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Hey all!

Kairi21 here. I've been dead for a relatively long time it seems (a few years?) and I would thus like to take this opportunity to apologize to all my readers (be there any) and subscribers for the extended absence. I'm now much older (and hopefully wiser) than I was back when I first joined the site and I am looking forward to resuming my ventures into the creative world of fanfiction writing. I have graduated from college and am currently unemployed( EDIT: I've got a job now... erm hurrah?!) but trying hard to find a job ( Really I am), so the lack of school work does not at all mean I am going to be any faster in updates. Just that I am going to be much more constant with posting now.

Right then, I'd like to inform everyone that I have no intentions of resuming any one of my old chaptered works at all. They are officially discontinued.

However, I have opted not to take them down from the site as a reminder of how horrendous I used to write.

I am however, planning to build upon a few old ideas and release a revamped (and slightly altered) version of my old Threads of Fate fanfic: I'm Just a Kid (wow did I name that thing?!) so please do watch out for that.

Also, a number of one shots may interrupt the flow of the aforementioned incoming chaptered story so as to break the monotony of my writing (since I tend to get tired of something too much. I have recently learned that it's normal to get a burn out that way).

With that said, please enjoy my latest Threads of Fate story: Time's Up

'til my next update.


additional info:

Occupation: Let's just say I work in an office now and have even less time to pour all of my devotion on my stories (so it doesn't necessarily mean I've abandoned a fic, well the newer ones at least, even if I haven't updated in months.)

UDPATE 09-22-11:
Just quit my old job and found the notebook I wrote the next chapter for my Threads of Fate story in (yes, I write my stuff on paper first. I'm just old-school that way lulz~). I hope to get back on track and follow through with updates soon. If I've still got some readers out there, I apologize sincerely for the frustration reading my incomplete story brings. OTL

Likes: Annoying the heck outta my friends, slacking off, writing fanfiction, reading fanfiction (or fiction in general), Naruto-chan, SasuNaru, RPG games, watching TV, listening to music... Oh and readers who review ~ttebayo! ^_~

Dislikes: B-O-R-E-D-O-M, being in a state of "non-slacking" (unless of course it involves one of my more creative outlets for energy such as writing and drawing/digital painting etc.)

Ships (in no particular order):

SasuNaru - Naruto

KakashiGai (yeah I dunno where that came from either. o.O) - Naruto

YohAnna - Shaman King

RueMint - Threads of Fate/Dewprism

NatsumeMikanRuka (not necessarily in that order) - Gakuen Alice

KilluGon - Hunter x Hunter

VincentHojo (oh yes, I'm a rare specimen. I know.) - Final Fantasy VII

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