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Nicknames: Chibi-Chan, Mini-Chan, Ninja-Chan, Shadow (the list goes on and on...)
Zodiac Signs: Year of the Rabbit, Leo the Lion(13 signs)/Virgo the Virgin (12 signs)
Favorite Couples: These are incomplete, in random order, grouped by show/game/movie/book, usually with Japanese names (except FF). Also, some are grouped by character (usually female). If a couple is not here, it doesn't mean I don't like them. This is a "most favorite of the favorite" couple list. The same goes for characters.
Anzu: Yami, Yuugi, Ryou Bakura, Yami Bakura, Seto Kaiba
Sakura: Sasuke, Kakashi, Neji
-Weiss Kreuz-
Aya-san (Ran)/Sakura
-Shaman King-
Tamao: Yoh, Hao, Ren, Lyserg (I know they don't interact in the show, but it could happen)
Lee Pyron/Jun
-Final Fantasy-
Tifa: Cloud, Vincent, Sephiroth

Favorite Characters:
Yami Yuugi Mutou - Very hot pharaoh, with a gorgeous voice and eyes. Looks sexy in any thing he wears, especially black leather with chains.
Yuugi Mutou - Cute, sweet, and totally reliable.
Jonouchi Katsuya - Great friend, cute.
Ryou Bakura - Adorable and insightful, with a cute British accent, messy white hair, gorgeous chocolate-brown eyes, and a will stronger than people think.
Yami Bakura - Sexy tombrobber, especially in black, with spiky white hair and a voice to die for. Kleptomaniacal bad boy. What's not to love?
Seto Kaiba - Hot genius and CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation with a love of trenchcoats (which he looks great in), blue eyes, and a sexy voice with a growl. Grew up too quickly.
Anzu Mazaki - Pretty, ambitious, kick-butt dancer who can hold her own in a fight.
Naruto - Wielder of the Kyuubi's power. Energetic, smiling foxboy. Not dobe.
Sakura Haruno - Pink-haired kick-butt kunoichi trying to prove herself.
Sasuke Uchiha - Last member of the Uchiha clan, after Itachi slaughtered the rest.
Kakashi Hatake- Granted, he loves is smut a BIT too much, but he's Copy Nin Kakashi!
Neji Hyuuga - Cold member of the Branch House of Hyuuga.
-Weiss Kreuz-
Aya-san (Ran) - Florist by day, katana-wielding assassin by night. Fights for his sister, Aya-chan.
Sakura Tomoe - Shy track-runner missing a kidney. Almost killed, but was saved by Weiss.
-Shaman King-
Yoh Asakura - Mellow shaman who sees more that others.
Hao Asakura - Pyromaniac, but I love the hair.
Lee Pyron - Martial-arts master, founder of Da Den Do, protector of Jun Tao.
Jun Tao - Regrets what happened to Lee Pyron and trying to fix it through her brother.
Ren Tao - Cold, with piercing amber eyes. Knows how to use a glaive and looks good in his shaman outfit.
Inuyasha - Hot half-dog-demon with a soft spot.
Kagome Hirugashi - Priestess from the present.
-Final Fantasy-
Kain Highwind - Dragoon looks sexy in armor. Regrets past.
Rydia of the Mist - Green-haired Caller of Mysidia who has grown up too quickly.
Locke Cole - Hot "treasure hunter" of Final Fantasy 3/6.
Terra Branford - Orphaned half-Esper forced to fight against her own.
Edgar Figaro - Playboy prince of Figaro who loves inventions.
Cloud Strife - Spiky-haired hero of Final Fantasy 7 with a sword (well, multiple swords).
Vincent Valentine - Dark ex-Turk who is quiet and lethal with or without a gun.
Tifa Lockhart - Fighter who has lost the people she loved because of Sephiroth.


Hi, I'm Tsubasa no Yami - "Darkness of Wings" in Japanese. ^_^ Yeah, it doesn't seem to fit my personality, but I'm in a happy mood right now. I have multiple fics in the works (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto, and Weiss Kreuz are my latest obsession, with Digimon and Power Rangers fics sitting around in my comp). I'm in pseudo-dire need of beta readers, so if you enjoy any of the shows shown above (and then some), leave me a review and mention it. I'd love to have your help. Once I have betas, I'll post more of my fics. Ja for now.

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