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Hey guys, I'm Lee-Ann and I will be producing stories for all you lovely people. My stories will be base around the 11th Doctor romances such as:


11 and Amy are one of my favourite pairings in Doctor Who. In my eyes, Amy and 11 does have a kinda romantic relationship going on but denies it because they are both married and the fact that they are a different species, in my opinion they should stay that way not to complicate things (but if they did get together, I wouldn't mind).


I personally wouldn't mind if 11 and Clara got together because they seem to connect somehow, I mean, Clara is the Doctor's favourite mystery plus and they are very good friends.


11 and River is the best couple in Doctor who, I am really glad they got together. The only problem I have with their relationship is the fact that their timelines are travelling in opposite directions, so they don't see each other very often and the fact that they got married in another reality pretty much means that they ain't married at all (but I suppose it is better than nothing)


I really don't want 11 and Rose to ship but I will write 11 and Rose romances for the readers, I personally would rather have that slut stay in the parallel world with the 10th Doctor duplicate, I mean, she has already worked her way through 2 other Doctor's she doesn't need another one.


I haven't put much thought to 11 and Martha because I guess it's unlikely they will even see each other again let alone get together but there is the odd 11 and Martha fan around so I will write these for them.

Well those are the kind of fan fiction stories I will be writing so enjoy!



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