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I'm (of course) Dancing With Lightning, and I'm from Australia. South Australia, to be correct. My hobbies include: writing, singing, playing the piano, reading and playing Netball. I'm 15 years old and attend high school.

I have an older sister, Fire Angel, and she's one of my (many) guardian angels. She's really sweet, and I don't know what I'd do without her. (Crap, now I'm getting mushy.)

My nicknames include:Ashi (my friends call me that), Ally, Dance, Lightning, you name it, I'm it. People also call me stupid.

What I Like:

Under the subject of television shows...
Hmm, I used to be picky about my television shows, but now I watch heaps. I love Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, Buffy (even though it's not on anymore), Angel (even though it's not on anymore), Smallville, Hope and Faith, Less Than Perfect, and my new favourite, Dr. Who. Yay! I'm so glad that David Tennant is the new doctor--he was so good as Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter, and he's fantastic as the doctor.

Musical tastes and favourites...
I love a lot of the rock stuff: very, very into Placebo at the current time. I listen to a lot of Japanese music-- L'Arc~en~Ciel, Gackt, HYDE, Testu69, blah, blah, I love them all :)

Just a small note: To anyone who has seen Final Fantasy, The Spirits Within, L'Arc~en~ciel sings one of the main songs on there: Spirit Dreams Inside. Just have a listen - it's very good!

Movies I either watch all the time or would like to...
I really don't watch all that many movies, but when I do I LOVE them. My absolute favourite movie is Little Women. I also love the book. It makes me cry every single time I watch it! Um, I also love Pirates of the Caribbean, Pride and Predjudice, blah. I love a lot of movies. I just can't remember them all now.

Books I own or would seriously like to...
The Sweep (or Wicca, as its known here) series by Cate Tiernan, any book by Tamora Pierce, HARRY POTTER! Um... To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot. I love most books. I just can't be bothered writing them all down.

Other stuff I enjoy doing, just in general...
I love spending time with my friends. We always go to the movies, and shopping. I'm not much of a shopper, but when I'm with my friends I'm happy just to be with them. I also love children. I'd love to work with kids when I'm older, as well as writing.

Pairings I like/hate:


Harry/Draco - love!

Harry/Hermione - like

Hermione/Ron - don't like :p

Any other pairings I like reading, but I won't write.

Just a few more things... a little thankyou, or a couple.

Fire Angel: You're my sister, and I know you'll be forever there. I know I'm not always the best sister to be around, but I try. And I really hope I never let you down, like you have never let me down.

Dreamseeker: Do you know how thankful I am to have someone like you around? I've always told you that you're wonderful, but I'll tell you again: you're wonderful. You're like a shining star, so far away from me, but then something so bright and beautiful that gives me hope. Even though you are across world from me, it's so good to know that if I have no one at home to talk to, I can contact you. Thankyou for everything. I am so grateful.

Tegan: Hey honey-buns! After 10 years of being best friends, I figured I should put you in here, whether or not you're as crazy about writing as I am :). Anyway, thankyou so much for being here for me since we were five, and always giving me advice, and everything else. You know how grateful I am to have a solid friend like you that I feel as though we've been through everything and best friends forever. I love you like a love a sister, maybe even more becuase I don't have to live and spend 24/7 with you! Love you, hon. You're the best best friend I could ever wish for.

Windshadow: Look! Another thankyou! I figured that beautiful thankyou to me deserved something back and (even though I don't know what I did) I'm really humbled by what you've said and what you think of me. Just coz you're my bestie's little sis, doesn't mean we're not friends! I hope I'm you're friend, anyway... :) Keep writing, sweet. You'll get there, and I'll be there to read and review whenever I have to chance to get online! Thanks again!

Everyone: To everyone who reads my stories, I'd like to thank you. I'm so grateful for every single review I get no matter how small or large, and it's an added bonus when a reader reads a story and reviews it, and then reads the rest of my stuff. I love you all. You're all the people I look forward to getting reviews from, and if you're signed, reading your stuff. You're all fantastic people, and again, I love you all.

So, I'll be seeing you in my stories! Enjoy everyone!

By the way, excuse me for my hyper-ness, lol, I'm 16,000,000 times worse at school, lol. O.o
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