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UPDATE 4/19/14- Well it's been a while...sorry school comes and ruins lives...especially if you're pressured to do well in advanced classes . Um, Carving A Niche will be postponed indefinitely since I kinda lost interest in it. There will be another story I will be writing featuring The Incredibles! Originally it was supposed to be: Red Robin/Tim Drake, Superboy, the Batfamily, etc. But, after hearing about the sequel and rewatching I realize I really love that movie. It will be an AU but hopefully it will well received. Tentatively, I am titling it "Iridescent" and it should be on within the next few days! Thanks everyone :). Learn To Love Again may get a second chapter as well, I just have to figure out what xD.

I'm rather new to writing fanfiction, but I do have experience reading and reviewing them. And of course, writing in general. Hopefully I'll be able to start posting some stories soon! Constructive criticism is welcome and always used.

I read and watch loads of things. I'm mainly a DC fan. Batman is my hero, followed by Wonder Woman, then Flash. In my opinion, Batman's worst villain is Talia al Ghul. She raped him, constructed evil organization to oppose Batman Inc., and then ordered the death of her son (and succeeded, Batman may just attempt to kill her. Something not even the Joker has warranted). I'm a bit of a Marvel fan, not that much though. I read mainly Black Widow and X-Men from them, that's all.

My favorite shows are...many so I'll just list a few: Supernatural, Batman The Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, The Americans, Suits, Burn Notice, etc.

These are my opinions on the main seven Justice League characters, I'm a hardcore Batman fan but I don't let that cloud my judgement. I'm a DC fan first and foremost(despite what the new 52 is doing to my childhood -.-"). Here they are:

Superman aka The Man of Steel- The strongest and best hero out. He's an all around good guy, a Boy Scout so to speak. So no, he won't be killing anyone with heat vision or frost breath. He barely uses the breath and only uses the heat vision when he has to. He's a genuine great guy and is always there for his friends. Yes, Superman can kill Batman like his fanboys declare, but if they had half a brain, they'd know that he won't because that's just not the way he is. Supes is smart, but he doesn't always tend to think in fight...rather he's not that combat efficient (fuck what the new 52 says). He's more of a brawler...with superpowers and a sweet disposition. Seriously, he's a damn good guy and always thinks the best of people. ALWAYS. The only exception is Lex Luthor, cause he's a dick. Superman's weaknesses include KRYPTONITE and red sunlight radiation or lack of sunlight. His alias is Clark Kent and works as a journalist at the Daily Planet.

Wonderwoman aka The Warrior Princess- The mix between Batman and Superman. She has Batman's fighting ability, along with Superman's strength and flight. She's also pretty damn intelligent, humble, and honorable. Wonderwoman has my eternal respect because she was the first female hero created to not use sex appeal to distract bad guys, she just beat the crap out of them. Instead of heat vision, x-ray vision, and super speed, Wondy(Yes, my name for her), super reflexes and magical armor which include a magical tiara, bracelets, and a lasso of truth. She's also one of the only heroes willing to kill if necessary. Unfortunately, people underestimate her in the comic world. She's a powerhouse, fully capable of battling Superman to a standstill if necessary and killing Batman. Wonderwoman's weaknesses include nanobites or just being stronger and a better fighter than she is. Her alias is Diana Prince and she actually works in the Air Force as a cover, forget what she does though.

Batman aka The Dark Knight- The weakest yet the strongest of the big three (also the scariest hero in the Justice League). He's a genius, having mastered virtually all forms of combat, criminology/psychology/chemistry/gadgetry, etc. Bats is also a master tactician and the world's greatest detective.. He's constantly thinking on his feet and will always find a way to outsmart opponents if he can. Batman may lose once, but he won't lose twice to the same person the next time they meet. Batman is one of the most complex heroes in the DC universe. The villains he deals with ranges from legit evil, sadistic villains like the Joker to cold, calculating people like Hush or Ra's al Ghul. He's a dark character, always walking the line between good and evil, his iron will always preventing him from going too far. Bats performs a lot of "grey' actions which may include torturing a thug for information. Batman is just not someone to be trifled with, he has many contingency plans on the Justice League in case they ever go rogue, which are constantly being improved and refined. He's the only non-superpowered being in the original 7 and is there for good reason, he's a badass. His weaknesses are obvious: he's human and if he's not prepared for a fight he will get injured or killed. His alias is Bruce Wayne, head of Wayne Industries and billionaire playboy.

The Martian Manhunter- The most powered hero the Justice League has. His powers range from telepathy to shapeshifting to super strength to intangibility. He's rather apathetic but will show emotion if his friends are in danger or if the emotional stimulus is strong enough. His weakness is fire or the presence of fire near him. I don't really know much about him, sorry :(.

The Flash aka the Scarlet Speedster- This one is about WALLY WEST. I like Barry Allan but I find him boring. Wally is a very lighthearted person and a bit childish. He's a bit of a flirt and always tries to make someone laugh. As the Flash, he's faster than his predecessor (Barry Allan) but whenever he vibrates through something, it tends to explode. Flash's superspeed gives him a wide variety of combat options on the field, many of which he utilizes. He's arguably one of the strongest heroes out there, depending on what speed barriers he breaks, his strength will rival or surpass Superman's. Wally still possesses human durability however, and is susceptible to weaknesses of the human body. He can dodge bullets but if one happens to hit him, he will be hurt. He works in Keystone City as mechanic in an auto shop.

Green Lantern and Hawkgirl I don't really know that much about...my apologies :/. I know the basic things about them but nothing in depth. Try google or wiki'ing them for better results :).

PS: Major shout out to my beta, my friend Haley :).

I am a fan of a lot of slash pairings, but also plenty of straight pairings as well. These include:

Northstar/Iceman (Why they were never made canon, I'll never know).

Jean Grey/Emma Frost (I don't know why...it just clicks in my mind).

Wolverine/Storm (Again, it just works for me).

Batman/Talia al Ghul (Ugh, their relationship is so complex and wonderful).

Batman/Wonder Woman (Justice League Unlimited inspired this one...).

Batman/Flash(Wally West) (Ok...originally I thought Batman can never be with a man cause...well he's Batman! But this pairing proved me otherwise...I enjoy it and Wally West is the only person Batman is allowed to be gay for while seeming...realistic...sort of).

Wonder Woman/Shayera Hol (This...ugh...dirty pleasure I guess lol. It clicks to me.)

Superboy [Connor/Kon Kent]/Red Robin [Tim Drake] (Should have been canon...they probably are canon...secretly...why are these two not together already?! :o)

Huntress/Black Canary (... should have been canon).

Black Widow/Hawkeye (Perfect. Simply beautiful).

Coulson/Hawkeye (I love it because it works. Although it isn't canon, it doesn't need to be! See the aforementioned pairing listed above).

Catwoman/Riddler (I read a beautifully written fanfic about these two and it just works. I don't know why. It just does).

Castiel/Dean (DESTIEL. IT'S SO CANON!).

Sam/Meg (I always entertained this in my mind... I kinda like it!)

Sam/Jessica (Canon and a tragic relationship I enjoy finding and reading fics about).

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