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Author has written 16 stories for Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Twilight, Royals, Waterfire Saga, Avengers, Silmarillion, and A song of Ice and Fire.

Dear Readers:

Star-of-Radiance here!

In regards to my stories, I have some confessions:

I opened an account in 2013, but I didn't start writing until 2015! That's because, even though I enjoyed writing, I wasn't entirely sure about what to write.

In regards to my fics, there are some with good- even great concepts and ideas, but when reading back at them, they make me CRINGE.

Based on this, I've had to look back, re-read, reflect and re-think everything.

And by everything, I mean everything.

Aside from the horrible, annoying writer's blocks, and the moments of inspiration which needed writing to flesh out the concepts but not giving me pause to think things through before they vanish... Well, there are a number of other problems.

With this, I have decided to review all my fics. Don't worry, I know based on reviews, that people wouldn't be that happy if I erased my stories, just to start over again, so either I am going to edit them OR do a re-write of each.

Or I could just leave them the way they are. Put them in indefinite hiatus the way some writers do, abandon them (which I would HATE to do, and only as a last resort), in which case I would put them up for adoption. It doesn't sit right for me to abandon any of the stories I've started, but when you start lacking the imagination to complete the journey, all of a sudden, when everything seems dull and runs dry, and in some cases, the very concepts and ideas themselves were terrible, I would have no choice.

So here is a list of my stories, written in order of their status.

The ones with impending, new re-written versions (whether the originals are being taken down and replaced, or entirely new ones are going to be put alongside it):

The first two of the Second Trojan war series

The Second Trojan War: The Players and the Pawns.

History knows of the campers of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, but the ones who have been taken and hidden from the sight of the gods are a mystery. Among them, one was adopted raised in privilege to uphold duty above all things, the other had known nothing but evil, agony and loss from his own blood. But in a world where mortals are beginning to unravel the secrets of the ever-shrinking universe, demigods go missing and S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers run everything and are watching. But soon the chessboard is set and the pieces are moving. Like gladiators in an arena, the Avengers and demigods are set in a collision course, as is the nations of this world, one of which is set to be the next Heart of Western Civilisation. Who are the villains and who are the heroes? Most importantly, who are the players and who are the pawns?

The answer might surprise you.

The Second Trojan War II: Clash of Gods and Heroes

Years have passed and the Heart of the Flame of Western Civilisation and Olympus is preparing to move on. The various pantheons: the Olympians, the Asgardians and the Enneads (Egyptians), agree that it is too dangerous to stay in one melting pot, due to the lessons they've learned. The world is changing and not all mortals are happy with the destruction of their power and organisations such as S.H.I.E.L.D. But to the campers who've grown up and moved on, everything seems great- at first. But the forgotten of many civilisations and cultures are stirring, those out for vengeance. In the meantime, the fabric of the cosmos which holds everything together despite the insanity of the universe, is crumbling. Will the demigods and the now-divided Avengers lie unprepared? What lengths will the Aesir and Vanir go to preserve the fabric of their cosmology; of the Nine Realms? And the children of Olympus, including Percy Jackson, to preserve everything and everyone they fought so hard to build and keep alive? Will there be betrayal and death? The Fates have begun spinning faster.

Harry Potter/Twilight fics:

The Fear of Something New: An in-between story that's a Harry Potter and Twilight Crossover.

Adsila is a recent graduate from Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, whose secret talents and services to MACUSA have not gone unnoticed by President Samuel G. Quahog. The NSPS- a fanatic No-Maj, witch-hunting group has reemerged and is gaining ground, threatening witches, wizards and all magical beings and beasts. To make things worse, a Magical Supremacist organisation is hell-bent on taking revenge, not just on the NSPS, but on all No-Majes is on the rise. Faced with these threats to Wizarding America, the president selects Adsila- despite her youth and lack of proper experience- to the rainy town of Forks, Washington, to team up with an undercover witch, Angela Weber, and investigate and learn the truth about the rumours of strange, giant werewolves and stranger vampires so MACUSA can deal with the threat to No-Maj discovery of their world...Before the NSPS can expose them for good and supremacists declare war. But what happens when she meets the Pack? Or the Cullens? Or a young underage witch with strong ties to the wolves? What will happen when she meets a young shapeshifter wolf named Seth Clearwater? Or the tracking of magical activity by the NSPS and the magical supremacist group?

