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HI!!!!! EMERALDDARKPHOENIX HERE!!! Favourite Book HARRY POTTER LORD OF THE RINGS/HOBBIT HUNGER GAMES VAMPIRE DIARIES TWILIGHT/NEW MOON/ECLIPSE/BREAKING DAWN SENSE AND SENSIBILITY PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Favourite TV Programmes CRIMINAL MINDS CSI LAS VEGAS CSI NEW YORK VAMPIRE DIARIES NCIS NCIS Los Angeles NCIS New Orleans MERLIN SHERLOCK DOWNTON ABBEY Favorite Films HARRY POTTER THE LORD OF THE RINGS THE HOBBIT THE AVENGERS THE AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON THOR THOR THE DARK WORLD IRON MAN 1,2,3 CAPTAIN AMERICA 1,2. Music - Black Veil Brides - Sleeping With Sirens - Marilyn Manson - Super Junior - SHINee - Bigbang - EXO - M - EXO- K - G-Dragon - T.O.P - Super Junior M - Super Junior K.R.Y - Super Junior T - Super Junior H - MD - DE (Donghae and Eunhyuk) Month One Mommy, I am only 8 inches long, but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. Every time I hear it, I wave my arms and legs. The sound of your heart beat is my favourite lullaby. Month Two Mommy, today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me, you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy, I'm a girl !! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too, and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy, my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine, but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes, and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too. Month Five You went to the doctor today. Mommy, he lied to you. He said that I'm not a baby. I am a baby Mommy, your baby. I think and feel. Mommy, what's abortion? Month Six I can hear that doctor again. I don't like him. He seems cold and heartless. Something is intruding my home. The doctor called it a needle. Mommy what is it? It burns! Please make him stop! I can't get away from it! Mommy!! HELP me!! No ... Month Seven Mommy, I am okay. I am in Jesus's arms. he is holding me. He told me about abortion. Why didn't you want me Mommy? Every Abortion Is Just . . . One more heart that was stopped. Two more eyes that will never see. Two more hands that will never touch. Two more legs that will never run. One more mouth that will never speak. If your against abortion like me post this on your profile. How to scare your roommate or best friend: 1: Buy some knives. Sharpen them every night. While you're doing so, look at your roommate and mutter, "Soon, soon... 2: While your roommate is out, glue your shoes to the ceiling. When your roommate walks in, sit on the floor and moan. 3: Tell your roommate, "I've got an important message for you. "Then pretend to faint, When you recover, say you can't remember what the message was. Later on, say, "Oh, yeah, i remember!" pretend to faint again. Keep this up for several weeks. 4: Collect hundreds of pens and pile them on one side of the room. Keep one pencil on the other side of the room. Laugh at the pencil. 5: Make a sandwich, Don't eat it, leave it on the floor. Ignore the sandwich, wait until your roommate gets rid of it, and then say, "Hey, where the heck is my sandwhich?" Complain loudly that you are hungry. 6: Every time your roommate walks in yell, "Hooray! You're back! "as loud as you can and dance around the room for five minutes. Afterwards keep looking at your watch and saying, "Shouldn't you be going somewhere?" 7: Talk back to your Rice Krispies. All of a sudden, act offended, throw the bowl on the floor and kick it. Refuse to clean it up, explaining, "No, I want to watch them suffer. In Remembrance: In Remembrance to Severus Snape, A Slytherin who died like a Gryffindor, for his Lily may he have been forgiven in the end, In Remembrance to Fred Weasley, Who fought bravely to the very end, And whose jokes will forever brighten his other half, And will loyally await his soul mate and brother, With many jokes, He's got forever to think of them, right? In Remembrance to Dobby, Who was more free and full of love, Than any elf, and most humans; a truly free elf may he rest in peace! In Remembrance to Remus J. Lupin, The last real Marauder, Who was not just a wonderful father, An incredible husband and a brave hero, But an awesome werewolf too, In Remembrance to Nymphadora Tonks, Who died for the greater good, leaving behind the second marauders son, And would probably hex me for calling her Nymphadora, In