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Hi! My name is Ellie! I love books! Im kind of a loner! I love Clato and the hunger games, and the Host, and the Fault In our Stars! And Beautiful Creatures!

1. Last song i listened to - Hey Girl, Billy Currington

2. Last movie i saw- The Hunger Games :)

3. Last movie i saw in theatures- The host! (Loved it!)

4. Last book i read-The fault in our stars by John Grenn (Not counting re-reads!)

5. My fav book Charector EVER- Clove the hunger games or Augustus Water TFIOS

6. Fav Soda- Dr.Pepper

7. Last thing i bought-Arnie Palmer

8. Last injury i got- Cut my finger with a knife

9. Do i hav siblings- I got 2 sisters! One is my twin :P i hav pets- NO :(

11. What did i want to be when i grew up- Anything in Fashion! And travel the world! fav singer when it was 2011- Sugar land

13. My fav singer- MAROON 5!!!!

14. Do i like 1d- Eww No!

15. Do i like JB- GROSS NO!

16. Did i suffer beiber fever- NEVER

17. Celeb i hav a crush on- Alexander Ludwig

18. My fav candy- Cherry suckers!

19. Hav i ever eatin snow- LOL yes!

20. My wallpaper on my phone- Me and my baby cousin Calvin!

21. Hav i ever been to a concert- Yup!

22. Fav flower- White roses! JK NO! Red roses!

23. What is my fav number- 23

24. first theme song that pops into head- Big bang theory!

25. Do u like spoungebob? Yes

26. Do u hav peircings- no

27. What color is your hair- IM A DUMB BLONDE

28.hav u ever glued your hands together- In 3rd grade, on accident!

29. What movie do u know all the lines too- Beautiful Creatures, Hunger Games, Ricky Bobby, Blades of Glory

30. What cd is currently in your cd player- Hunger games doing of district 12 and beyond

31. Do u hav an ipod- a nano :(

32. what movie did u cry in- The hunger games, Beasts of the Southern Wild, tons more!

33. First rated R movie- Hangover

34. Do i wear makeup- Sometimes

35- celeb look alike- IDK, I don't look like any celebs!

36- movie im looking forward too in 2013- CATCHING FIRE!!

37. Most rediculus thing i asked for this X-Mas - I-Pod...

38.what best friend/family member lives furthest away from u- Grandma 1hr.

39. When was the last time u had like a heart attack- Accidently skipping a step on the stairs

40. Nail polish im wearing - None

41. Be anything after you die- Mocking Jay

42. Book I really want to see as a movie- MDBC!

43. Will i try to upload eveyday- if people like my stories of course

44. Favorite writer- John Green!

45. How crazy hunger games fan r u- IM SO CRAY-CRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm the girl who brings a book to lunch. I'm the the girl who's REALLY insecure. I'm the girl who doesn't have many friends. I'm the girl who dresses weird. But at least I'm me.

I love to read. I read all the time, when me and my friends all think I'm on Instagram on my phone reading. I read alot. At school I have probably 10 books.

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