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((Most of my fics are under revision to get some cleanup work done. As I am a typo-troublemaker. I have typos no matter how many times I go back and correct. But I try. Thank you for visiting my page))

About Me:

I'm a 24 year old college student working on two degrees for the time being. I work when I'm not going to class and when I'm not doing school or work.

I'm a simple girl who just likes to get her daily fix of reading.

Hmm, well I've been reading fanfiction since the earliest years of middle school and I had only began dipping my toes as far as to write it in seventh grade. My writing was atrocious then as I barely had written anything before.

Man, it’s been almost ten years or more since then. Yes, my writing has improved since I was younger and much of my work still needs to be edited.

Where do I want to be in ten years? Graduated with my degrees and possibly living in New York or in New Jersey with an easy commute to New York. I want to be set up and established in a PublishingCompany up there, successful in my career.

Below is a list of what I read, write or will possibly look into. This will include pairings and favorite characters in general


A bunch of these I drift back and forth to. Simply because I favorite the unappreciated characters and the weird pairings.

Naruto (I haven't watched this past the Chuunin exams, so I don't know a lot of stuff that happens other than on the wiki pages. However, I feel like things should have been a lot different. Of course, I don't own the show, so it wasn't my choice. I am fiddling with an idea of writing a fic that is a basic rewrite of the show. Like, if everyone was in different teams. I love Ino-Shi-Cho, don't get me wrong. That team fucking rocks. However, I feel that team placements for certain teams would have been way better in the long run. Plus, the teachers. I loved Asuma, but he couldn't really help Ino a whole lot... Not that he wasn't damn good or anything, but when it came to her areas of a Kunoichi, he was lacking in that field. And Hinata! Poor girl. She didn't get to be pushed out of her shell. She had Kiba, sure, but I felt that her confidence would have gone up around certain other people and been forced to be team leader. Kurenai was still perfect for her. And Kakashi, I love that man, but he was an idiot...just a bit. I get that he was the best to teach Sasuke with his Sharigan, but he let that idiot boy practically walk all over him. Doesn't help that he had like survivors guilt with the Obito stuff. So he felt like he owed his old team mate. Sasuke needed bitch slapping at a young age. No, it's not all his fault, but the mental does no one see that? Oh, let's not forget that the village pretty much kissed his butt and let him live alone in the flipping clan compound by himself. Honestly, should have torched the place and put him to live with someone. Possibly would have helped the mental healing. Or at least someone would have figured he was a deranged pyscho.

Anyways, just a few thoughts on the show. And the fact that the main characters... pretty much boring. The secondary characters are a hell of a lot more interesting in my opinion. Hello! Shino! Man has bugs under his skin! He's pretty fricking powerful with chakra eating bugs! Or what about Lee!!! Where the hell is that kid's parents? Tenten! She's like a super wicked bitch who outmasters all of us in weapons! Ino! She reads minds, talks to people with telepathy!

Just a few thoughts. I get far more interested about the rest of the others instead of our mains. Naruto is interesting and cool, don't get me wrong. I just... don't have much interest in the mains since it's getting pretty flipping predictable. And yes, I haven't watched the show, but no lie. I read stuff, said something will go one way in the show. My friend, who actually watches it, said I was right. Maybe if I'm wrong, I'll come back and watch it.

Okay, rant over.)

