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Hello guys

It is I, the Ginger Ninja!!!

I am basically a high school College student wishing to share the crazy stories running through his head.

The thing is though, no one who knows me knows I do these yet and I'm not sure if I ever will let them know (i'm already labeled as a self professed nerd and while I'd like to stay that way, it's probably better for no one to know right now).

One thing you should know- as much as i'd like to, I can't guarantee that I will post chapters on a regular basis. Not only do I have school to deal with, I also am a Boy Scout in the final stretch of getting eagle, and friends who I like to hang out with. I hate to have to admit that, but it's the truth. Plus, I only write when I have an idea. No inspiration, no story.

Also I have a simple rule here- be honest, but don't trash talk and don't bring down people. Use constructive criticism if you really feel like I put something poor in or someone posted a dumb review. anyone who can't deal with that can go find somewhere else to whine. I deal with enough people like that at school.

I hope you guys understand what i'm trying to say and don't try to hunt me down and force me to write the next chapter if I take a hiatus at any time. anyways, thanks for checking me out, and I hope you continue to enjoy what I produce.


Update- I figured that I might as well give a bit of info about me without leaking who I am and where I live- such as likes and dislikes. anyways, enjoy!

Favorite sport- Airsoft, not paintball, Airsoft. I'ts more lifelike, and hurts a whole, heck of a lot less than paintball. Plus, Airsoft is based on an honor system since only you can completely tell if you were hit (besides the welts). I therefor find the people to be more nice.

Favorite season- fall (the best time of year when you live in Florida, the only part of my location that I will digress)

Favorite pokemon overall- Jolteon. My first pokemon game was XD- Gale of Darkness. when offered a choice of stone to evolve my eevee, I chose the thunder stone. He then went on to become my most powerful pokemon ever. when I started firered, I intended for that to be the same.

Favorite starter- Charmander. I know it is pretty common for me to say that, but its the truth! Charizard will own any day of the week.

Favorite color- green. as my pen name suggests, I am in fact, a redhead. I always found green went well with red.


Guess who's back, Back again.

Ladies, Gentlemen, the Ginganinja is back in the house!!

So since I've been gone, I've completed all but a week or so of High school (bittersweet feelings there), gotten my Eagle rank for BSA (very sweet feelings there), aged out of scouting (very sad feelings there), and started a story of my own making on Fictionpress called Heroes of Rune. You can check it out if you want here.

Sadly though, nothing involving Pokemon or ANLOL is currently in the works. Due to my disinterest with Pokemon and the rather rubbish new Pokemon types (a sword, really guys?) I'm shelving that project until further notice. Still want to do stuff with Michael, but nothing yet.

No, what I've returned to with, is a RWBY fanfiction titled To be Human! For those who don't know what RWBY is or its creators, RoosterTeeth, search either one up. You'll find that your time won't be wasted. For any example of how great it is, it's the first American anime based cartoon to be dubbed and sold in Japan (by Warner Bros no less). The story revolves less around the main characters we see in the show, but instead around an OC group. It takes place about a year before the events of Volume One. Unlike ANLOL, I can virtually guarantee that I'll finish TBH. Reason being, I learned from my mistake with ANLOL and wrote ahead. I'm currently over halfway into the story.

I hope you guys enjoy what I write, and I'll see you soon



For those of you who somehow stumbled upon my profile without going through To Be Human (like if you found me on Fictionpress first), I wanted to have something that explained the concept of RWBY so that you could read TBH without necessarily knowing what is going on in the show. TBH is special like that, because it doesn't strictly follow anything that's going on in the show. Instead, it happens kind of off screen, and before the events of RWBY Volume one.

The show takes place in the World of Remnant. It's inhabited by humans, Faunus (humans with animal attributes that are basically being persecuted like the African Americans were in the 60s. they even have their own version of the Black Panthers called the White Fang). They are faced with creatures called Grimm, which are bent on exterminating the Humans and Faunus. they're big black creatures with bony like appendage. they come in several different shapes (bear=Ursa, boar=Boarbatusk, bird=Nevermore, elephant=Goliath, giant scorpion=Death Stalker, wolf=Beowolf, ect.) This forces Humans into a handful of bordered kingdoms, and small settlements, and are protected by the military, and Huntsmen.

Huntsmen and Huntresses are trained in schools, such as Beacon Academy, to go out through Remnant exterminating Grimm and helping people. they carry massive weapons that usually have multiple forms; like a scythe rifle, grenade launcher hammer, pistol katana, ect. (although my characters don't really go that insane). They get help through Dust (magic crystals) and Aura. Aura is kind of like the life force of the user (although depleting it does not mean a death sentence), which can be used to protect against blows until it runs out, or use their Semblance (an ability that only they can use and varies among users). Semblance examples are speed, polarity (magnets), and illusions. Powerful stuff. Not all have found their Semblance, but all humanoids have an Aura.

The story I wrote focuses on Daniel Grigio, a 16 year old Huntsman in training who is an exception to that last rule, and does not have an Aura. As this makes him similar to the creatures that are trying to eat mankind into extinction, I think you could see how this could be an issue.



Hey guys. Sorry things have been really quiet here, but my whole policy of getting ahead in writing a story before beginning to post chapters does lead to periods of absolute nothing being posted. This post is kind of to explain what the heck is going on with me nowadays, as well as to say what to expect in the coming months. I chose August 15th for the day, since on this day last year slightly after midnight, I finished the final chapter of Heroes of Rune, the first story I ever completed writing. So yeah, kind of important day for me. I'm going to be talking about both fanfictions, and original stories that I plan on releasing to my Fictionpress account, which you can find up above.

Anyways, on to updates. To get it over with, I’m going to start with the not so happy news. As Heroes of Rune was coming to a close, I began hinting at a sci-fi story I had been wanting to do for some time. Unfortunately it’s not going to be released; not for a while at any rate. Sorry to anyone who I mentioned that to who was waiting to read it, but I am not actively writing that story. I still have plans to revisit it eventually, as I’ve already got the general plot figured out, and finished three chapters. Unfortunately, after the second chapter was finished, I began to see some stuff that I wanted to change in the story, that unfortunately were pretty key plot elements. Things began to compile, and by the time I finished the third chapter, I really did not want to look at fixing it for a long time. When I do finally go back to the story, it’s not going to be without a gallon of bleach, and a hazmat suit.

I’d like to say that I have a new original story to take its place. And while I can say that I do, it’s also not going to come out for a while. I’m writing the story in chronological order, but the book that I’m currently writing is going to be the third book in the series. It also looks like the book might end up being just as long as HOR, if not longer. I’d begin one of the other stories I have waiting to be written, but unfortunately 2 stories at once seems to be the maximum I can keep up with without going insane and winding up in a mental institute.

Now as for fanfiction, I can accurately say that To Be Human book 2 is coming along nicely. I’m just under 25,000 words (about half that of the first book) and I haven’t even hit the halfway point yet. I don’t have an exact date yet for when it will be released, but plan on doing it sometime in December. I’m really excited to share it with you all, and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

So to quickly recap, things have been quiet because I’ve been working on stories in the background, not to mention trying not to fail all my classes to become an engineer. An original story is being worked on, but won’t be seen for some time. TBH book 2 should drop in December. I thank you all for your patience, and hope that you will continue to read my works as they are released in the future.


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