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I'm 17.

I am obsessed with Harry Potter.

My favorite Harry Potter characters:

1. Snape because you never know what his real motive is. In each book you discover more about him and think you finally understand why he hates Harry so much, but the full story doesn't come out until the end. He's so vindictive and mean, but he's an interesting character and very funny, even though he isn't necessarily there for comic relief. His snarky, sarcastic comments crack me up every time. Like when he was telling Crabbe that he should stop strangling Neville after Harry gets caught in Umbridge's office because it would mean a lot of tedious paperwork for him. And when Umbridge put him on probation, I love how he doesn't even care! He's awesome because he's a double agent and tricks Voldemort while protecting Harry at the same time! I was shocked when I read the scene with all his memories at the end. It makes him better and more realistic by showing he isn't a coward and does, in fact, have a heart. Also, I love how he just comes out of nowhere and makes Harry's situations even worse all the time, since this makes things more interesting to read. The occlumency lessons are bad for Harry but awesome for the reader because of all the tension. Last of all, he's played by Alan Rickman, who does an amazing job with his character! I desperately wanted Snape to have a confrontation with Harry in the end because that would have been epic. Just a conversation would have been good, but I can see why Rowling decided not to do that: Snape would not have told Harry the whole story to his face and Harry would have been too riled up to listen to him. We hadn't seen Snape the whole book and then when we finally saw him, he got killed! During the whole 6th book, I was fooled into thinking he was evil. When I found out, he, Lily, and Petunia, all knew one another, I was so shocked. And I did spoil the last page of the series for myself, but luckily I didn't look at the page where it said Harry named his kid after Snape, or else I'm sure I would have died of shock. No joke.

2. Dumbledore because his mood is always perfect for the occasion. He's very lighthearted and isn't like most teachers in the sense that he is fine with bending the rules every now and then. (One of my favorite scenes ever is when he lets Harry destroy his office and he says it's okay because he has too many possessions. Now if I did that to my principal's office, I'd probably get carted off to prison.) When he's angry, it's really awesome, and his duel with Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries is awesome. I love how he isn't even afraid of Voldemort and calls him Tom. He made mistakes in the past but learned from them and has become a much better person. Dumbledore is kind to people and never yells. And I like his escape from his office in the 5th book! I don't have anything against Dumbledore because he did what he had to do, even though it was difficult to see Harry suffer because, in the end, it was all for Harry's benefit. I never cry when reading, but I almost did when he died in book 6 because, first of all, it was about 3:30 am, and second of all, because he just seemed so perfect and knew everything. I'd actually read a rumor that said he would die, but I didn't believe it because I felt like Harry needed to depend on him. But I'm glad we finally get to see he wasn't a perfect character, and Harry can't rely on someone his whole life.

3. Lupin because he's just really nice to Harry in the 3rd book and takes an interest in him and helps him out with the dementors. Now, I've got to say that Lupin got on my nerves in the last book, but at least he got over everything in the end. He always seems intuitive and knows what to say to Harry, and he was the best Hogwarts teacher Harry had. He got Harry out of trouble with Snape! Since when does a teacher help you get out of trouble with another teacher? And he doesn't show animosity towards Snape, either. He was also at least a little bit of a prankster back in the day. And he was friends with a bunch of awesome people, including James, Lily, and Sirius.

4. Harry because, well, not because he's the main character, but I love him to death because he's a lovable, realistic, understandable character. In the first book, we see how innocent he is and how, despite his life of neglect, he can still have a heart. He always has a shining light of hope that is kept alive by the fantasies that he'll be taken away one day from his miserable life. He is not a defeated person, judging by how he still fights to get the letter and has the nerve to call Dudley a pig in a wig. You can tell he's brave and determined in the first book when he's saying he is going to get the Sorcerer's Stone from Snape, even if he has to die trying, and he keeps ignoring everyone when they tell him to not bother with figuring out who Nicolas Flamel is and that no one is trying to steal the stone. When he gets older, he starts to crack me up more and more with his dry humor. He has some pretty good sassy lines thrown in every now and then. I like how he is a genuinely nice person who wants to protect the people around him and whose desperate desire is to be with his parents. I like how open he is with Sirius. Most kids would hide from their parental figure the fact that they think they're going crazy, but in the 5th book, he tells Sirius all of this because he has never had a parental figure to confide in. And Harry's nerve is brilliant. He destroys Dumbledore's office and tells his teacher (Snape) in the 3rd book to shut up after Snape takes the map away from him and insults his father. He's very reckless and jumps into things, but that just makes you sympathize with him all the more.

This list is to be continued...

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