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Author has written 5 stories for Twilight, Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Bitten, and Sons of Anarchy.

I am sirimione32 am a big fan of the crossover Fanfics with Eric Northman with Bella or with she being with Alcide or Godric maybe both or her being with Bill Compton or Sam Merlot even Jason Stackhouse. Besides being a big fan of Damon/Bella and Stefan/Bella besides Jasper/Bella and any harry potter character/Bella too. Besides Pirates of the Caribbean/Twilight Fanfics with her and Jack Sparrow or Will Turner.

I also like threesome Fanfics too with the crossovers or non-crossovers. I hope i get to post my stories on here when i write them soon. I also like Inuyasha or Twilight/FFVII too. And i will write Fanfics of those too and post them on here. I hope to have good comments or helpful comments and reviews on my stories as well. I will also write Femmeslash Fanfic stories on here too. Besides Transgender and bisexual stories.

My Stories for 2020 - 2021:

Midnighters mate: Bella arrives in midnight Texas searching for her half brother Manfred that she has heard about from their mother Cassandra. And visions from their deceased grandmother Zelda. When after she meets him and gus fiance Creek. And his midnight friends, who seem polite, the only ones who make her uncomfortable but a connection to are Joe, and Chuey. Who show an interest in her for some reason despite being a couple themselves. When they realize a prophecy involving her and them being together as mates. Thijgs get interesting but will everything go ok for their new triad relationship between them when evil comes to their town...

High Spirits Twilight Inspired: when Jasper and his high maintenance annoying wife Alice. Arrive at highland Newburg castle. That's known to be haunted as one of their guests. He meets Bella a ghost and ancestor of Caius's who centuries ago, was murdered by her husband James. For his jealousy and pettiness possessiveness towards her on her wedding night. Having marriage problems, he stops her one day from being killed causing a selfless act, and the do over of her dying over and over again to be stopped. She notices him this time. Which he smiles at her nervously, grabs her attention, she slowly follows him, begging him to save her and make her human. To hopefully love her truly from his heart. He triee to fight his feelings because of his vows. But spots his wofecheting by kissing a married man who has a wife and kids. As well she admits about feelings for a male ghost who came to her. in the end Bella and Alice switch lives through Al7de falling to her death. and Jasper gets Bella who he wants all along and alice and him are no more. And she is with James as a ghost.

10 things hate about you twilight style redone

Crybaby redone

The witnesses daughter and her soul mate a twilight/Sleepy Hollow crossover

Unknown Underworld twilight crossover with Lucian/Bella as the pairing.

my plans for 2020


The next stories are the SOA/Twilight crossover ones

Followed by a few other ones, sleepy hollow/Twilight crossover, Twilight/black panther, SOA Twilight style as well Twilight ones where jasper is an dark character, as well, one where he is like one of those true blood vampires. And another where he is the leader of the mafia. Also ones where its twilight buffy vampire diaries crossover where bella is the daughter of spike and buffy and the mate of jasper and damon.

I usually picture kristin Stewart in the role, of bella, but when it comes to abbie and ichabod's daughter its Candace Patton from the flash. But still jasper bella pairing for the story.

I know if I was Stephanie Meyer, I will put her with jasper, or one of the wolves. And alice and edward together because to me alice and edward are controlling and manipulative. As well narcissistic. To me I don't think she should of forgive him.

As for buffy I don't think she should have forgiven anyone who kicked her out her house. Or be mean to spike, do to what she had been through as well listening to everyone. Hell she should have never been with angel either.

I don't like to read stories where my favorite characters are either gay, or with ocs or with cannon characters in the case of buffy, bella, or jasper, hell even spike, or hermione. Granted I read femslash but what I mean is I don't read slash its not my cup of tea maybe someone else's but not mine. or stories where it for example bella/edward alice/jas than goes to bella/jas ed/alice then back to cannon pairings in the end or noncann in the beginning like jas/bella then goes to ed/bella or bella/jacob I find that just annoying or when a story says bella/jasper and it turns out not to be in the end or at all. There is not enough stories where bella is bi dates a girl first and than jas. Which I don't mind. Reading stories like that either or stories or stories whrre jas/bella have a happy ending i dont like sad or no happy endings.

