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I'm a FIFTEEN (*jumps up and down happily*) year-old-girl living in the North Shore of Chicago in the peaceful (emphasis on that) town of Wilmette. I love writing, laughing, reading, laughing, going to the movies (who doesn't?), laughing, listening to music, and laughing. I write mainly humor stories, ‘cause I seem to be unable to write anything SERIOUS. I play the cello and the piano, swim, am crazy, and jump up and down laughing hysterically whenever I'm excited. How do I get excited? When people send me REVIEWS! I also have too much time on my hands which is the reason my bio is some three or four pages long. Anyway, that's me in a paragraph.

NOTE- I don’t write fanfiction myself but I co-author a hell of a lot of it and I write a lot of original fiction. Check me out on fictionpress ( and the co-authored fics here on ( Hope you like it all!

List of Stuff No one Cares About

FAVORITE BOOK: "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman

1.Tanya Huff (HELL!! It argues with itself! *laughs*)
2.Mercedes Lackey (what’s-his-name! lol)
3.Frank Herbert (uh…)
4.Will (if you don’t know who I’m talking about you are a disgrace to mankind—everyone!)
5.C.S. Lewis (Caspian! and… Reeticheep!)
6.Lloyd Alexander (Gwydion!)
7.Patricia Wrede (Kazul!)
8.Dianna Wynne Jones (everyone)
9.Robert Jordan (what’s-her-name! [I’m not good with names])
10.Tamora Pierce (though she's not as good as she used to be—George!)
11.Lois McMaster Bujold (ah, Miles. and… Cordelia!)
12.Robin Hobb (Fool!)
13.David Weber (Honor!)
14.Umberto Eco (the detective monk the “The Name of the Rose” whose name is escaping me),
15.LM Montgomery (so it’s not all fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction. Lol—Anne, of course)
16.Everyone else I can't be bothered to remember at the moment

FAVORITE MOVIE: “My Fair Lady” and “Huit Femmes”. “My Fair Lady” is a masterpiece about how we women trick men into thinking they control us when they really don't. A disguised feminist play with music, Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison: what else does one want in life? “Huit Femmes” or “Eight Women” (I think it’s eight, I can never remember) is a fantastic French murder mystery/comedy in which they all of a sudden break into song every once in a while. It’s excellent!


FAVORITE SPORT TO PLAY: Swimming *grins ecstatically*

FAVORITE MUSICIAN: Jacqueline Du Pré, Ella (you should know who I'm talking about, if you don't you’re a deprived child), and Dee Dee Bridgewater

FAVORITE SONG: "Martha My Dear" by Paul McCartney (it's about his dog! lol.) and “Lullaby of Birdland” (especially when Sarah Vaughan sings it...)

FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: The cello! Though the piano and clarinet come close

FAVORITE PLACE TO BE: In the ocean… *smiles blissfully*




Coming soon to a computer near you-

I have absolutely no idea. Lol.

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