(Ino is my favorite character from Naruto. I adore well written fics about her. However, I fall in love with well written fics of her and one of the guys I could see her being with. A lot of people prefer her with Sasuke (Personally think he needs to just die...), Shika (I think they're like siblings), Chouji(See Shika...) and Naruto (I don't mind that pairing if people make it work). I see a lot of InoxKiba too, but again, like Naruto... it depends on how it is wrote. But otherwise, I like Ino with the guys listed as her pairings prefered to read. Simple, she's kick ass awesome and her personality compliments these guys greatly. However, I don't just read fics for pairings and favorite them. It depends if the author writes them as in character as possible. Ino does want to be strong and such, but I don't think she considers herself the weakest amongst her friends. She's got a lot of confidence. Do I think she doubts herself sometimes? Yeah, who doesn't? However, if you've read the manga, she's pretty fucking nifty for a village to have. She uses telepathy to teach so many people a, duh. Again, she's awesome. Not only that, she trains under Tsunadae and Ibiki...while working at her parents flower shop. She's hard working and dedicated... damn. I also like her with a number of Akatsuki guys. Well, not a number, just two. Not Deidara, because honestly, I almost began to think they were related despite the fact someone probably just got lazy and gave them similar front hairstyles.)

InoxGaara (I dunno why. But from the moment he was introduced... I wanted them to be together. I said I root for underappreciated characters and weird pairings. You were warned.)

InoxShino (He is quiet and smart. People tend to overlook him, yet I feel like this is a predator. He's hiding under a hell of a lot of layers of clothes... And the glasses? I feel like he'll have some creepy predator eyes. Okay, not creepy, but eyes that will likely get him his own shrine of fan-girls. And, flowers and bugs... Plus, aside from Hinata and Kurenai, this is the only other person I see with him. The one mission with Anko and Naruto. Then the Shinobi War Arc. Maybe I'm just looking for reasons, but other pairings have been based on less and have worked out to happen. -Coughs-BulmaVegeta-Coughs-.)

InoxKakashi (I'm not a huge fan of the teacher and student thing going on. But, technically, he isn't her sensei. Asuma was. And again, with the guys from above, Ino is an open-minded beauty that I can see easily wiggling past most of his walls without trying. Yes, she has her haughty and bossy ways, but she usually does those out of love... and he's one of the laziest men around. She bossed her team mates into action... why not him?)

InoxItachi (A guilty pleasure... I know of only one Sakura I adore with any Itachi pairing and that's just my wifey.)

InoxHidan (I dunno. Just a guilty pleasure. Though, people would have to get creative with this since... He did help in killing Asuma and I don' see her letting that go for romantic feelings.)

(Sakura is not my most favorite on the show. She seems to have no major character developments. She gets trained by Tsunadae, can smash walls and heal. Not saying she's not impressive on her own. I'm just saying, as a lead female character, she just doesn't seem to have any major character development. I do like fanfics that write out her major character development. But like anyone, even with Ino, don't make her super all powerful. No one likes those. It just gets annoying. I have read fics that make her an awesome chick. I have liked her with the guys below in these fics. Yes, no Sasuke... because I hate his guts. No Naruto because, I like the guy, but she strings him along. So when character development happens, I'd like to think she wouldn't. So, NaruSaku is okay depending on how one writes it.)








(Tenten is a favorite as well. She doesn't get a lot of screen time though, or a lot of time in the manga. Yet, she seems like an awesome chick. A weapon specialist mistress from a young age. Not to mention... she has to be pretty damn solid from being on what team she was. I mean, Neji and Lee...with Gai. 'Nough said. However, she is very mature and is there for her friends (Which, I always get confused when people write any of the girls as if they don't like each other. They seem close to me...). So I don't like her, really, with any of the younger guys. The ones I like her with are on her team, excluding Gai. And Yamato. Don't ask me why. I just do.)







(Hinata, another favorite. Her stuttering had pissed me off all the damn time. However, as we saw a bit more of her and her home life, I was into this girl like white on rice. Not like Ino or Tenten, but close. Hinata is a shy little caterpillar who will evolve into a beautiful butterfly. Well, lets face it, with a family like the Hyuuga wonder she has inferiority issues. But I feel she is getting better and growing into her own. Pretty much putting up the double birds to tell her clan to screw themselves because she far surpassed their thoughts of her.)

HinataxSasuke (I'm usually up for him dying. However, if he ends with Hinata, I'm somewhat okay with it.)