2. The Fear of Something New (Revised):

Prior to the four-hundred-and-twenty-second Quidditch World Cup in Argentina, a group of radical, magic-hating No-Majes (muggles) in the United States are presenting a more serious threat than MACUSA had previously faced, teamed with Anti No-Maj fanatics and rumours of strange vampires and giant wolves up north. President of MACUSA, Samuel G. Quahog decides to send an agent up north, teamed with undercover witches, Angela Weber and Tiffany Call, to investigate and learn the truth of the level of danger they face- and how to face them. But said agent has faced a number of accidents or marks against her record and the head of DOMASIA (the Department of Magical and Secret Intelligence Agency), may or may not be insistent on this choice because she wants to get her cousin out of trouble and her job secure. So what happens when Ayita goes north to wet, rainy Forks, Washington and meets the Pack, the Cullens, an underage witch with a wolf-soulmate AND a young shapeshifter world named Seth Clearwater? Or when she discovers the danger might be worse than anyone had imagined?

In Britain, Head of the Auror Office and the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Harry Potter has been contacted by the society of Wizarding Genealogy whose discovered that he has relatives in North America! Elated with this new discovery he sets out with his wife, children, best friends and their children, to meet his relatives for an extended holiday- vacation- to the United States before the Quidditch World Cup. What he doesn't realise is that he may be in hotter, deeper water than he first thought he'd be.

2. The Royals:

This OC is NOT the same as the one in the STW series. A few similarities but completely different persons. The two stories will merge into one story.

The Worst Thing that Could Possibly Happen

The new king has found true love in one of the most beautiful, most wonderful princesses in the world. The new king has found true love in the form of the most beautiful, most wonderful princesses in the world. Everything seems all wonderful and rosy but can romance and family withstand the conflicts, drama and utter ridiculousness of life inside the Henstridge fishbowl? Or the ridicule and scorn of their contemporaries and counterparts? Well, what could possibly go wrong? The in-laws hate each other, Len wants to move on with her life, Robert is possessive, Liam struggles to find true love and meaning, Cyrus is drunk and Helena struggles with the fact that she's now Royal GRANNY!

When Disaster Strikes:

(An impending rewrite or reimagining of the above).

Wedding bells are chiming gaily in the air, and for the king who's found love and marrying an actual princess- there seems to be hope to rebuild and re-sell the ultra-damaged Henstridge monarchy. But a series of mysterious incidents threaten the ultra-important event. Combine with catfighting lionesses- sorry, mothers-in-law who are are hissing, snarling and baring their teeth; over-protective brothers; dopey cousins; a drunken uncle; Len wants a date and a life of her own; the groom has issues and Liam is struggling to find love, meaning and a place of his own. CHAOS and WAR.

Planned stories:

Panther's Eye (set in the same universe as the Second Trojan War).

Despite her ease in planning, Nyasha's life seems to have gone from weird to downright crazy to mind-blowing whirlwind of nightmarish weirdness. Yes, you heard that right. Years ago she was just a student heading to university, when a kid she used to look out for- Sadie Kane in her combat boots and dyed highlights- shows up, rudely hurls her with a wand into the world of Egyptian gods, monsters, magicians and hieroglyphs. In the present, her magic-oblivious mum is acting skittish and strange and two small initiates get kidnapped by an arms-dealer, smuggler and gangster named Klaue- pronounced CLAW, to the Kanes' dismay. To make things worse, a covert-spy-and-rescue mission turned into a shoot-out confrontation with GUNS which they were totally lacking in AND she just had to end up taking a bullet for someone- no, that was a panther-guy- and going to Wakanda. The place where everyone is saying where she comes from, completely ignoring her explanation that her parents are from Zimbabwe and she was born in Britain. There, she uncovers a strange marking- a tattoo of liquid vibranium on her wrist, her mother's well-kept secret and the mystery of a long-vanished tribe whose legacy rests on her shoulders alone.

Formerly planned and now-uncertain stories:

Children of the Ainur.

Set during, and in the aftermath of the Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies. Now a powerful shieldmaiden, like her mother, she has become a legend. But this catches the attention of a Dark Power about to rise again, and her identity is no longer a secret. Now she finds herself hunted, not merely by orcs and Ringwraiths but by an... elf? A mysterious male elf who has a connection with the past she had long since tried to ignore is set out to obtain her himself, before anyone else does. Who is this elf? What does he want? And why does he feel frighteningly familiar with powers similar to hers? And what is the secret of her own mystical powers, and the reason for her being stolen away? Now she must discover the origin and extent of her powers and use them- before another uses his to devastating extent. (Partially inspired by the Mortal Instruments series)


The Great Journey.

Set during the Lord of the Rings period. (Status: Still planning) LOTR

The Lion and the Serpent.