Also I read stories where either bella, buffy, hermione is too stubborn and batch to the point of snob and running relationship. Which kind of sucks, or ones where jasper, spike, is too much of aholes, and jerks, and either cheats or treats both of them like garbage same goes for sirius. To me I don't like storied wherd there is cheating either. I don't mind if female characters have backbone some sass, but can also be a bit submissive but not a pushover or a doormat, or a feminist or a snob. Or a slut, or male characters in stories I like who can be either bad boys dominant, bikers, mafia, cowboys, assertive, but not narcissistic, pushover, controlling, whinning, or abusive, cry baby mammas boys, jerks, or totap cheating aholes. That's not to say I don't mind Male characters who are also possessive and protective as well. But not to the part of stalkers. Though I do not mind bdsm stuff.

Characters I don't like





Sometimes peter


Sometimes Charlotte
















professor walsh






sometimes anya

sometimes tara

sometimes dru





Emmett sometimes














Peter Pettigrew

Riley biers sometimes



Agent Stahl


Katyrina crane and Andy from t.v show sleepy hollow


The source

The seer

From the og charmed

The master


From btvs

From wynonna earp his vampire wife and his ex girlfriend who is not wynonna.


Pam sometimes

From true blood

More to come later as well as characters I like soon.

Adoption Theme story ideas: for 2019 for the taking I came up with these ideas you guys can them or anyone of them. Just PM me, let me know. Including the number. Thank you. I would love to read them when you post them.

I'm asking if someone can write these I gave story ideas that have been coming to my head.

1. Bella is the daughter of the head of the irish charter. Due to rebelling against her father in Ireland, she escapes to America, comes to charming. Works as a stripper in some club. The sons come in Jax, Opie, and Tig, find an interest in her all the while rumors are going around about the irish coming to America looking for their leader's daughter. Poly pairing. All three claim and see her as their old lady don't mind sharing her, and she has feelings for them. Soul mates as well. Jax/Bella/Opie/Tig pairing

2. She is related to Juice as his sister, and lives with their mom who is married to one of the Mayans mc members.wanting to visit her brother she loves so much. Bell a contacts him. Asking of she can stay and visit him for a few weeks. She drives her Harley to charming. And meets him at teller marrow garage where he introduces her to his brothers the sons and Gemma as well clay, piny, and Bobby. Jax and Opie, find an attraction to her both want her and don't mind sharing her, as well feel that she is their old lady, and want to keep her with them. She feels a connection with them and feels that they are her soul mates. And both are hers. Jax/Bella/Opie

3rd. Bella is an adopted sister of the niners the leader found her abandoned and felt he needed to take care of her. And so he fostered and adopted her, and him and his crew treat her like family. Like his little sister or daughter in a sense. But the whole crew treats with respect and family. One night in a bar, she meets Tig, who finds her interesting, and wants to get to know her. The more him and her spend time together. He dress her as his old lady, and develops feelings for her. And not just friendship either. She has feelings for him to. Be introduces her to the sons. Who seem to like her and approve. And she later decided to introduce him to her family. Tig/bella

4. Bella is Donna's little sister, coming to visit, her big sister, and stay for a couple of months, with her big sister Donna. Her husband Opie, and their two kids. Along with opie's father Piney. Opie tells Jax he has to pick his little sister in law frok the airport. And asks Jax if he wants to be can come by later with his son, Able to see her. Because their going to have a party the next day for her coming to live with them. And him, Able, Gemma, and the others are invited. When Jax sees her. He knows she is the one that she is his old lady. After the mess up with Tara for the last time. He hopes that his heart will not be broken, but also wants a chance with Bella. When Bella sees him she knows she feels deep down something for him. And knows that he is hers. Even if there is a bad past she has run from to get here. Jax/bella

I don't like Tara, Wendy, or Agent Stall or even Clay I prefer these stories to be All human, no supernatural. Twilight/SOA. I hope this is ok to post here. Please comment and tell me which number or ideas you guys like to write and take. So I can read just let me know after you pick and write and post them. I would love to read what any of you guys take with these stories.

Also for anyone, who is interested in doing an AH Jasper/bella pairing, stories, that are mature,

Jasper is the head of the whitlock mafia he comes into a strip club with his men notices bella and wants her to become his.

