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Hello Everyone!! My name is AdventureMarioBros590, but you can call me AMB590 for short. Here are a few things about me:

My favorite shows are:

1. Steven Universe (that is my favorite show of all time, and I always watch it)

2. Gravity Falls

3. Over the Garden Wall

4. Regular Show

5. Star vs the Forces of Evil (Yeah I watch it...its very cool!)

I also watch Adventure Time and The Amazing world of Gumball for fun...

Not only I watch cartoons, but I also watch anime! I'm an otaku, and maybe in the future I'm going to make some stories of my favorite animes.

I don't only have fanfiction account, but I also have a YouTube channel and deviantART account. Here is my username for both of these accounts:

1. SuperMarioFan590 (Youtube Channel): I only upload Super Mario 64 machinima videos on my Youtube channel. I don't have anything related to Steven Universe on that channel.

2. SuperMarioFan590 (DeviantART): I will begin uploading oneshots fanfics of Steven Universe redemption things on my deviantART account. It will start this saturday.

Enough about me. I am an author that enjoys writing fanfictions of Steven Universe (especially the redemption fanfics), and I'm going to do Gravity Falls fanfictions once I finish writing some other fanfics.

Not only I'm going to do fanfictions of cartoons, or anime; but also I'm going to do some fanfictions of my favorite games series in which they are:

1. Super Mario Bros. (I'm gonna do a Paper Mario: TTYD fanfiction in the future)

2. Super Smash Bros

3. The Legend of Zelda

4. Sonic the Hedgehog

5. Pokemon (any series)

I might do crossovers fanfics in the future... are my mains fanfictions:

1. Steven Universe: The New Crystal Gems

2. Steven Universe: The Crystal Hero

3. Steven Universe: TBA (working might change in the future)

4. Steven Universe: Family Fun Adventures

Steven Universe: The New Crystal Gems Team

Oh boy...this is my first successful fanfiction that I have ever done. Currently this fanfic is already completed and I'm working on my next fanfictions in which its going to be a continuation of this redemption fanfic. I apologize if theres alot of grammar mistakes, but thats because english is my second language and spanish is my main language; but I decided to make this story in english. I might update my early chapters to fix grammar mistakes.

Current Progress: 100% (Finished)

Chapters in total: 28/28

Pairings: (slightly) Lapidot

Special Chapters: "Gravity Universe" and "Unexpected Help"

Read it here:

Continuations Fanfictions:

1. The Crystal Hero (Part 2)

2. Steven Universe: TBA (working might change in the future)

3. Steven Universe: Family Fun Adventures (Between The New Crystal Gems Team and Crystal Hero)

Steven Universe: The Crystal Hero

The continuation of The New Crystal Gems team! It might be my greatest fanfiction that I will write! It will have more action, fun, comedy, drama, and better badass fights! I promise that I will do my best to write this fanfiction! I promise it will be very awesome!

Read it here:

Current Progress: 12%

Chapters in total: 11/??

Pairings: Stevonnie and Lapidot

Special Chapters: TBA

The story began on August 13th. So far there has been one hiatus and one Fanbomb. There is still a lot to lookout on this story! More Fanbombs and more surprises!

Other fanfictions of Steven Universe:

1. The Origins of Beach City (non-canon to my main fanfics)

2. Steven Universe: The Crystal Gems of Homeworld (Momswap AU fanfic)

3. Steven Universe: Humans and Gems (non-canon to my main fanfics)

And thats that! I want to notice all of my viewers, and friends that I'm going to write little oneshot stories of my New Crystal Gems team fanfiction on my deviantART. More information will be show on my deviantART.

I hope that all of you guys that reads my fanfictions enjoys it and have fun while reading it. I apologize once again if theres alot of grammar mistakes, I will try my best not to make so much mistakes.

Welcome to my fanfiction account and have fun reading my fanfics! Thank you so much for reading it as well!


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