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hey, i dont usually check my spelling on my stories, and i dont usually capitallize anything, so im sorry if you are offended. I also tend to sometimes slip into shorthand writing, but this is your warning...i will try hard to capitallize waht needs to be capitallized, and i will try to do spell check as often as i can, but sometimes it slips my mind. that being over, my name is thalia thomason, and my xanga site is the story of my life.
I tend to write depressing stories, or stories about rape, torture, and rarely, about actual love with out suspicion. its just the way i am. Please do refrain from telling me i have a sick mind, i know i do, as i wouldnt be writing all these stories if i didnt dream them up first.
me and one of my friends, cheval(on the xanga site) both love horses(y am i putting this here i have no idea) and hate heidimarie(new barn director at cpa)...she's an evil psycho-person from somewhere im not going to mention...anyways...
I am an orch dork and i love traveling...if u wanna talk about things to do in the us. im all up for it...just leave me a message on the review, and i will get back to you.
Inside jokes:
MC-Milena(the entire story behind it baby!!!!)
Penguins-lisa...yes dude, i have penguins, they migrated into my dreams!!! luff ya dude!
mommy sara!!!!!- sara
heidimarie is to saddam hussein as glo is to ummm...uhhh...Jesus!!!!!-ashley(luff ya dude, u rock, and remember that time at 1 am when i said this line??????)
well, thats all for now, cuz they r prob the only ones expecting inside anyways, if you are going to read my stories, id appreciate a review, whether a flamer, or an encouragement... and a word to the wise...I HATE U CELINE, I CANT BELIEVE U GET TO MISS SCHOOL TO GO TO CALI!!!!!!j/k dude, i luff ya 2!
"for the want of a nail the shoe was lost, for the want of a shoe, the horse was lost, and for the want of a horse, the rider was lost" ~Franklin
"horses are for those who can do endurance!!!" ~Katy
"u know that guys love female riders 'cuz they are almost as sexxxy as the animal themselves" ~Ansley
"Ours not the reason why,
Ours but to do and die" ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Ashley: i gotta job i gotta job!!!! at wills park im the announcer...hehe!!!

i kno i havent updated in a while, but u kno, im working on a new story during classes and is an origional fanfiction, and it is different than the other stories i have written that i havent put up yet...and i have a story that me and aratelinwen and i are working on during lunch, and a story board will be up on that shortly...

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