Another one is SOA inspired not crossover just inspired, where jasper is similar or a little bit like Jax, Maria is his mom, he finds bella or meets bella somewhere, finds her interesting wanting her for his old lady. Have jasper say the words jax says to the guy when he messes with his bike after taking a picture before beating him up.

I also write AU Fanfics and original novels and short stories. I hope to become a published author of my original novels or short stories this year.

Note to my Fans and Followers: My stories I will either continue my stories or if not put them up for adoption. And that is if I lose interest and can't continue them as well.

Viking and His Shield: Bella moves to Bon Temps to live with her cousin Sookie and her Grandma Adele after her breakup with Edward. To get away from the memories in Forks. After she is in Bon Temps she goes to Fangtasia when she meets Eric who shows an interest in her after finding out she has a shield and fairy blood and that she is his mate...

Humanity Unchained: Prince Nuada has one last chance from the Gods of his people for humanity. In downtown Manhattan New York underground, he smells a beautiful scent of strawberries and freesia wondering which human has that smell and for his last chance to redeem himself and his people. He tracks the scent who he finds out works for Hell Boy named Bella Swan who is adopted by the Doctor who adopted Hell Boy her big brother. When He follows her home he knows that she is the one for him to redeem his humanity for himself and can save his people from the destruction he caused. All chances he has to prove to her is his love and enduring loyalty to her in order to have her as his wife. Not counting that he has his twin sister Princess Nuala as her best friend...

I will be updating my stories they are going to be off hiatus now and I will post a special Halloween Surprise story one-shot for fans of Sleepy Hollow the TV series on Halloween night.

I will also take requests if anyone sends me a message or comments in my reviews besides comment on my stories about complimenting my work and loving my stories and thanking me for writing them. I will also do any requests of any pairings except no Edward Rosalie or Alice pairing with Bella I do not like them at all paired with Bella especially Edward I am not a fan of him or Alice. and Rosalie not so much. basically anyone from the twilight universe with Bella or for crossovers anyone from Avengers to True Blood to Angel etc who can kick Edward's but and Tear him and Alice apart. So you can send me a request and I will do them as long as its not Edward, Alice, or Rosalie paired with Bella. In my reviews or by message as of right now. the first request. I think Jasper Whitlock, is better for Bella throughout any films of twilight more than her having to choose between the petty fights of Jacob and Edward in the movies. I will also out of twilight have Bella with any of the wolf pack too. my favorite pairing of her to be with is Paul. But yes if anyone sends me a request to do one with her from any of the wolf pack that is fine too. Even if its from other twilight characters like Garret or Alistair even if its femmeslash like Tanya/Bella or any of the Denali's even anyone from Twilight or crossover pairings with her.

I am going to work on this one request now and send it to my beta and then post it soon. If anyone is willing to give me requests on who should be with Bella from either twilight universe or crossover that I can do.

Twilight pairings:





Twilight Crossovers:

Twilight/Vampire Diaries


Twilight/True Blood




Upcoming New Stories in October:

Captain's New Love:

Summary: After Bella finds a portal in a forest it grabs her in and takes her to the past where she meets Steve Rogers before he became the super soldier and joined the army. What happens when she follows him when he does join the army. She joins shield before it is shield and finds an serum of immortality. Just as she watches Steve become the super soldier and captain America. All while she realizes that he has fallen in love with her and wants her to be his... Rated M for Lemons/Strong Language/Character Death/Violence/D/S. Dominate Possessive Steve Rogers with Bella

What If:

Summary: What if Two-face had a daughter and her name is Isabella Dent. What is his daughter contacts him wanting to come home and finds an interest on her first night back home with her Dad in Joker. Joker in turn finds her interesting but what happens if her Dad finds out considering the two are enemies of each other in rival gangs and operations. Will he let his little girl be with Joker or will he not and the feud will continue to go on while fighting Batman... Rated M for Lemons/Violence/Character Death/Strong Language/D/S. Dominate Possessive Joker with Bella Pairing Joker/Bella

The Vampire and His Mate:

Summary: After Spike makes a road trip through the different states he stops by in Forks Washington. Where he smells an enticing scent that may lead him to his mate. And when he finds her he will want to keep her as his... Rated M for Lemons/Strong Language/Character Deaths/Dominance/Spanking/Violence. Dominate and Possessive Spike with Bella

