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Konoha Academy changes I think should happen.

1. For greater strength, stamina, and speed of newly graduated Genin.

  • Twice a week for 2 hours in the morning before regular class time students should have to do a toned down version of Might Guy's routine.
  • Prevent lagging and complaining too much by threatening to force them to actually work out with Guy for a whole week 4 hours before regular class time. (7:30am)
  • 2. To train students to be self aware and practical recognition and release of Genjutsu.

  • Special seals be placed all around the locations where academy students are trained.
  • These seals hold onto Area effect Genjutsu (coded chakra signatures only) and partially "recycles" them so even when the students release the Genjutsu from themselves it still partially effects their senses.
  • That is until a Shinobi whose chakra signature is encoded into the seals flairs their chakra in a specific way.
  • Never knowing if you are in a subtle Genjutsu, creates a kind of minor paranoia and self awareness that must become second nature to even Genin.
  • These seals could be used to defend academy training locations against invasions until the students are evacuated into the shelters.
  • 3. Train in theory of hand seals and Chakra control tecniques.

  • Classes available everyday.
  • 2 Hour sessions
  • 2 sessions weekly is manditory.
  • When third year students pass the tests on the theory behind basic and elemental jutsu they are taught some practical E-rank jutsu including some elemental ones.
  • Fourth year students are taught up to 10 D and C-rank jutsu when their test scores say that they are ready.
  • 4. Add a very special piece to passing the "genin exams"

  • Not cracking during interrogation for a whole day while drugged so that they will only barely subconsciously remember the interrogation.
  • Also a Yamanaka will wipe the remaining pieces that the students conscious mind could recollect.
  • 5. Basics of infiltration and recognizing fellow infiltrators.

  • Again all tests are written and practical for every single test.
  • 6. Advanced tactics must be available to everyone who passes the basics with little difficulty.

    7. Trap making basics and advanced theory one whole week every month doing practical lessons in academy training grounds.

    8. Recognizing fuinjutsu, and basics of common fuinjutsu. (3rd and 4th year students)

    9. Special tutoring classes not specifically listed can be requested by a group of students numbering no less than 6.

  • There must be a viable teacher for that subject material.
  • At least 6 students must be physically and mentally capable of learning the requested curriculum as determined by passing all prerequisites.
  • 10. Academy students do D ranked missions to help pay for the extra classes no exceptions, some kids may have extra missions if they have a large number of extra classes.

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