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Name: Linde, but I got more if you wanna know

Yami's Age: About 5000, but she's 6 months younger than another certain yami...

Hikari's Age: 14

Hair Colour: Mid-length black, blonde/gold highlights

Yami's Eye Colour: Brilliant grey-green

Hikari's Eye Colour: Light hazel

Country Living In: Australia, unless you count Japan in my fanfic...

City: Sydney City, Domino City

Yami's Personality Traits: Sarcastic, sinister, cold, cruel, cunning, sly, dreamer, ect.

Hikari's ": Sweet, sincere, slightly less sarcastic, musical, ect. (Tell you the truth, I'm a mixture of both)

Likes: Yu-Gi-Oh!, anime, food, magic, dreaming, books, sleeping, eating, drawing, painting, sketching, thinking, more food, singing, stargazing (did I mention I saw the constellation of Orion, my fav constellation!!!)

Dislikes: Crap...and people who are crap ie. Kaiba, people who smoke, cigarettes, beer, wine, Royth, my ex-half cousins Tony and Raymond, stupid guyz at school and so on. I hate everything.

Info: Erm...I like anime? My yami is Linde Orius (Orius is an anagram of 'Horus' meaning pharaoh protector seeing as she is Yami's protector. However, the 'h' was replaced with an 'i' instead so it is kinda like Orion the constellation of the hunter or warrior, seeing as she is a warrior, ain't that cool? What a coincidence!), a deceptive person who enjoys throttling Seto Kaiba since she/I am married to him via this stupid quiz thing. Well it wasn't my choice, basically I had none. My so-called-friend Mariah forced us into marriage due to that result. But it's all based on her fanfic and fanart, so if you're a 'Kaiba Fangurl', YOU CAN HAVE HIM! Seeing as all my friends have to marry a character I have to as well.

My other friend, Krystal is married to Yami, not hikari Yugi. Mariah's with Joey Wheeler and Qin's with Malik. Bakura's the only bishie left so he's free.

Oh another thing. There are now 10 Millennium Items, all the normal ones and the sword-mine, mallet-Krystal's and the phial/vial-Royth's.

Alter-Ego/s: Cerelia (my 'good' side, that is if I have one), Aria, Shikari, Meika or Demise (one of the Soul Huntresses based on some story I'm writing), and basically Linde.

Fav Colours: Blue, silver, black, green, white, purple?

Fav Songs: My Immortal, A Thousand Miles, Not Me Not I, At The Beginning, ect

Fav Artists/Band/Singer: Evanesence, Vanessa Carlton, Delta Goodrem, Donna Lewis and Richard Marx, and I love the works of Shakespeare for some reason...

Fav Anime Characters:
Yami Bakura
Vash the Stampede
OC, Linde, Cerelia, Soul Hunter Sisters,ect.

Fav Anime Characters you love to torture:
Kai Hiwatari-just to piss Mariah off
Joey-again to piss Mariah off

People needed to kill:
Terence and Gary

Authoress Note: HI, I'm actually more of a humour fictionistess (yup, girl) so even though some of my *ahem* stories are meant to be tragedy or romance and stuff, I can't help putting in some sarcasm and well, bashing, so sorries if you don't like that. Also, if you like original work, come visit my fictionpress account, I think my name is Lindwen of Medieval Avalon or something like that anyway...ta ta!

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