HinataxNaruto (She has been in love with that boy for forever. However, if he never realizes it... It's his damn fault when someone else realizes what a catch she is.)

HinataxIruka (This is the one exception to my rule on teacherxstudent. It just is.)





(Temari, I like her. We don't see her much, however. We do know she's Gaara's sister and seems to be a delegate between Suna and Konoha. Which is pretty sweet! Plus, I can't help but like her and Shika. It's like her and Ino are cousins, but Ino is the best friend/sister and Temari was meant to be his woman. So, thats why she's just with Shika... )


Other characters or pairings of this fandom, I don't have much a preference for other than ChoujixAyame (Ramen stand owner's daughter). I dunno why, just do. So anyways, other pairings I can be open to or against depending on the situation or how the fic is written.

Sailor Moon (My first real anime. Ahh, the memories. I began watching this in elementry. I had perfect vision until this show. Then I decided to get up close and watch the T.V. since my little brothers did the same when their shows come on. I wear my glasses with pride now.

I didn't realize the difference between original and dub at the time. But before realizing it was dub, I realized that half the girls were lesbo... at age seven. Oh, and they tried to pull off the legit lesbian couple as cousins. So they made it worse and made them kissing cousins. I didn't mind the lesbo stuff, not one myself, but still. They just made it stupid in the end.

So, I have a preference for the manga version instead. I just do. Oh, and the hinted yuri pairings too.)

Yu Yu Hakusho (My second favorite anime. Dude, I fell pretty damn hard. I just never understood why everyone thought Kurama and Hiei were gay. It was specifically stated that they were both Heterosexual. Sure, Kurama is pretty than most girls, but most girls, for whatever reason, seem to like that. Oh, and I'm pretty hardcore with some of the pairings. As in, I hardly deviate from wanted or liking other pairings other than the ones below. If it is a crack pairing, write it well and I will read and like it. However, many people will probably tell me Hiei and Botan don't belong... Yet they remind me so much of -cough-BulmaVegeta-cough-. And the creator even stated that he kind of left hints for either pairing, but never stated it for the show to let the fans decide. Well, dammit. You shouldn't have. Either way, leaves enough room for anything to happen either way.)








Dragon Ball Z (This was my childhood. You have no idea. It was my LIFE. As in, before Sailormoon or Yuyu...this was it. And like Yu Yu Hakusho, I'm hardcore on pairings I accept and don't accept. Crossovers, again, I'm picky, but this is straight from just the one show alone.)














(If you can't tell, I'm more lenient with the next generation)





I love other sections of this site. No, I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do I'm usually going through those sections.







Power Rangers (This was a favorite when I was a kid, don't judge me.)





















