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Author has written 2 stories for Prince of Tennis, and Count Cain: God Child.
08/23/04: Hompage link added!!

Finally! Ok, so the site itself isn't up, but at least there's a pretty picture waiting on the splash page for any passing visitors...(hinthint, go lookie! I'm proud of my picture!). Hopefully this will be incentive for me to get the rest of my shnit online...


Mochiron's Big List of Favorite Fandoms:

Prince of Tennis [OishiEiji, TezukaFuji, MomoRyo, for the most part]
Juvenile Orion [TsukasaTomonori]
Hana Kimi [SanoMizuki all the way! XD]
Demon Diary [EclipseRaenef]
Count Cain [RiffCain! Woo!]
Naruto [SasukeNaruto]
Gundam Wing [3x4, 1x2, and I love WuFei in both het and yaoi pairings, but only when done right]
Weiss Kreuz [OmiKen is my big squee, but I love all the prettehs. SCHULDICH!]
Fruits Basket [Momiji! I wuvs da bunny! FB is one of those series where I like the characters regardless of pairing]
Get Backers [Akabane :falls, struggles to get up: U-unph...the man is walking sin...BanGinji, JuubeiKazuki]
Hikaru no Go [AkiHika...oh I squee...I squee very hard...]
Yami no Matsuei [TatsumiWatari I LOVE MY WATARI and of course TsuzukiHisoka]
Fullmetal Alchemist [RoyEd...oh we do love the torture, yes we do]
Kyou Kara Maou [WolfYuuri, GwenGunter]
D.N.Angel [SatoshiDaisuke...Hi-hi-hi-Hiwatari-kun! XD]
Last Exile [ HEART BREAKS for them...:sniffsob]
Saiyuki [lately, the GojyoSanzo dynamic has really been getting me...]
Samurai Deeper Kyo [YukimuraSaizo...:runs around in little fangirly circles]
Mirage of Blaze [NaoeTakaya/Kagetora...oh my poor, twisted Naoe...]
Hellsing [Alucard.Alucard.Alucard.That's all there is.]
FAKE [DeeRyo, duh]
YuGiOh! [Bakura/Ryou ^_^ my personal muses, YY/Y, Seto/Jou, YY/Y/S, and occasionally Jou/Ryou]
Wolf's Rain [TsumeToboe, KibaHige, yay for the puppy pile!]

And yes, ALL of those pairings are m/m, with the exception of HanaKimi's Sano/Mizuki. Yes I am a wibbling yaoi fangirl.

Other palaver: Kazusa Takashima is my god. My favorite color is red. I'm a struggling artist who will have a website up soon and fully expects all visitors to her profile to visit (YES THAT WAS SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION. I AM TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING HERE PEOPLE). If you find yourself just DYING to talk to me (doubtful, very doubtful), poke the email link!

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Afternoon Tea And Tarts reviews
Silly RiffxCain. It's a problem for Riff when his master is bored at teatime. Indeed. Rated for bad table manners, among other things. Oneshot.
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Come Away With Me reviews
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Prince of Tennis - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,183 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/3/2004 - Complete