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Hi please call me Amy :) Below I will list my opinions on shippings in various series I watch/read. They will be sectioned 'Soulmates', 'Like/Can Handle', 'Match Made in Hell' which the names are obvious to indicate my preferences. My pairing shippings have changed a lot so they'll be listed here.


Digimon Adventure/Zero Two-









Digimon Tamers-



Digimon Frontier-



Digimon Data Squad-




Digimon Xros Wars/Young Hunters-





Ash/Latias: I loved their bond in the movie and when Latias embraced Ash because she was worried about Latios, awww that was so sweet.

Pikachu/Togepi: They're cute together...

Harry Potter-

Harry/Hermione: They're too perfect together. Hermione supports Harry more than Ron throughout all seven books in the series and while I like Ron, him and Hermione just don't fit in my opinion at the very least.

Ron/Lavender: I think her and Ron would have been good together, JKR just bashed her to put Ron and Hermione together.

Neville/Luna: I think they were canon in the movies since Neville said he loved her or something in the last part of the last movie. But I think Luna encourages Neville in the fifth book which I find really sweet.

Remus/Sirius: I seriously (no pun intended) think they had something going on. Look at all the compliments Sirius was giving Remus.

Fred/Angelina: They went to the Yule Ball together, I really think JKR should've developed them or left Angelina single at the end.

Like/Can Handle It

Tai/Sora (Digimon Adventure)

Matt/Sora (Digimon Adventure)

Tai/Mimi (Digimon Adventure)

Willis/Yolei (Digimon Zero Two Movie)

Henry/Rika (Digimon Tamers)

Guilmon/Renamon (Digimon Tamers)

Koji/Zoe (Digimon Frontier)

Takuya/Koichi (Digimon Frontier)

Seraphimon/Ophanimon (Digimon Frontier)

Thomas/Kristy (Digimon Data Squad)

Taiki/Akari (Digimon Xros Wars)

Zenjirou/Nene (Digimon Xros Wars)

Taiki/Tagiru (Digimon Young Hunters)

Ash/Misty (Pokémon)

Latias/Latios (Pokémon)

Cedric/Cho (Harry Potter)

Bill/Fleur (Harry Potter)

Molly/Arthur (Harry Potter)

Draco/Pansy (Harry Potter)

Match Made in Hell

Matt/Mimi (Digimon Adventure)

Izzy/Mimi (Digimon Adventure)

Michael/Mimi (Digimon Adventure)

Tai/Catherine (Digimon Zero Two)

Matt/Jun (Digimon Zero Two)

Davis/Kari (Digimon Zero Two)

Davis/Yolei (Digimon Zero Two)

Davis/T.K. (Digimon Zero Two)

Davis/Willis (Digimon Zero Two Movie)

Ken/T.K. (Digimon Zero Two)

Ken/Kari (Digimon Zero Two)

Ken/Yolei (Digimon Zero Two)

T.K./Yolei (Digimon Zero Two)

T.K./Catherine (Digimon Zero Two)

Takato/Jeri (Digimon Tamers)

Henry/Jeri (Digimon Tamers)

Ryo/Jeri (Digimon Tamers)

Takuya/Zoe (Digimon Frontier)

Koichi/Zoe (Digimon Frontier)

Koji/Koichi (Digimon Frontier)

Cherubimon/Ophanimon (Digimon Frontier)

Marcus/Yoshi (Digimon Data Squad)

Taiki/Kiriha (Digimon Xros Wars)

Kiriha/Nene (Digimon Xros Wars)

Kiriha/Akari (Digimon Xros Wars)

Yuu/Airu (Digimon Young Hunters)

Ash/May (Pokémon)

Ash/Dawn (Pokémon)

Harry/Ginny (Harry Potter)

Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter)

George/Angelina (Harry Potter)

Remus/Tonks (Harry Potter)

So here we are folks!

To all my readers:Updates for both my fanfics will be a bit more spontaneous as college has begun for me. But once a week, two updates a least is my aim :)

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