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Gone Fishing... Forever

I've quit Fanfiction. Sorry about that. And in a dramatic (maybe over-dramatic) measure to make sure that i really quit this time (I've quit at least 3 times already), I deleted everything in my hard drive. (Tried to get my account removed, but couldn't.) Oh yeah, I'm a low level melodrama queen like Gai (Naruto reference)

I didn't really think it'll matter, but then I got PMed by Rashaka, Quirk othe Trade, and jenri92... so I figured I should at least leave a message for really nice people:

Thank you for reading, reviewing, and enjoying the stuff I wrote here. I appreciated all your efforts. I missed making you laugh a lot too. Please try not to PM me anything with feelings I can't ignore, cos every time I get that type of messages, it makes me very happy to have made a friend (but my heart feels a little broken at the same time cos I've quit Fanfiction.)

Anyway, bye bye. Maybe we'll see each other around online... if you see a cityneko, say hi. :)