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Hey everyone! Pull up a chair, gather the family around the computer monitor, and prepare to read boring text. This is the fanfiction profile of KingdomKey23.

Name: Alex

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Update: 5/18/18: It's done! The outline is finally done! SDIOFHASIDFOHSIODAHDIOASJDISDJASIOD

5/23/2018: The first draft is scheduled to be written on August 1st.

8/2/2018: Progress on the first draft has been done. First 3 chapters are finished.

9/10/2018: First eight chapters are finished. Just arrived in Traverse Town. Wanna say I'm about 5% to 7% done with it. Sadly, I will be putting the draft on hold to finish another project of mine. Once it's done, it'll be full steam ahead! Once the first draft is 100% completed, I will be announced a release date! :)

To get updated on the remake, check out my twitter page:

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE To support my work elsewhere, please visit my YouTube channel:

About me: Currently working as a video editor, but it's only part-time job. However, I am looking to expand my horizons. My life has been full of up and downs, but through it all I've managed to keep a stiff upper lip. My dreams seem so hard to reach, but remember this: A Dream is Non-Transferable. A little quote I made up myself. It means that no one else can take your dreams from your mind; it belongs to you, and you alone have to make that dream a reality. That is what I hope to do one day.

About Reviewing Your Fics: I hardly review fics anymore, but if I do review your story, I'm going to be honest with what I say. I love to give advice, and I would never say anything out of disrespect. It's not my style.

About Reviewing Me: You are free to say anything you want about my stories. You are entitled to you own opinion. Like something? Feel something needs to be improved? Send me a line. I am always looking to improve. :)

General Likes:

Playing Video Games, writing stories, film making, hanging out with friends and family, animals (even the ones that kill you are awesome), watching television, reading, eating, traveling, surfing, and entertaining people.

General Dislikes:

School and Schoolwork (who doesn't), bees, flying in airplanes, weathermen, licensed video games (most of them), movies based on video games, fast food restaurants (trying to eat better)

Contacting me: I always check my e-mail, so chances are I will reply. However, I can be busy, so please try to bare with me here. I will get to your e-mail or PMs. I also have yahoo messenger and Skype. If you'd like to chat with me in real time, please PM first so we can exchange addresses. I also have friend codes for the 3DS, and user names for the Wii U, PSN, Nintendo Switch and XBOX360.

Updating Policy: I strive to update, but keep in mind that this is a hobby. I have a real life, and at times it can be tough. Please don't constantly ask me when to update. I'll update a story when I can.

This profile needs a facelift. Sometime down the road I'll be reworking it!

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