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Dear Loyal Reader,

Greetings From JMD Nelson

For those who want to know a little bit about me, I'm a wannabe cartoonist, B-Movie fan and

Horror Novelist. I'm also working on a Children's Dinosaur Book that's been a lifelong dream

of mine. I also used to write stories for this site but I didn't know what I was doing. I'm glad

the older stories I wrote aren't on this site anymore, it was kind of embarrassing to see how

little story structure I had back then. But I'm a much better writer now than I was back then.

The older stories I wrote were published within 2003-ish. Glad No one really read them. They


I'm always in my own little world, creating new concepts and ideas for stories. I think it's

extremely healthy to stay as mentally active as I am. Creating things is something we all have

the gift to do. We're all on this site to share our creativity without judgment or mockery. We all

have the gift of creativity in us, so let us use it well. More importantly, let's have fun with it!

PM Me If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns About Anything! (And I'll Get You Right Back!)

Or just simply load up a story and enjoy! I'll do my best to spin something great for y'all!

Good job everyone, and keep writing!

Sincerely, JMD Nelson

P.S. Somebody on This Site Thinks You're Awesome!!

Upcoming Projects:

Orphan 3: The Glory of Love (Kate Coleman is Back!! The Chase is On To Catch Leena Klammer... Dead or Alive!! )

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