Iron Man's Love:

Summary: Tony Stark comes to Forks for charity event hosted by the community of Forks High School and the Mayor of the town. What happens when he meets high school student Isabella Swan in her senior year looking broken and sad. He finds her interesting and wants to be with her in a relationship knowing things can come between them that can blossom hopefully together with her. What happens when her past in the form of vampires come back from her while their in Forks together. He will have to fight to keep her by his side knowing she is his and that he is hers. When also his ex-girlfriend and assistant Pepper Potts comes back when he and Bella are in New York. He and the avengers fight against the vampires who want to claim her for their own when she is his and he will do anything to keep her by his side...Rated M for Lemons/Erotica/Violence/Character Deaths/Strong Language/Dominance/Spanking. Dominate Tony Stark with Bella

Married To The Salvatore Brothers:

Summary: After waking up from a hangover between two naked men and being naked herself. Bella sees she has two wedding rings on her fingers followed by an engagement ring. When she finds out she is married to both men. She questions things including when she hears them tell her their names are Stefan and Damon Salvatore and their brothers as well their vampires and she is their mate and wife. Things change when her past comes calling back to her and it takes her two husbands to straighten things out and protect her from harm along with their friends... Rated M for explicit sex scenes/ threesome/Erotica/Explicit language/Character Deaths/Violence/Dominance/Spanking. Dominate and Possessive Stefan and Damon with Bella

Halloween Surprise:

Summary: Halloween Night Ichabod Crane joins the festive party with his friends and his girlfriend and partner in crime Lt. Abbie Mills. What happens when he finds out more treats about the Holiday Occasion that can make him a happy man when his girlfriend brings him a surprise... Rated Mature, Sex scene, Kissing, Non-Canon Relationship One-shot

An Vampire, Hybrid, and their Mate:

Summary: After Bella moves to Shreveport Louisiana she meets two pale men named Godric and Warlow. What happens when she finds out that she is their mate all the while looking to forget her past and when it comes back to haunt her she will have a fight on her hands with her two mates by her side. Rated M for Lemons/Violence/Character Death/Strong Language/D/S Dominate Possessive Warlow and Godric with Bella

Brady's Imprint:

Summary: After Bella moves back to Forks she meets up with her childhood friends Embry, Quill, and Jake in La Push. When she meets one of the youngest wolves Brady. Things change when he imprints on her and having her as his imprint is going to be hell but considering the age difference between her and him things work. What happens when Cold Ones smell her blood and want her for their own. Brady will do whatever it takes to protect his imprint along with the rest of the pack against the vampires who want to fight to have her as theirs. Rated M Lemons etc. Pairing Bella/Brady

Immortality at Night:

Summary: After Warlow arrives in the human realm from being exiled to the dark realm. He meets a heart shaped face pale skin mahagoney brown haired doe eyed brown teenage girl by the name of Bella who moves to Bon Temps to escape from her past and is living with her Godfather Eric and his child Pam. Who take care of her and see to her human needs. What happens when she first meets Warlow who has an interest in her and wants her as his and for his wife and mate... Will Eric and Pam let her be with him or will she not be with him at all especially after her past comes back to find her and both have to protect her from them. Rated M for Lemons/Violence/Character Death/Strong Language/D/S. Dominate Possessive Warlow with Bella

Adrian's Love:

Summary: Bella is at St. Vladimir's Academy to take a tour before she has to move into the Academy and go to school. She meets Adrian Ivashkov who upon first meeting her finds her interesting knowing she is like no other girl he has met and wants her as his... Rated Explicit for Explicit Language, Explicit Sex Scenes, Erotica, Canon-typical Violence, Character Death, Dominance, Spanking, Non-Canon Relationship

Sam's Hope:

Summary: Sam has hardships in his life from growing up without a Father to being a leader and Alpha of a pack. What happens one day when he imprints on chief's Swan's daughter Isabella just after she appears in Forks who has a secret of her own he wants to find out and not only because she will be his mate and imprint but to keep her by his side... Rated M for Lemons/Erotica/Canon-typical Violence/Strong Language/Character Death/Dominance/Spanking Non-Canon Relationship Dominate Possessive Sam

