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Hiii!! My name's Jiao, nice to meet ya!! Ack, I'm being to giddy. Must be all that sugar...Sorry. Anyway, I'm your average 14 year old girl
from sunny California.
Red/brown hair, honey-colored eyes, petite, you get the picture. Anyway, here's a little more about me! (That is, if someone's actually reading this. I won't blame ya if you aren't!)

Fave Anime: Inu-Yasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Shaman King, One Piece, Naruto, Yu-Yu Hakusho,
Gundam Wing, etc. Ocasionally, I also get in the mood for some
DBZ and Zoids. (I'm a weird, moody girl, lol)

Fave books: Little Women (n_n),
You Can Never Go Home Again, Among the Hidden, all of Stephen King's, etc. (The list is tooo long... I read a lot! XD)

Fave Movies: Scary Movies (all 3), A Walk to Remember, Spirited Away, and all of the scary movies there are. (O_o;)

Is that all? Yes, I think that's it. At least, that's all
I'm willing to tell. BWAHAHAHA!
...n_n; I'm creepy. ¬¬; Stupid
delicious sugar-coated, unhealthy foods...(AKA: soda,
& candy) Enough, ranting!
I'll leave you now, my faithful
minions! It is time for I, your
queen, to take her medicine...
*grumbles* As if I need it... >_< Well, ta-ta! ;)

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