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Let's see... I'm male, 17, and an otaku-in-training. I like reading, writing, anime, roleplaying, and martial arts (among other things). Most of my writing will probably be either anime fanfiction or original, although I may do some other stuff too. So, now that I've bored you all to death (^_^) I'll get to the stuff you (might) care about: my writing.

I've made some progress with the 4th chapter of LotS despite intense busy-ness, and I'm determined to finish it. I apologise to anyone annoyed by my slow writing.

Favorite Stuff:
I've decided to list a few things that are my recent favorites. No particular order, no particular connections to anything in particular, just stuff I like. Here's the new list :
1) Nausicaa manga (all bow down to Miyazaki-sama)
2) Vampire: Kindred of the East
3) Wheel of Time roleplaying game
4) Metal Gear Solid 2
5) Table Tennis
PS: Anybody else waiting anxiously for Xenosaga?
Anyway, that's all for now.

Finished Works:
Caddy Compson. A short piece that I wrote as an assignment for my Literature of Psychology class, based on Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury.
A Tokyo-3 April Fool's Day. A short little humor story about, strangely enough, April Fool's Day in Tokyo-3. I might possibly write a sequel to it someday, although it's not particularly brilliant.
The Stream. An original short story inspired (mostly) by JD Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye. Short, sweet, and melancholy.
Welcome to Surreality. An original short sci-fi story inspired by the anime Serial Experiments: Lain and a short story I read somewhere called 'Gloriously Farenheit' (or something like that). Very weird and a little hard to figure out (I think).

Works in Progress:
Landscape of the Soul. My first real piece of fanfiction, and my pet project. An alternate universe Eva fic, with a few characters from Ranma thrown in, it's rather dark and philosophical, and deals with a lot of the ideas presented in the series.
Pillars of Heaven and Earth. My odd project, based on a roleplaying campaign I gamemastered. Hopefully I'll finish it someday, but for now it's on a back burner.
Mecha. A science fiction/fantasy saga about a group of pilots and a group of revolutionaries. Complete with technical notes on the 'history' and technology of the future world.
Through Calm Waters. An Escaflowne fic about a new girl from the Illusory Moon coming to Gaea an indeterminate amount of time after Hitomi. Ancient secrets echo from the past...

Upcoming Works:
Ranma 1/2: Senior Year [Tentatively titled]. An idea I have rolling around in my feverish brain for a Ranma story. Something may come of it; something may not.
Xenogears: Thanatos. Deus was apparently destroyed, but Fei receives a warning from the Wave Existence that the 'artificial God' is not dead. Then his Id personality resurfaces... A continuation of the Xenogears saga.
The Fulcrum. What if, every so often, a child was born who was the meeting point between good and evil? And upon this child's shoulders hung the fate of the world. Angels and devils try to control her choice, but in the end... she is the Fulcrum. An idea I have for a long original story. I don't know when (or if) I'll get around to writing it though.

Yri Gods:
I'm also a member of the Yri Gods, a pen name used to represent myself and a group of my friends who coauthor stories. I'm Anterrabae.

Works in Progress:
Omega Genesis: Evangelion. Written by Lactamaeon and myself. A Neon Genesis continuation. For those of you who've read Landscape of the Soul, which is a Shinji/Rei piece, this is my take on a Shinji/Asuka fic. No, I'm serious! I'm flexible like that! This one's going to be very dark and philosophical; my purpose in writing it was to catch the mood of the Eva series. Hopefully I've succeeded.

Upcoming Works:
Chronicles of Tantaskwa. By Lactamaeon, myself, Idat, and possibly a few others. A large-scale multi anime crossover. It looks like it's shaping up to be pretty funny, so those of you who'd rather laugh than ponder, this is for you! -_^ Note: It currently looks like this project probably won't get started for quite some time... real life gets in the way sometimes. *sigh*

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I wrote this for my Literature of Psychology class; the assignment was to write a section for William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury from Caddy's point of view, since Faulkner doesn't. It won't make much sense if you haven't read The Sound and the Fur
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