Stefan's Love:

Summary: After Bella moves comes to Mystic Falls she meets Stefan Salvatore who shows an interest in her with being a new girl in the town and all. With wanting to show her around town he brings her back to his home to spend time with her and wants her as his including being his girlfriend. What happens when Damon comes back from being away and sees Stefan having a new love in his life and wants to take her for himself. Stefan will have to fight to keep his love Isabella by his side in order to protect her from Damon and other vampires who will want her for themselves. Rated M for Lemons/Strong/Language/Violence/Character Death/D/S. Dominate Possessive Stefan with Bella

Daughter of the Pumpkin King:

Summary: After Jack and Sally find a human little girl name Bella in their town in the forest, they bring her to their home and adopt her with the good doctor's help. But what happens one night when she goes to the human world and meets Jasper Whitlock who knows she is his mate and wants to keep her by his side. Rated Explicit for Explicit Sexual Content/Explicit Language/Dominance/Spanking/Character Deaths/Canon-typical violence/Non-canon Relationship

Damon's Daughter:

Summary: After her break up with Edward in the forest Bella wants to go back home to her Father Damon and Uncle Stefan. Knowing she has two mates in Jasper Whitlock, and later Jeremy Gilbert. She wonders what she is going to do when her Father finds out about them and is being overprotective of her will he let her be with them despite her past coming back for her or not... Rated M for lemons/violence/character deaths/dominance/spanking/strong language/non-canon relationship j/b/j pairing

Damon's Mate: Damon protects his girl from people who want to harm her. Rated M for Lemons/Strong Language/Violence/Gore/Character Deaths, Pairing: Damon/Bella three-shot warning: Dark Damon

November Stories:

Unknown title: Bella/peter/Garrett story will post a summary on here soon for it.

Another Unknown title: Bella/Quill story will be posting a summary here soon

Bella's Soul Mate: Bella Swan dreams of her soul mate one day who can be with her since Edward left her broken in Forks in the forest. She has been clinging onto the mysterious soul mate in her dreams. What happens when her soul mate is an avenger named Thor who he has dreamed of her too and wants to find out where she is and be with her for forever even if she has trouble by other vampires who are after her... Rated M for Explicit Sexual Content, Explicit Language, Graphic descriptions of Violence, Canonical Character Death, Dominance, Spanking. Dominate Possessive Thor with Bella

Bella and her two Mates: After coming to Mystic Falls to stay in her family's home. Bella meets Damon Salvatore and his brother Stefan with their friends. What happens when she feels a pull to Damon while also having feelings and a pull to Jasper Whitlock when he comes back for her and wants to be with her. Will she be able to control her lustful feelings around both men when they know she is their mate. Rated Explicit for Explicit Sexual content, Explicit Language, Violence, Character Deaths, Dominance/Spanking/Non-canon Relationship, Dominate Possessive Damon and Jasper with Bella. Threesome Pairing: D/B/J

The Major, A King, and their Mate: After Bella arrives in Vultorra Italy to plead her case to the Vultori she attracts the attention of the white blonde haired king Cauis who upon first meeting her realizes she is his mate. But what happens when Jasper is her mate as well. Things change when she realizes she has two dominate mates for her that she has to obey them. What happens when Edward and the other Cullens appear and want her back with them will things change or will something happen for her to be turned by her two mates to be in eternity with them forever... Rated M for Threesome Lemons/Violence/Character Deaths/Strong Language/D/S. Dominate and Possessive Caius and Jasper with Bella

Time Traveler In Love:

After falling through a portal into another world Bella comes upon a man with a sword by his and armor plates on him. Wondering who he is and who his men are. What happens when Sephiroth the half angel wing man and leader of the army with his friends and comrades Genesis and Angeal who work for him will have to save her when she is in trouble after being captured by Dr. Hojo. Will he save her in time and express his feelings for her. Rated M for Violence/Character Death/Strong Language/Lemons/D/S Dominate Possessive Sephiroth with Bella

Hulk's Love: Bella comes to Forks looking for work and a fresh start what happens when she bumps into an older man who is a scientist with a bad temper. Bruce upon first meeting Bella finds her interesting what happens when he invites her to stay with him at avengers headquarters and she and him become a couple later on while she watches him save innocents from danger in a battle against an enemy named Loki. Bruce will do anything to protect her including making sure she is safe from harm that Loki will want to do to her unleashing the wrath of the Hulk and making sure everyone knows she is his to keep...

