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I won't explain things as in-depth as I had before. Pretty much, I'm back from the dead. I updated Misconceptions and hopefully will continue to do so with more frequency than I have been.

Champion of Agni has been updated.

Everything There is to See might get resurrected as well. We'll see. (Get it? See? And she's blind... Sorry)

My other stories are further back on my list of priorities. I'll try to get back to them, but right now I'll focus on the three I mentioned above.

Fandoms I write in, I plan to write in, or may someday find myself writing in- The Hunger Games, Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, Gone, Phantom of the Opera, Pride and Prejudice, Avatar the Last Airbender, Yugioh, Pokemon, Twilight, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Men:The Movie, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and possibly eventually others.

My Favorite Characters in books- Prim, Rue, Peeta Mellark, Luna Lovegood, Jane Eyre, Rudy Steiner

My Favorite Characters in other media- Toph, Sokka, Seto Kaiba, Rory Williams, Mickey Smith, Spike, Xander Harris, Nightcrawler, Boba Fett, and The Doctor (I've recently developed a soft spot for 12 especially), Deadpool

Least Favorite Characters- Professor Umbridge, Bella Swan, Caroline Bingley, and Mister Collins.

Pairings I find Overrated:

1. All Cannon Harry Potter pairings- the primary characters practically all wind up with their 'high school sweethearts', and everything turns out so the three main characters are related. Love the books and I adore JK, but that's kind of taking 'cheesy' a little too far. Should've stuck Harry with Luna or something; odd, maybe. But at least it'd be different. Also, the fact that she paired everyone off in extra material outside of the real stories bugs me- the additional stuff is great, but declaring random people married to brand new characters after everything is concluded sort of takes away the readers' privilege to fill things in on their own.

2. Aang/Katara in ATLA- Not because I'm a big Zutarian (I'm avidly neutral in Avatar, and mostly stick with gen fics), but because Aang is twelve when he gets together with Katara. Flighty, irresponsible, 'I run away from my problems' Aang. I'm not a huge Aang fan in any case- I don't think he grows enough throughout the series, not like most of the other characters (he runs from his problems, from Book 1 until the very end of Book 3)- but even beyond that, a character whose main personality trait is that he struggles sticking with stuff is hardly likely to marry the girl he had a crush on when he was a kid. Especially considering that Katara acts like his mother most of the time. I understand that he eventually grows up, and I don't hate the pairing, but I find it unlikely and honestly, a little weird. I'm all for illogical pairings, but they never had any romantic chemistry imo.

3. River Song/The Eleventh Doctor- I adore River. Her character is unique and interesting and the tragic love story is absolutely brilliant. Whoever thought of that deserves an award. My only problem is that it never feels like River and the Doctor are in love; both actors are great, the setup is brilliant, but I never cheer for them like I did with Rose and her doctors. I think part of it is because so much isn't shown; all the years and dates that are only mentioned in passing. It makes it look like they both know they're supposed to be in love, but without anything to really back how it happened. Another, bigger part, I think, is that I can see River with a previous reincarnation more easily than Eleven. Maybe Nine. Just a personality thing I guess. Again; love the story, but I don't see the chemistry there to really pull it off.

4. Edward/Bella in Twilight- Do I even have to bother? Twilight had so much potential. It really, really did. The execution is something else. Bella smells good, Edward can't read her mind. Edward stalks her because of it. This leads to them falling in love. Edward leaves, Stephenie Meyer does a wonderful job of showing teenage girls what to do when their boyfriend of two months breaks up with them. Then Edward comes back, and Bella laughs when he shows concern that she put herself in harm's way to hear a voice that wasn't even real. Him sabotaging her car and having his family members babysit her in Eclipse is just plain wrong, and Breaking Dawn is such a mess that I won't even begin to dissect it. I can actually enjoy this pairing in certain fanfic, but I find myself torn between finding it funny and creepy. Look up 'Creepy Edward Cullen Quotes' on Google. It's scary. For example, one of my personal favorites: "I’m the only one who has permission to hold you hostage, remember?" It'd be funny if he wasn't literally holding her hostage.

There's more, I'm pretty sure, but that's what I got off the top of my head. And before I get anyone upset that I insulted their OTP, I will remind you that I absolutely adore odd pairings. I'm in the process of writing a Finnick/Katniss fic, and have toyed with much weirder. I've simply taken time to chew over these last four because I'm bored and I want to write stuff. Really. No malicious intent in the least. It's my opinion, and I'm really not saying these are wrong- just that I don't like them as much as some people.

My favorite pairings (cannon and otherwise), because I'm bored and want to write more:

1. Finnick/Annie- There's something sad and exceptional about the fact that a man who could have any woman he wants is loyal enough to stick with a girl who went mad, and something amazing about how pure their love is, all things considered. The fact that they lose each other as soon as they can finally be together sucksbut it adds another level of emotion to their story as well. But really... cannot believe Collins didn't give the couple a happy ending. Annie lost her mind (to some extent) and Finnick is one of the most tortured characters in a series of really depressing people. It would've been nice for them to have been left standing after the smoke cleared.

2. Elizabeth/Darcy- Cliche choice? Maybe. But no two characters have ever had such a perfect dynamic, or been so intrinsically suited for each other. I don't really even need to explain. They're one of the greatest love stories ever; that speaks for itself.

3. Katniss/Peeta- Another cannon Hunger Games pairing. But Suzanne Collins has a talent for making characters who really know and understand each other, and who honestly love one another. The novels aren't romance books, but the emotional connections she makes between her characters are amazing. Katniss and Peeta make each other better people. Their personalities complement each other perfectly. And they genuinely care for one another.

4. Raoul/Christine- I realize that I'm in the vast minority here, but this is one of those sugary sweet, fairy tale-type pairings that rarely happen in real life but are cute in theory. Raoul is willing to marry a singer who is vastly beneath him status wise (when most men of his position would've taken Christine on as a mistress if they wanted here), he does everything he can to protect her from the Phantom, and his love is almost entirely selfless. It's about guarding her and helping her. The opposite of the Phantom's selfish obsession. Not going to deny that I like Erik, and I'd probably prefer him if he'd done things differently, but Raoul honestly deserves Christine more.

5. Leia/Boba Fett- Okay. This is probably about the biggest crack pairing in existence. But I read something once (possibly non-cannon) about Leia being given to Fett for the night when she was in Jabba's custody. Instead of raping her as would be expected in that situation, Fett talked with her; in fact, I'm pretty sure they argued about politics. After reading that, I started imagining the possibilities that could arise from the two of them together. A Leia/Han/Fett love triangle would be entertaining as hell, and anyway, Boba Fett is portrayed as more or less emotionless until the really late expanded universe stuff. A relationship starting around the time of the movies, or possibly right after Fett gets out of the sarlaac, would have a very interesting potential for character growth.

6. Katniss/Finnick- Because I like writing Misconceptions. Really, I can't see them together with Annie and/or Peeta still alive. But Katniss's friendship with Finnick is one of the closest non-romantic relationships I've seen in YA literature, and I think that if Annie and Peeta were to die, the two would support each other like they did through Mockingjay and eventually grow together. I never would've put this on here before delving into the whole possibility with Misconceptions, but after giving my mind time to wrap around it, the pairing has grown on me.

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