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Welcome to writing with me.

I'm a joker, a music producer and a writer. I have a tendency to take tropes, concepts, and styles from other authors and try to expound upon them all to better myself and my writing.

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Wizard 101 - Talon, Eron

--Story Terminology--

Inheritance (DASR): A curse bestowed on all of Thalomir's kin. The curse is set so that he continues to live on inside of his kin and can talk to them. This "Inheritance" is honestly just a metaphor for both schizophrenia and conversations with oneself as to rationalize feelings, actions and process information.

Moonspikes (DASR): Spikes created from Astral magic. If hit by a Moonspike trap, an enemy will then experience severe hallucinations and grotesque transformations.

Shield-smasher (DASR): A wizard who can break shields without the use of a spell. Rare.

Breaker (DASR): An abnormal person who can "break" spells. Rare.

Speedcaster (DASR): A wizard who can cast spells consecutively without using large amounts of mana. Speedcasting is featured as a competitive sport.

If you want to enter an OC for any of my stories, please follow this format!








Weapon of Choice

Primary Form of Magic (For Wizard101 Stories Only):

Secondary Form of Magic (For Wizard101 Stories Only)




Battle Style (For Wizard101 Stories Only)

Story Status

Down A Shadowed Road - Revised: Discontinued

I Am: Completed

A Force to End All Forces: Completed

Reimagined W101 Universe

Spells - In my reimagined verse, which is a reimaging of BuBu's reimagining mixed with the original story, spells are a bit different. So, basically, before Talon...waaaaaay before Talon, when the Titans weren't dead, spellcards weren't required to use magic and some spells required sigils (Powerful spells like King Artorius).

During Talon's era, spellcards exist, but I don't use them. Instead, I use a method described in the lore but not exactly presented in-game. For example, in-game, Necromancers use Whispers to wake the undead, Thaumaturges use Chants to summon beings of the frost, Theurgists use Songs (particularly the Song of Creation) to bring life into existence, Sorcerers use Transmutation to blend magics together, Pyromancers use Incantations to dominate fire creatures, Diviners use Verses to enthrall or charm, and Conjurers use Naming to summon creatures of myth and legend. That's...pretty much how it works in my world, too. The caster will be described as casting the spell through, say, hitting the Name like Cyrus does, or hissing the Verse like Hunter does. For certain casters who use Incantations, Chants and Songs, I may make up a song that pertains to the spell for the sake of the story.

Spells such as shields take on a more literal form. For example, Spirit Armor, when cast on an ally, takes the form of green ethereal armor that protects the wearer until it breaks. Same with Frozen Armor and the like. Other shields like Tower Shield take the form of small bubbles that fit the figure of the bearer.

I don't use pips in my works mainly because I feel it's too complicated and takes too long to explain something that shouldn't be that complicated. Spells simply drain from mana and wizards will notice that they feel fatigued as their mana drains (and yes, people do run out of mana). I don't use sigils, either, mainly because I wanted my reimagined universe to be as close to the game as possible, and also because my inspiration was the story Exseed.

Titles - In my reimagined verse, titles go something like the game.















Wizards also gain titles of their own, similar to badges. Some titles will be actual badges, and other titles are titles I've invented, like Talon's later title, Black Crow of the Burning Sky.

Schools and Trainers - Schools and Trainers are like in the game as well. Whereas Talon is told about Absolute Death and his magic potential from Thalomir, he learns Necromancy from Dworgyn during his time in Briskbreeze Prison. Astra learns Conjuration from Cyrus Drake when she is released from Briskbreeze Prison a few months after Talon arrives. Hunter is taken in by Halston Balestrom, and learns from him. Raht learns Lunar Magic from the White Owl Pirates, who were taught by their leader who learned from whoever teaches Lunar Magic in Celestia, and so forth.

In my universe, there are also trainers who teach each wizard how to fight without using magic. Talon learns from Shina, who arrives shortly before the Fifth Great Wizard War (The whole debacle with Morganthe. Yeah, that should be a war.). Hunter, Mirror and Astra are self taught. Leif learns from the Samoorai in Mooshu who teach him how to use a katana in conjunction with his magic. Valkyrie and Sabrina learn throughout their lives as they observe others. I would imagine that the members of Team Immortal learned from their respective gods.

Worlds - Worlds are the same as in the game, though are traveled to for different reasons. In every world, there's always a boss. In my verse, most worlds are under the control of Wizard City, or an allied race, but four worlds are under control of Morganthe and her subordinates. Dragonspyre is under control of Malistaire (Now dead) and the Draconians who still hold grudges against Wizard City due to the last war. Celestia is under control of Valkyrie, Mithraya, Ptolemos, and Astraeus. Khrysalis is Morganthe's realm, and Sabrina has control over Zafaria.

Allied worlds will be chosen by me, but there will be the two main sides unless I decide to do something spontaneous.

Quests - Quests are for losers. NO HOLDS BARRED. Just kidding. In my verse, the characters don't exactly do quests. They do missions assigned to them by Ambrose, and sometimes they don't do missions. If they are in a war, quests/missions will be disregarded and war will be focused on.

War - War in DASR is like war in real life, just with magic and swords and axes and the like. The wars will stretch on for a time, and people will die. No, this is not a game, so although people can be healed, I will not revive anyone. Be angry. In this game, wizards and Morganthe alike are very ruthless and rely on actual strategy and battle plans. The war in the story is not a "hey, let's line up and attack one by one or line up and attack all together" war, but rather a "hey, anything can happen because this is war" war.

Alchemy/Crafting - Alchemy, or crafting, is very much like the game. You got a table, potions, ingredients (Which are hard to find). Make stuff. I don't think I'll focus much on crafting since I personally don't craft or am familiar with many grandmaster wizards who do.

Allegiances - Allegiances are kind of like the game. There's one side--the side your wizard is on in-game (Wizard City and the allied worlds), and the part that Malistaire and Morganthe control (Celestia, Khrysalis, Wintertusk, Marleybone, etc.).

Pets - They show up occasionally.

Mounts - Mounts show up on occasion. I don't use things like wings since those should grow from a body, and it would suspend belief in a story I'm trying to make as grounded in both the game's roots and in real life as possible. Wizards will however ride tigers, brooms, and other beasts. I won't have someone ride a carpet because then I'd have to explain the magic behind that--or at least, I feel I'd have to.

Plot - The story plot follows the game plot as faithfully as possible, but tweaks certain things in order to maintain consistency. My plot stretches from Celestia to Azteca.

Nobles/Commoners - There is not much of a social division in Wizard City since I see that as a hub for equality--where any person of any race, sexual identification and gender can become a wizard--but in other worlds, I will briefly and casually touch on the subject of discrimination. There are also noble houses I've created, those being House Viridian, House Waterwhisper, House Bronzefist, House Sanguine, House Ardent and House Souleater. Each house is from a different world (Except for Houses Ardent and Viridian) and are generally very aloof and superior, seeing that they are nobles. Many people from noble houses in my reimagined universe learn magic from places other than Ravenwood, like Dragonspyre, Wysteria, or even Arcanum. Noble houses are not of much importance in the story, but they are part of character backstories and will be mentioned. In certain worlds, there are commoners, and in other worlds like Dragonspyre, everyone not trying to destroy the world from the inside out is equal due to the world's status as a militaristic world and the fact that it is most likely embroiled in internal conflict.

Villains - Villains are essentially the same as in-game. Morganthe is who I focus on the most, but I do mention Old Cobb every now and then since I want to pull a Kingdom Hearts and imply that something is more than it seems. I have no qualms about having my protagonists switch sides, so don't expect me to perpetuate the stereotypes.

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