A Dog Demon's Love: Bella Swan heads on a flight to visit her Penpal Kagome Higurashi. After she arrives she travels down the well with her best friend and Penpal Kagome. Leading to an encounter from Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru in battle while traveling with Kagome and her friends. What happens when the full dog demon Sesshoumaru senses she is his mate just by the smell of her blood and wants to keep her for himself.

Fandrel's Love: After arriving in Asgard as Hemdall's ward. Isabella Swan knows she will want to make a difference and make Hemdall proud of her. What happens if she falls in love with the womanizer Fandrel. Who upon meeting her finds her interesting with wanting to have her as his love for forever and more including keeping her by his side. Will it happen or will her past come back to haunt her and leave her depressed. All the while she faces in battle against the frost giants who want to take over Asguard. Rated M for Lemons/Violence/Character Death/Strong Language/D/S, Dominate Possessive Fandrel with Bella.

Loki's Love: After coming down to earth through the portal having the Tesseract as part of his spear. Loki escapes from the Avengers after trying to rule over humans. Finding a place in Forks he hears Edward and Bella talking in the forest. What happens when he falls in love with her. She has to save him from the other Avengers. What will Bella do after she frees him when he has to go back home to Asgard. She goes with him hoping that he does not become imprisoned and be away from her forever... Rated M for Lemons/Violence/Character Death/Strong Language/D/S Dominate Possessive Loki with Bella

Dimitri's Mate:

After Bella arrives at St. Vladimir's Academy in Montana she meets a dhampire Strigoi named Dimitri Belikov who just by her scent alone realizes she is his and wants to keep her by his side... Rated Explicit for Explicit Sexual Content, Canon-typical Violence, Explicit Language, Character Deaths, Dominance, Spanking, Non-Canon Relationship

Married to the Whitlock Brothers: Summary will appear soon. J/B/P pairing

Drax's Love: After joining the team Drax feels lonely after seeing one more moment between Gamora and Peter he knows he wants someone for himself. What happens when he finds love in a terron girl by the name if Lina Harrow he knows there must be something he sees in her that he just cannot get enough of. But will he get his happiness with her or will something happen when someone tries to take her from him. Rated M for Violence/Character Deaths/Strong Language/Lemons in later chapters

Love from A Starlord:

After the war with Ronan happened and him being destroyed along with his army. He finds out there is one more daughter who is adopted by Thanos but kept hidden and is Terron and comes from the planet she was abducted from. He is curious about who this daughter is that is captured and hidden in space. Things change once Thanos finds out his youngest daughter is taken from his home by a half Terron human male known as Peter Quill Starlord. He will do anything to get her back from him including raising an army just to fight to keep her and her powers back home with him. What happens when she wakes up while on Starlord's ship and sees Peter for the first time and feels a connection to him things happen and change big for her when she develops feelings and feels a pull deep enough be with him forever despite her adopted Father's beliefs and what he wants from her while she was in his care... Rated M for Lemons/Violence/Character Deaths/Strong Language Note: takes place after the first guardians of the galaxy battle happened and whatever in twilight did not happened because Bella was taken before she met Edward and the other Cullens so she never knew them or the Wolf pack.

Thanksgiving Kiss: A Sleepy Hollow TV shows Non-Canon Pairing Abbie Mills/Ichabod Crane Summary will appear soon.

December Stories:

Doyle's Sister: After hearing news that his little half sister Bella is coming to town to visit him he knows he will have to protect her as a big brother should from anyone wanting to pursue her. But what happens when Angel his boss falls in love with his little sister Bella and wants to be with her. When he knows she is a different demon than him that his boss does not know about. Will he let him be with her or will it be no good for him to have Angel be with her after all when he tells him what kind of Demon she is...

