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Well since my old one sucked lets try this thing again...

Age- next years high school if I dont burn the school down (just kidding)

Location- I am Canadian!!!!
Gender- I think i'm a girl...unless... (just kigging) Favorite Qotes in no Particular order

Have you ever stopped to think and then forgotten to start again

Gary "free time, I've heard of such a thing"

"Your squishy, i shall call you squishy and you shall be my squishy and you shall be mine... ouch bad squishy" (its a little redundent but funny)

Monty Python cast "get on with it!!!"

Galahad to Lancelot "let me go in and face the perril"
Lancelot"no its too perillous"
Galahad "but I like peril"
Lancelot "no your comming with me"
Galahad "your must be gay"
(Galahads peril is that he is stuck in a convent full of very hott teenaged girls)

"I'm not dead yet"

"But why is the rum gone!"

Favorite Things in no certain order

1) Any thing Tamora Pierce
2) Monty Python
3) Crazy people
4) the voices in my head
5) general reading from my english teacher
6) Riding horses
7) braiding horses manes and tails
8) Working horse shows
9) Working in barns


5 Top Favorite Movies

1)Pride and Prejudice
2)Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail
3)Count of Monty Cristo
4)Lord of the Rings 1-3
5)Ever After


Now for anything else you need to know just add me to your msn and let me know you came from FanFiction and I wont act all confused. Well thats who I am and what I do cause you know thats what you asked about!!! by the way my msn is

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