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"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" (SPOILER FREE... or possibly minor spoilers)

Well well well... it's been such a long wait, and now the adventure is finally over. I'm not joking when I say, that as I lined up to get my book, and when I finally held it in my hand... I broke into tears... and thoroughly embarrassed myself. BUT OH WELL. I've waited for seven years for this... and finally holding all the answers... the end to all the speculation and arguing and shipping wars...

In terms of the book: I both loved it and hated it. There was some brilliant moments, but some gaping plotholes that left me wondering if JKR was rushed into finishing it. And the final showndown? Interesting... but kinda anticlimatic. It felt very different to the first six books- drastically different. And the epilogue... I'm in agreeance with anyone who says it felt different to JKR's normal style. It was corny, yet... oddly fitting? I still can't really make up my mind about it yet.

Though I must add... I've NEVER cried so much in a book before (but it could be just me being overemotional). The thing is, I kept bursting into tears at random moments. I cried so much, I cried at every death (and there was a lot). I cried straight for like the last five chapters or so... especially during insert the name of the character who died with a smile upon his/her face (partly out of shock, because I had been SO sure that Jo would NEVER kill him/her). I sobbed all through "A Prince's Tale"... and "The Forest Again" (OMG. If you did not cry or at least sniffle in this scene... YOU ARE NOT HUMAN- and yes, I stole that line from a potterpuff icon). But seriously, "The Forest Again"... so touching, and Harry's silly question, and seeing THEM again... SO SAD. BAWLS. That was the point where I had to put my book down because I physically couldn't read anymore. And there was a huge pile of tissue by my side...

Now for some GLOATING. Because I was right about so many things. (And wrong about a lot too... but let's not mention that, shall we?). If you have finished reading the book... GO READ "BEYOND REDEMPTION"! How kickass was I in totally getting that right? Well, yeah, I missed the bit about childhood, but seriously, the rest... how good am I? lol... enough gloating on my part.

My final words concerning this matter: Thank you, Jo, for creating this magical world for us to all obssess over, to debate, to argue, and of course, to write fanfictions about...


Rainless Storm: Deleted due to personal reasons.

Upon Shattered Dreams: I have a confession to make- I'm completely stuck on this story. It has no plot, no direction, no nothing. So chances are, I probably won't update it again. This story was started when I was on a strong LotR phase, and now, I can barely remember the plot of LotR, so yes, this story, despite how much I used to like it, is now dead. But who knows, one day I might pick up a computer and keep writing. Consider it on a very LONG hiatus.

Never Before, Never Again: No one cares about this story, and frankly, I don't either. It did have a good twist at the end, but blah. It's dead.

Touched by an Angel!cringes at totally cliched and overused title! What on earth was I thinking? Anyway, this is also dead. Mainly because I don't like MG as much as I used to anymore.

Choice Foreseen: Status- barely breathing. Okay, I really do still like Harry Potter and I really do like this story, because it had a good plot. So if I ever get time, I would like to resume writing this one.


Firstly, I love one-shots, whether it is reading or writing them. They're wonderful. Read/write them in one sitting, and you're done. No strings attached. Ta-da! So yes, you could possibly expect more one-shots from me in the future, because they're lots of fun to write.

Beyond Redemption: This is my latest work. The ending was rushed because I needed it done before I started school again, so I'm not too happy about that. But still, overall, I thought it was an okay piece. It was more of a way for me to express my SnapeLily theory more than anything else. I can SOOOOO totally see Snape stalkerish liking Lily. Kind of bittersweet. We'll see what JKR has to say about this in Book 7. (Squee!) NOTE (post-Deathly Hallows): oh yeah... how kickass am I? Pwnage! I got this DOWN RIGHT GOOD!

Wait For Me Once More: Possibly my favourite piece in terms of the writing. I wrote this in post-Advent Children Obsession, and the writing came very easily to me. Poor Tifa... Anyway, the point is, I know some people in their reviews asked for a sequel, but it's probably not happening. Why? Because I like the story as it is and don't want a sequel to stuff it up. It doesn't need a sequel anyway. So yes, I'm sorry guys for the disappointment, but try to enjoy the story as it is. I just don't see a sequel coming.


I do have a one-shot planned at the moment. It's a Harry Potter and Sailor Moon crossover. One-shot. DracoUsagi/Serena. He's a pureblood and she's a muggle-born. They love each other, but he's hiding his secrets from her. An accidental trip down a Pensieve reveals to her just how much he's meddled with her mind, literally. Bittersweet, sad piece. Anyway, so look for that in, say, a couple of months. Lolz, school too much at the moment.

And some time in the distant future I would like to write a HarryLuna one-shot, because Luna is my new favourite character at the moment. She's awesome!

Aaaaaand... I might write a companion piece to "Beyond Redemption" in light of what has happened in "Deathly Hallows". Maybe. We'll see.


29 July, 2007.

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