Remembrance to Alastair 'Mad Eye' Moody, Who's motto 'Constance Vigilance' kept him alive, In Remembrance to Tom Marvolo Riddle, A.K.A Voldemort, Who was pretty cool and cute when he was younger, But who got his ass kicked thoroughly in the end, In Remembrance to Bellatrix Lestrange, Because it was awesome how Molly Weasley got her with the Avada Kedavra, She deserved everything she got in the end, In Remembrance to Colin Creevey, Who we really didn't know too well, But took a lot of pictures and died fighting in the war, So he must've done something good... Besides stalking Harry, In Remembrance to Hedwig, Harry's first real friend, Who lived and died soaring in the night sky. My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I can't do a wrong I can't speak at all Or else I'm locked up All day long. When I'm awake I'm all alone The house is dark My folks aren't home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe I'll just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlie's bar. I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes I'm so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work. 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What color are your eyes? 2. Do you have long, medium, or short hair? 3. Is your hair blonde, brown, red, or black? 4. Do you want an outside wedding , or one in a church? 5. Would you rather have a dog, cat, or bird? 6. Do you like red roses, or white? 7. What's your favorite color out of silver, blue, or yellow? 8. Pick a number (1-10) Now Make 2 wishes Wishes!Wishes!Wishes! Wishes!Wishes! Wishes!Wishes! Wishes!Wishes!Wishes!Wishes! Wishes!Wishes! Wishes!Wishes! Wishes!Wishes!Wishes!Wishes! Wishes!Wishes! Wishes!Wishes! Wishes! Now the Results Eye Color! green- creative blue- strong brown- active hazel- energetic gray- quiet Hair Length! long- smart, but act wild medium- Your a CUTIE!! short- fun to be around Hair Color! blonde- cutie! very fun to be around brown- crazy but people luv ya! red- funny and out-going black- energetic Wedding Options! outside- very romantic! in a church- traditional Animal! dog- sporty cat- sensitive bird- loud! 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I don't care if you're diseased with an incurable sickness, everybody deserves a chance. I don't care if you're ugly or pretty, everybody has flaws. I don't care if you're black or white, everybody has the same capabilities. I don't care if you're weird, everybody needs to change. I don't care if you're rich or poor, everybody needs warmth. I don't care if you're different, everybody is. Repost this if you agree with it. Your in-depth results are: Slytherin - 11 Ravenclaw - 10 Gryffindor - 8 Hufflepuff - 8 Favourite Harry Potter Characters - Tom Riddle - Ron Weasley - Fred and George Weasley - Bill and Fleur Weasley - Severus Snape - Lucius Malfoy - Draco Malfoy - Lord Voldemort - The Death Eaters - Remus Lupin - Tonks I recently discovered Downton Abbey. I am not ashamed to admit it but it was while watching the finale of the last series on Christmas Day 2015. But without a doubt my favourite characters are Thomas Barrow and The Dowager Countess of Grantham and of course Tom Branson and George Crawley

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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 89 - Words: 345,057 - Reviews: 284 - Favs: 124 - Follows: 265 - Updated: 4/20 - Published: 12/25/2017 - [Hermione G., Severus S.]
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Glee - Rated: T - English - Drama/Family - Chapters: 53 - Words: 29,862 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 4/4 - Published: 3/30/2014 - [Kitty, Ryder, Jake P.] New Directions
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Hobbit - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 40 - Words: 75,500 - Reviews: 246 - Favs: 53 - Follows: 101 - Updated: 3/15 - Published: 11/14/2015 - [Kíli, Tauriel]
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 11 - Words: 13,316 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 81 - Follows: 136 - Updated: 7/18/2017 - Published: 11/15/2016 - Harry P., Bellatrix L., Rodolphus L., OC
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 11 - Words: 51,295 - Reviews: 160 - Favs: 574 - Follows: 662 - Updated: 4/21/2016 - Published: 11/6/2013 - Harry P., Draco M., Voldemort, Fred W.
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