Angel's Best Friend: Angel is waiting for his best friend from Forks Isabella Swan to come visit him understanding that she is the only human he knows who he trusts a lot with his history who won't kill him. He treats her as his litle sister when she has been there for him a lot as he has her. What happens when she arrives and his half demon friend and mentor Doyle who has visions falls in love with his best friend and little sister Bella. What will he do will he keep her from Doyle in order to protect her and make sure her heart's not broken from him or will he approve of Doyle being with her and letting her be in a relationship after all...

Loving A Demon: Bella Swan is friends of the charmed ones and is a witch herself. She has feelings for the demon Cole Turner. What happens if Cole's enemies come after her and he has to save her from them all the while falling in love. Having help from the Charmed ones... Rated me for Lemons/Violence/Character Death/Strong Language/D/S Dominate Possessive Cole with Bella

Once Upon A Twilight: After Bella moves to storybrooke she does not realize that she is Belle from the past. But when she walks into Mr. Gold's shop who immediatlely recognizes her as Bell things change when he shows an interest in her and wants her as his to keep her by his side for eternity. Will she fall for him and have him be in her life or will they both be separated forever... Rated M for Lemons/Violence/Strong Language/D/S. Dominate Possessive Mr. Gold with Bella

Little Sister Salvatore: Being the little sister to Stefan and Damon has its perks but otherwise is a pain in the butt. After moving back home to live with her older brothers. After the break up with Edward and feeling a pull to Jasper realizing he is her mate. Her brothers find out about what has happened to her and how she has been emotionally abused by Edward and Alice. What happens when Jasper finds out she is his mate.

Protecting Bella: Bella Salvatore little sister to Zach Salvatore and niece to Damon and Stefan. Comes back home to Mystic Falls to live with her uncles and attend the funeral of her older brother. She misses her uncles and feels a pull to Mystic Falls. She meets a boy named Jeremy Gilbert.

Unknown Title:Bella Swan/Winter Soldier/Bucky Pairing Summary will come soon

Mistletoe Kiss: A Christmas Eve one shot pairing of Abbie Mills/Ichabod Crane. Summary will appear soon.

Christmas Event:

A Christmas Day Abbie Mills/Ichabod Crane One-shot Summary will appear soon.

New year's Eve Moment: A New Year's Eve Kiss happens between Abbie and her partner Ichabod Crane.

January Stories:

New Year's Day Moment:

Abbie celebrates the new year with friends' family, and her boyfriend and partner In crime.

Note: If anyone does not like my story i just posted than do not read. I am sick and tired of anyone bad mouthing my writing, and how i write my stories. I worked hard on Damon's Mate. I understand helpful reviews i will try not to repeat words in the second chapter. This Story that i posted is a three-shot. I wrote it for my fans and not for anyone who hates me or the way i write my stories. If you do not like my stories they quit reading them and fuck off. I do not need anymore threats nor bad mouthing my writing of the way i wrote my story using past tense. If you have a problem with me than get the Fuck off my profile and quit reading my story or the other ones posted.

2016 story ideas

Sleepy Hollow/Twilight, ichabbie, Jasper/bella with Ichabod and Abbie as Bella 's parents, with her being biracial, and having a half brother in Jeremy Crane aka horseman of war. It's AU M .

Tvd /twilight/btvs crossover: summary will appear soon pairing spike/bella/Jasper Damon/Rebecca Stephan/Elena etc. AU Mature

Sleepy hollow/twilight crossover: Nick holloway/Bella Ichabod/Abbie Joe/Jenny AU MA

Guardians of the galaxy/twilight crossover: Thanos Wife: Bella/Thanos Gamora/Peter Nebula/Original male character summary soon.

Blade/Twilight crossover: Deacon Frost/Bella summary soon.

Blade/twilight: Blade/Bella

Blade/twilight: Hannibal King/Bella

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Twilight - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 42,071 - Reviews: 502 - Favs: 549 - Follows: 558 - Updated: 8/1 - Published: 5/30 - [Bella, Jasper] [Charlotte, Peter] - Complete
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Damon's Mate reviews
Summary: Damon protects his girl from people who want to harm her. Rated M for Lemons/Strong Language/Violence/Gore/Character Deaths, Pairing: Damon/Bella Warning: Dark Damon
Crossover - Twilight & Vampire Diaries - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,407 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 84 - Follows: 85 - Published: 12/8/2014 - [Bella, Damon S.]
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