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Ano sa...ano sa...DAMN, I always draw a blank at these things. ;;; Erm... Heya. Ai no Angeru here, formerly known as Icy Budgie, AznAnimeAngel and god knows what else... Many of my aliases are floating around the internet and I can't remember some of them. While I was at the tender age of thirteen, I was a tad enamored with the Sailor Senshi Series and have since moved onto other anime/manga series, but Sailor Moon will always hold a place in my heart. I have since decided to continue my career as a SM fanfic author (still 13 ,;;) and write some more stories. I won't bother waiting for cheers that won't come. ;;; I would like to expand the number of Chibiusa/Elios fanfics out there. I adore such wonderful cuteness in the anime world. However you've got to keep in mind I won't be able to update frequently because I have recently discovered the wonderful world of Cosplay! drumroll Also, school bites. That is all. Also, sorry for those who have had to read my Very Painfuly Immature Profile. ;_; Tsumimasen.

Anime; Naruto, Sailor Moon, DNAngel, Gravitation, Sukisyo, Loveless, Wedding Peach (,), Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket

Manga; Naruto, DNAngel, Rurouni Kenshin, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Petshop of Horrors,

Online Mangas/Comics; (Now for my shameless plugging)

~The Way to Your Heart; A shoujo type manga revolving around high school and the beautiful world of J-rock. (Japanese rock for those of you living under rocks) A shy girlstepping into a prestigious school just so happens to also step into (literally) the life of a rock star who doesn't take so kindly to her.

~Kagerou; Aahhh the joys this one brings. The art is so beautifully and uniquely drawn and her coloring abilites are stunning. Kano an iffeminate young man is trapped in a new world. Finding it better than the asylum (loony bin) he stays on the whim of a dream he had about a princess turning into a dragonfly. Little is known about his other selves, Red and Kid, his alter egos. Determined that this Kano is the hero to save her warring country, Princess Tonbo/Fuuka is set to help Kano recover his insanity and utter control of his own body amidst his crazy mind seeking freedom from Red's fearsome power. (Thus one has so much swearing, blood, violence, and sexual content like you won't believe, but I love it to death. _;; Trust me, it's well worth the first few confusing pages. Kano's so pretty. O,O)

~Questionable Content; Hmm what to say. It's quite a random comic. Skinny emo/indie boy, fierce girl who punched harder than jocks, Sarcastic and (surprisingly) witty goth, Dumb...(incredibly dumb) skater girl, and the robot who never fails to keep their life interesting and humorous for your entertainment. (This one makes you appreciate the fact that those kinds of robots have yet to be invented, yet you want one so bad. ;_; Humor=A+)

~Pandect; For those of you with an insatiable love for pretty boys, mature content, anthro pretty boys, and such cute kitty "bois" as well as mind-blowing art, shimmy over to the wolrd of Aces. The Princes of Aces create peace in the animal world while also coping with the fact that humans (aka us, the slimy disgusting things that slaughter animals and plants daily for fuel, food, money, personal gain...okay I'm done) are destroying their kingdoms. More and more of the Ace Warriors and their Princes are forced to coexist with humans begrudgingly to create plans and save their habitats. Fleance, the prince of Panthers happens to be one of them. Along with his faithful servant Edgar (The cutest most adorable Gecko guy -evAR-), they settle into an academy to bring back Fleance's forests.

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