Buffy The Vampire Slayer



Once Upon a Time

Ashley/CinderellaxSean/Prince Thomas

Mary M./Snow WhitexDavid/Prince Charming

Captain HookxEmma

Mad HatterxEmma


Vampire DiariesI had only sat down and enjoyed it towards the end of the third season. Most of it annoyed me (Sorry Elena and Salvatore Brother fans) with the whole back and forth thing, but the moment between Klaus and Caroline at the end of 3.11... I began tearing up and was instantly for them, even knowing he had Tyler bite her and so forth with how he hurt everyone, but he truly seemed so human, so heartfelt in that scene that I was so for it. I then began watching more episodes and even went back to season one. I fell for the Originals clan because they are complex characters. People try to do the whole black and white, good vs. evil, but they're just like a family. Are they psychotic? Yes, very much so. Are they manipulative? Yep. But can we really say none of us would be if we were walking/in coffins for a thousand years of existence? Not to mention with a father bent on killing all of you and with obvious past abuse on making his kids feel like they are worthless, as we saw when Mikael and Klaus confronted each other. I could probably go on forever about how the Originals are no different from a regular person, kill to protect yourself and your family or just be so pure hearted and go ahead and let someone kill you and your family to not be seen as a threat? Um, I'd kill for my life and my family if someone was bent on trying to kill me. Yes, Elena has her reasons and I do feel for her, especially with how she is the doppelganger. But, when it comes to the girls in the show, Bonnie, Caroline and Rebekah are the ones I have soft spots for. Bonnie and Caroline are afterthoughts in the scheme of things. They're used...and I mean used in plots, for spells and I feel they deserve their own badass vampire boys to make them feel like they matter to someone. That they are not just afterthoughts. The same for Rebekah. She is a thousand old vampire in a teenager body. She wants acceptance and love and she would do anything for her brothers. Yes, she gets mad and stabs her brothers, but she forgives them and will protect her family. Her vulnerabilities are used against her, her desire for love and acceptance, and it makes me just want to hold her and let her have a good cry. Sure, I might end up being bitch slapped, but a girl needs her defenses...And yikes, I went into overdrive to explain my feelings of who I really watch the show for (Because the love triangle shit between S/E/D is getting so old I want to shake her and tell her to let them go and run away with Elijah or pick one and just stop.

KlausxCaroline (Like I explained to why I suddenly began watching the show was because I saw a Prince Charming within the Beast. He shows a bit of his lighter side to her and in the scene between them at the end of 3.11, I fell in love with them and I busted out crying at the beautiful speech and scene between them. And yes, I am so hoping for them in season 4. I don't really like Tyler. When I first saw him he was trying to get Caroline to do a threesome. I'm sure he cares for her, but more in the line of a young love that is not a forever love. In my mind, no matter how the show may go, they are End Game for me. If the show does go for it, I'll be a devoted follower, if not I've got other lovers of the couple here.)

KolxBonnie (Um, let’s just say fanfiction has made me fall for this couple. Yes, I know they are not canon and will never be, but like Klaroline, I can't see anyone else challenging and bringing the spark that is Bonnie to life unlike a fun and witty Original Vampire that has mischief all over him. So in my mind, they are End Game, no matter how the show may go.)

ElijahxElena (I mentioned this before but I would not mind Elena leaving both brothers to run off and be with Elijah. He's got a bit of both worlds of Stefan and Damon. He is calm and thoughtful, but is dangerous and if he let go of that control a bit I could easily see him as a passionate man that only a few will ever get a glimpse of. He is passionate about his family, from what I can observe. And I won't lie and say I'm not growing tired with the constant angst between her and the Salvy-brothers. What is the term? If you truly love someone, let them go. And with how this seems to go...I'm not really sure it's all love despite both brothers intent to push Elena off on one or the other and yet coming back to fight for her again. It feels more like two dogs fighting over a bone...So yeah, if you can't tell, I like our girls with Originals.)

Rebekahx... (I'm a lover of Bekah. No homo or anything, but I have a major soft spot for that girl. She is constantly thrown around in everyone’s games, even her brothers. So, depending on the fic and how they pull off the pairing, I can see her with Stefan, Damon, Jeremy and Matt)

FinnxSage (I can't say I fell for Finn since he died like two episodes in after being introduced. But, Sage was a fun girl and when the episode showed of her love for Finn, I felt for those two. I mean, she searched 900 years to be with him, to have their love once more just to die later that night after being reunited. And they were totally End Game for sure, they just ended up dead together in the end. Romantic if you forget some of the issues that were going on around their death.)


In the books section, I can't say I do a lot of reading in that section other than a few because most of my reading material doesn't seem to be in there or is just now showing up.

Harry Potter (I loved the series but I thought a few things and certain pairings were just way off. But then again, it was her books and if I want a certain pairing...that's what I have this site for!)

HarryxPansy (I think that's the only pairing I like with Harry. I got a thing for the Slytherins and our good guys ending up together.)

DracoxGinny (Look above; it's pretty much the same thing.)

