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Hello everyone,

This work is basically continuation of manhwa SAVER by Lee Eun Young pen, whose creation entranced me to the point of writing following story on my own. After finishing original work I behaved like addict whose dose was snatched away right from under his nose and before I knew it I started imagining various scenes and dialogues and most intriguing part of that was, that conversations of the characters were already in English and not in my native language...

Soon one idea followed another, one scene evolved and hinted another one and I ended up writing them down to not to lose them since I initially thought they were quite funny (though my sense of humour may be questionable, I mind you!). And from then onwards my addiction to this series only intensified and writing down random ideas wasn't enough for me. In the end I created something like raw script, though it's way too big word to describe it like that.

Where did it leave me?

Currently I wrote story 670 pages long and it's far from being finished...

Since I'm a visualizer and I like to draw a little, not only I started writing down the following events of characters who became dear to me, but also I started illustrating them whenever words failed me. And that's a main reason why I never published anything here even though it's such great community filled with many brilliant ideas and young authors. Here unfortunately you can't enchant your work graphically thus I had to find other way...

At first I uploaded 'raw' version through Mangafox forum as pdf download with intention that someone would beta-read it for me and check out various mistakes since English isn't my first language, but since few people liked it and were curious what happened next I shrugged and thought that uploading another part wouldn't do any harm and maybe THEN someone would check it out for me...

Well, that was the initial plan... and now? Now I upload in the same fashion every new part and moreover thanks to good advices I started blog where I upload them so readers could follow story online.

You may ask me then why am I even here if together with other friendly addicts I already created working system of publishing? Someone pointed out that if not for using Mangafox he would have never knew such long story was even created since we discuss in quite closed circle.

And thus in order to let know other as immersed with Saver as I'm that following fanfic was created, exist and more over isn't finished yet, I decided to give it a try here too. I hope you'll like it and find fun while reading it and those who never heard about this manhwa will find a time to look it up too since it's worth it.


P.S. The newest releases are available on Mangafox or blog Saver the New Journey first, only later, once I'll have more free time I'll upload them here too, sorry about that...

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