Redwall Reader," for two years and hope to continue. that I like The Lord of the Rings so much, I don't know if I CAN continue! And also, school is a little hard. We will see what I can do. Wish I could post previous issues here. OH WAIT! I can post segments! Maybe I will. Must go.

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