BlaisexLuna (I am in LOVE with this pairing. I fall in love with anyone who writes this pair, not making them just play a bit part, and writes them well. What I mean by well is keeping Luna and Blaise as in character as possible. Luna, we all know, is Luna. Blaise, we don't know much besides he is Italian, sexy as hell and sleeps around as the resident man-whore but can be cold and mocking in a sportingly fun way. The author, Echo, who wrote I Never Felt Your Fear, I think that's how he would be.)

DracoxLuna (I love Luna, she's my favorite character. I can see her and Draco, for some reason. May have to do with a few fics I am reading lately but I like them.)

Tom Riddle Jr.xLuna (I think they would have oddly fit. He reminds me of a very...depressed and demonic Blaise (This is in my own mind, so bear with me) and I think if Luna went back in time and met him and they fell in love (I can honestly see that, truly) then things might not have happened the way they did.)

GeorgexLuna (I'm just going to say that he's not a usual boy and I don't think he'd be into the usual. Plus, I love these two. Just about as much as I love Blaise/Luna.)

CharliexCho (I don't read Charlie or Cho that much, but for some reason I can just see it.)

CharliexKatie (Same reason as the above one.)

FredxCho (This is actually a pairing I have in one of my fics(I have not posted it) before the final book came out. I think they would work if Cho loosened up a little and was not still stuck on her dead boyfriend. I mean that she will have a personality, a humorous one too.)

BillxFleur (She loved him even after he became part wolf man! I didn't see what the problem was with her, even when Molly and Ginny seemed to dislike her.)

Protector of the Small


Mass Effect

GarrusxFemShep (I wanted him in the first game, but cried when My Shep couldn't have him. Now, he's all mine in the second... I just can't imagine any other.)

ThanexKelly (I did not like Thane as an option for Femshep. I like him, but those two together do not spell sexy for me. I like Kelly. She's fun and is very intuitive. She can be girly and most think she's just a sexual deviant (which might be true but I think she's just open to experience new things) and make her the butt of jokes. I think she'd make him loosen up. She's a psychiatrist, so I do think she'd have a deeper understanding of him. But I think Thane needs someone who makes life not so serious. I just love 'em ok?)

JokerxEDI (I'm a freak, but I love them. EDI certainly seems more real and life-like then half the crew. She and Joker just click in my mind)

TalixLegion (The Geth are evolving and I think there might be something to the pairing. I just can see it, especially in a Romeo and Juliet way...without the dying I hope. And there might never be sex...but hey, Salarians don't either!!!)

MordinxSamara (I think it's hot. Salarians and Asari have been mates. Just go to Illium where you buy fish and that one Salarian is talking to his step-daughter. These two do what they need, even if others find it morally wrong)

MirandaxJacob (They so still want each other. No matter what they say)

GruntxJack (She's powerful and not nice...Krogan like that. She certainly won't want someone she could easily take down...two bad right to me)

Update 12/28/12

I haven't really been on much. One, because it is the holidays...and I count like a day or two after New Years as part of the holidays. I am fixing up chapters as well as writing up some one-shots and chapters, both old and new. I just seem to have trouble focusing, which is part of why I haven't been around. As I mentioned last update, if I do start writing it might just be a few chapters ahead so I don't fall so miserably behind.

Well, that seems to be the end of my little rant. Honestly, this page had been empty for years until recently. So yes, thank you for reading my profile and my profile stories. Many are in need of re-editing as I often seem to write very late at night. And when inspiration hits, I tend to think faster than I can type. Eh, don't sue me for it. I have claimed no ownership of any show, character that I did not make and so forth.

Update 7/12/2013

I apologize to everyone. A bunch of things happened and I pretty much wasn't able to get on. First, computer is in the shop. Second, there is no internet at my place as of now. So those whom I was reading/betaing for, I apologize. It all happened suddenly. But now, I have been able to get to the library a lot more since I'm between jobs for now. Thank you for your patience and I can't wait to read and write again!

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