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Hi all from FanFiction!

I'M IN DEVIANTART.COM!! Check on 'VulpineVampiress' and you'll have e load o me!! Behold the Insanity!!!

The name's Thraxenel, which means actually means 'Red Sun' in a language i cooked up by myself. Like all of you, I love writing, but I also enjoy drawing. My birthday's on October 8, and my star is the artistic Libra. You can call me-


Kain's sole heir!
Raziel's wraith-in-arms!
Ms. I-Rule-the-world-and-there's-nothing-you-can-do-about-it!
Arch Angel
The Serpent of Nosgoth
The bearer of the Reaver (LOL, The real Reaver mind!)

(If this all this is gibberish to you, pls forgive me. It's some sort of keyboard syndrome; plus, i can never make people laugh properly. My comedy stinks)

As it is with all of you, i have my favourites. I am a movie and game addict. Let this be a warning to you all; when i saw addict I MEAN IT!!!


Legacy of Kain rules!!! KAIN AND RAZIEL ARE BOTH MINE! EIDOS STOLE THEM FROM ME!! MUAHHAAHHAAHA!! Oh yeah *Grabs Kain by the cloak, throws him down by my side and shoots Umah dead with Sig's Peacemaker*

Die, you purple freak!!

Shots Umah for the last time as she twitches*

Jak 2 towers pristine like the very Pillars of Nosgoth. I love Torn, Erol and Sig. Keira and Ashelin? I banished them both with my Reaver!

Hmmm...what else? I love parodies (if any o you guys know a website where i can find chibi and parody pics of games, movies etc please let me know) I love to laugh, humor genres are a favourite. I'm not so into drama, but stories with a bit of a tragic ending are--let's say--okay on my list. I love action, guns, snipers, rifles, swords, knives, machetes, pistols, peacemaker, Reaver, TK, scattergun, blaster, vulcan (a personal fav) and every single piece of arsenal in this world.

Oh yeah, did i mention that i loooove vampires and werewolves? I guess i have Underworld to blame for this obsession. On being a blood-sucking badass myself, that is...

Oh yeah, try not to forget that I AM INHUMAN. Honestly. If any of you have seen Osmosis Jones you'll get the idea. I am a big badass Vampire with large saffron wings and claws that burn anything upon touch! Muaha-argh! Must have blood!! YOU! *Points at Umah as she staggers up to her feet after the Peacemaker attack* YOU WILL STRENGHTEN ME!!

Dives for her foul neck and rips it open*

Kain: Whatta woman!

Raziel: She makes you look like an ametuer.

Kain: (Sighs)

Hmm...Everyone seems to have a Muse of all the sudden. Well, by rights, I should have one too!

MEET ECCO! And yep it's a male Muse this time! He's got white fur and gold and black stripes. He's a holy creature compared to the unholy being that i am...heck, he stops my bloodlust whenever i need it.

My other name is really Ravien Van Audron...yes I am a Transylvanian cousin of the LOK blue ancient and the old friggin cliche-vamp Dracula! Muahahahaha! Oh unholy excrement, keyboard syndrome.

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