Do they have to be enemies? Two best friends are from different houses. One is a son of a proud history and destined for greatness. The other is a fatherless boy, marked with an image that means that he too is destined for greatness, but with a secret, shameful past, even he has yet to discover- a secret that may endanger him. Now a Dark Lord is on the rise, and the future is uncertain and dangerous. What does this mean for them, their friends and loved ones? Most importantly, what does this mean for their school and the whole world? It maybe messed up to begin with, but it does not mean that the only ones with plans for 'improvement' can be trusted. How shall they take the reins of destiny and change the fate of the world, for the better? How does family affect one's future?(Status: Still planning) HP

A Beautiful Abomination

Muggle-borns and Squibs are looked down upon by a prejudiced few. But hybrids and part-humans are looked upon as unnatural freaks by many. Even if they do look beautiful. Her mother is a Veela, and this does not simply mean she's lucky in her looks and hounded by boys. She is different- she will never be one of them, not even counting her ingenious innovations and her soaring grades at school. And she even reminds herself not to get too comfortable. But her father is a legend and she is meant for other things and accomplishments other than being a hybrid. But her safety is threatened not only by a family history but the rise of a Dark Lord who calls himself Voldemort. Now she must use her brains and all she has to save her family, friends and herself- oh, and the people that rejected her and viewed her as an outcast. Yes, that's easy- and it's tempting to do just that. (Status: Still planning.) HP

A New World

Voldemort is dead and plans are made for the reformation and renewal of governments, society values, and so forth. Years after the Chosen One played out his prophecy, an older prophecy is about to come into effect. One that may still be opposed by Dark Wizards and Muggles alike. So what will happen when they find out? The Magical and Muggle worlds will never re-join. But can they co-exist? Years after Voldemort's fall sees the unveiling of the magical world, its beasts and beings to the eyes of Muggles. The prophecy must be fulfilled- this will either mean Magical Beings and Muggles coexisting in peace- or worldwide war in an apocalyptic scale. HP

Abandoned- set to delete:

Royal Revenge Disasters.

Her family thinks they're 'bug-nuts loony' and other royals avoid them like the plague. They are everything royals should be: selfless, duty-bound, dedicated, hardworking, responsible, courageous leaders and highly-skilled war heroes. Whereas the Henstridges, minus a few, are a monarchist's worst nightmare and greatest embarassment. It's dangerous to be within a ten mile radius of them yet she can never help her heart. But what happens when people- from all sides- decide to settle their scores with them? And when she ends up in the crossfire, which of her family will retaliate in revenge? (Royals)

Vengeance, Rage and Rebellion

Due to Thor and Loki's involvement in the Invasion of New York, both Olympus and the Enneads (Egyptians) are pissed with Asgard because of the Odinsons preventing the demigod and magician armies from defending their home turf- and for causing the Mist to break down. But unbeknownst to them, a mysterious, powerful and shadowy leader has been working in the shadows, recruiting forgotten demigods and rescuing them from the clutches of an evil, manipulative organisation. These demigods may be the key to Olympus' and the camps' survival, but bitterness and resentment caused by their treatment and oversight on behalf of the Olympians and their favoured children has hardened them. Will they ever trust again and overcome the threat of the mortal world? Which side shall they choose? (PJO/Avengers)

The perfectly safe (For now!):

Prince's Angel

Curious and inquisitive, Gabrielle Delacour thought it would be fun to travel to Egypt with her sister, brother-in-law and their children. Instead, she ends up in a cursed tomb, and is reborn in another world in Essos. As Seraena Veltaris while she mourns the loss of her first life and family, she must strive and learn to adapt and survive in an increasingly dangerous world, with the plots and schemes of a mother hell-bent on making her the bride and consort of a Dragon Prince- the son and heir to a mad, fire-loving king. A position which grants her more enemies than she can count. With terrifying prophetic dreams haunting her nights and an unknown enemy stalking her by day, fanatics and the Dead arising, Seraena may hold the key to their survival, but will she be enough to save them all?

Nymph's Song

After living and unremarkable existence, dying and being reborn a mermaid, Serena finds herself as the youngest daughter of Regina Isabella of Miromara and younger sister to Desiderio and Serafina, and since she's read the books when she was babysitting, she knows what's in store for her people, her realm and her family. But with the Six Chosen mermaids born with their own abilities, Serena is born with her own special gift one which lends her tremendous power and promises to transcend worlds; something which is both a blessing and a curse. Faced with the burdens of being Merrovingian princesses, their own insecurity, their desperation to save everyone and everything they've ever cared for, and leading a double life will Serena be able to survive long enough to save everyone?

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Handmaiden to Hera: A Tale of Iris by romanov16 reviews
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