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Author has written 5 stories for Phineas and Ferb, Girls und Panzer/ガールズ&パンツァー, and Haifuri.

Age: 22

Hobbies: Video Games, Technical Theater, Military History

Favorite Cartoon Show: Phineas and Ferb

Favorite Games: Call of Duty (Series), Resistance (Series), Assassins Creed (Series), Mass Effect (Series), and many others.

Favorite Movies: Phineas and Ferb Across the Second Dimension (Loved it but hated ending). Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers, Black Hawk Down, and many others.

First and foremost, I have autism. I'm on the low end of the spectrum, meaning that unless you know what to look for people can't tell that I am. I didn't take a creative writing class, or any writing class for that matter. English is my first language, but do to my autism I make grammar and punctuation errors all the time, I'm sure you can see them in the profile. I'm a big video game nerd and have played almost ever FPS (First Person Shooter) that came out and many strategy games. I am a huge history buff, Mostly reading and studying the Second World War.

I came across Fanfiction, and after reading so many great stories I decided to give it shot. My first story, which had been deleted, was filled with many grammar errors, block paragraphs, basically everything wrong in the book, a complete disaster. I took the feedback and then began to rewrite my first story and with the help of Sabrina06, who has been kind enough to be a beta reader for me, my first story came to life.

If you've read my first story, The Effects of Bullying, some of the scenes are based on my own experiences. It never really became physical, mostly verbal. Though in my opinion words pierce further than any bullet or knife made. I've been in situations where nobody seems to notice the pain your in, where people join in, or don't want to get involved. I was teased and bullied throughout my life, and nearly killed myself as a result of it. My mother was always their for me and always made me strong, though I must admit their were times a knife looked awful friendly. When I entered High School I thought I get a new beginning but the bullying continued, it wasn't till I had joined my High School's theater that I made some of my first true friends, and the bullying began to stop. The theater hangout or the, "Blackbox", as we called it, was a place were we accepted everyone for who they were and wouldn't tolerate those who were bullies.

To most of my friends, I'm a quiet person and don't talk very much. To a very few, I share my secrets.

Information about my OC's

Phineas and Ferb,

Name: Ryan O'Neil

Age: 14

Appears in "The Effects of Bullying" and "Resistance: Second War for Danville". Will update bio as stories goes along.

First Dimension,

Ryan likes to keep to himself, and is hesitant to befriend anyone. Some people that he declared his friends, got close to him, learned his secrets, only to betray him. Before coming to Danville, Ryan had a sister named Shannon, they were extremely close, being able to count on each other for support if they needed it, but Shannon committed suicide after school one day when he wasn't around. After her death, he became withdrawn from life, virtually trying to escape the world, he took up cutting himself as a relief from the pain that his sisters death had caused him. Until one day he couldn't take life anymore and attempted to end his own. The scars on his arms that are a constant reminder to him of his attempt and his lose. If someone asks him what happened to his sister, he will ignore the question completely, unable to relive the day of her death.

He always ready for a fight, always expecting someone to attack him, if someone lays a hand or even a finger one him, despite the intention, he has a reflex where he will grab the person who touched him and have a punch ready to follow. He rarely lets his anger out, though when it does he can't control it, and it takes control of his actions. Those who are on his bad side are not forgiven easily, and those who try to hurt him or his friends will soon be needing medical attention.

When he first came to high school Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, and especially Katie became some of the first true friends he ever made. Though hesitant at first about letting people close, he learned that not all people want to make life difficult for him and quickly accepted their friendship. Even though he has become great friends with them, he is still hesitant to let them learn about parts of his past.


Ryan has dark brown hair and eyes. He is about as strong and tall as Buford. He wears a pair of dark brown cargo pants with a black beat and a tucked in black long sleeve t-shirt. He also wears a locket with a picture of his sister in it, he is very protective of it, and keeps it hidden under his shirt.

Second Dimension,

His second dimension counterpart is a reluctant soldier serving Doofenshmirtz. He was drafted into the army and was quickly promoted to Lieutenant and is second in command of Doofenshmirtz's human army. Even though he hates serving under the dictator. If he leaves or disobeys a command, his mother and sister would be killed in front of him and he would sit in prison for the rest of his life with the memories. He won't put his mother and sister in danger for his actions and so follows orders.

Having outspoken against Doofenshmirtz multiple times, he was sent to "reorientation", where his commanding officer, Colonel Raymond Shepard, personally tortured him until he stopped speaking out. His left arm is burned and scared from the incident, as a reminder for the price of speaking out. He now try does everything he can to secretly defy the Colonel and Doofenshmirtz. With a lot of luck and by taking a big risk he saved a soldier by the name of Michelle Engel, that, like him had spoken out against Doofenshmirtz. He was ordered by Raymond to kill her for speaking out, but he faked her death. Unknown to Ryan, she now helps the Resistance in it's struggle for freedom.

When Phineas and Katie are brought into his home though, he will soon find out that eventually your luck can run out.


He wears a black long sleeve shirt and pants uniform with a red armband depicting Doofenshmirtz face on his right arm. He always carries a holster with a pistol which has been specially modified so that the setting can be switched from to where the beam can be fatal to stun and still look the same.

Hai Furi (High School Fleet)

Name: Emily Coldren

Birthday: July 13

Age: 15

Position: Third Officer of the USS Missouri

Daughter of a well known female Captain in the US navy. She along with her brother and mother, lived in Japan during her childhood years as her mother worked as a liaison between the US Navy and the Japanese Blue Mermaid Marines. Having lived in Japan for the majority of her life, she can speak Japanese fluently. This also caused her to fall in love with the ocean, and the motto of the Blue Mermaids.

She is a quiet but hardworking girl, she cares heavily about those closest to her, and will do almost anything to protect them. She always tries to excel at everything she puts her mind too. She took it upon herself to follow in her mothers footsteps and join the US Naval Academy to one day live up to her mothers reputation. Her hard work and determination paid off as she was accepted to the New Los Angles Naval Academy where she was assigned to the flagship of the student navy, the USS Missouri, as third officer.

For as long as she can remember, her mother always told her and her brother, Eric, that it was a sailors responsibility to protect both the ocean and those that travel her waves. That the responsibility of the Captain was to the vessel that they served, and to the crew that they commanded.

As the fleet heads out for training near Hawaii, she will soon be put to the test.


She has light blond hair and light green eyes. Her uniform is standard issue to students aboard ships, a long sleeve over shirt and pants with a urban digital camo, blue, with a little white and gray, black boots and socks. Whenever in uniform, her hair is tied into a bun, with two pigtails just behind her eyes.

Name: Eric Coldren

Birthday: January 24

Age: 17

Position: Captain of the USS Missouri

Emily's older brother, he has been at the Academy for two years and is nearly done with his training. He is two years old than Emily and is very protective of his sister, but allows her to find her own way of doing things, so he always pushes her to do her best at anything she tries. He encouraged her to find her own way of life and not let their mothers past affect her future choices, however she still choices to join the Naval Academy. Like his sister he can speak Japanese, but not as fluently as her.

Always making sure his crew is doing their best, but never straining them, he is hard but fair and the crew of the Missouri have come to respect him as their Captain. Though some have doubts about letting his sister serve under him, however he makes it clear that she worked just as hard as everyone else to earn their place. He also expects his sister to give the same if not more, than the rest of the crew.

With his training nearly done, he expects the naval exercise near Hawaii to go off without a hitch.

Appearance: He has short blonde hair and dark blue eyes, his uniform is standard issue to students aboard ships. However he wears a captains cap, has his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

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To Marie, fate was cruel. It hated her family. It burdened her father. It seemed unchangeable. With her father's new device, Marie is determined to bring back the one person who's fate resulted in her existence. I do NOT own P&F, its characters or locations, or the OCs Marie and Thomas.
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During naval trials near Hawaii, another rat virus outbreak infects the crews of several US student naval vessels. With the Blue Mermaids still recovering from the last outbreak, the crew of the Harekaze and several other student ships is sent to help secure the infected ships before they cause sever damage to the shipping lanes of US and Japan, and stop the outbreak from spreading
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