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Author has written 10 stories for Chaotic, Super Smash Brothers, League of Legends, and Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5.

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I'm a hobbyist writer with nothing better to do than be online. I frequent the Chaotic and Super Smash Bros sections, but I also have interest in League of Legends and FNAF. Much of my work includes OCs, but they're not always the central focus.

I wouldn't mind taking requests for the mentioned fandoms. Just make sure it's within the site rules. They may become chapters for already existing fics of mine.

I'm gonna cover my currently posted works:

1) Here in Kiru, for Chaotic

A collection of Kiru City-centric oneshots narrated by an OC. I have a possible chapter eight, but I need to rewrite previous chaps first.

2) Pet, for LoL

Warwick goes full feral and vanishes from the League (uses the old League lore). Annie finds him during a stroll and she makes him her pet. Oneshot. I'm considering a minor rewrite to bring it into the current lore.

3) Snapshot, for Chaotic

AU Tom/Sarah shipfic with human/creature integration. Involves a photograph that represents their crushes. Imagine "Let Her Go" by Passenger playing while reading by the way. Oneshot.

4) This Life, for SSB

Brawl era collection of oneshots in the World of Trophies. Some are connected to each other. They're all older oneshots, may grow bigger if I revive even older ones. Chapter five in progress.

5) Kinship, for Chaotic

Shimmark and Vinta scare some humans and Shimmark gets his feelings hurt afterwards. Formerly named Opposition. Rewrite candidate.

6) Eyewitness, for Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5

Oneshot of Grace and her beliefs on the gang's little secret. This may expand into either a threeshot or multi-chapter sequel in the future.

7) Everything Has a Beginning, for Chaotic

Requestfic for Elemental1000. Peyton's on a trip with his pal Sobtjek and remembers first learning about the real Chaotic game. They also discover something shocking...

8) Something About Us, for LoL

Volibear/Trundle shipfic. First of its kind I believe. It's set before Volibear gets struck by lightning and Trundle overthrows his chieftain. Coincidentally, like Snapshot, it includes a theme to play while listening; Daft Punk's "Something About Us".

9) Frozen, for Chaotic

Fanfic for the Frozen Ones tribe, a faction that seemingly never made it to the current Chaotic canon.

10) His Secret, for Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5

A small fanfic where Hatch is shown to be keeping a secret from Kalus. Meant to dip into Hatch's mind a bit. Kind of inspired by that creepy Arnold shrine scene from Hey, Arnold.

Upcoming works and idea bin. "Idea" is exactly what it sounds like. "Being mapped out" means I'm writing the synopsis for each chapter. This one isn't used for oneshots. Sometimes I'll have a little synopsis for Ideas, but they're not fleshed out enough/aren't likely to see much else attention for now. "Being written" means I've completed the synopsis and is actually writing the story. If you saw something and it's gone now, that means it's completely scrapped:

1) Beyond, for Chaotic (Being written)

Rewrite of an older story named I Care. A scanner glitch traps Tom in Perim and Tangath Toborn lets him stay at his house until it's fixed. Things get bad, however, when they meet this girl.

2) I Keep Seeing Tangath Toborn, for Chaotic (Idea)

Tom's getting over some sadness brought over by Tangath's ceremony. He's ready to move on, but a figure appearing to be Tangath begins watching him on Earth.

3) Contact, for Chaotic (Being mapped out)

The first act of my rewrite for Startart132's Chaotic: Creatures in the Human World. As of this update, I've planned four acts/books in all. The order and titles are as follows: Contact, Mind Games, The War, Endgame. You can find more info on my Chaotic forum.

4) (Problems in Prexxor rewrite), for Chaotic (Idea)

An amnesiac human wounds up in Prexxor Chasm. Smildon saves the youth from death, and lets him/her stay under his protection until they can figure things out, such as his/her identity.

5) Change, for The Legend of Spyro (Being mapped out)

Involves that Conductor guy from Munition's Forge. He survived and has changed a lot. Following the third game, he comes to Warfang and meets Spyro for a talk.

6) My Pal Foxy, for FNAF (Idea)

A teenager named Jason takes a liking to Foxy as he and his friend Logan frequent Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. But his joy is short lived when he realizes a few details regarding his animatronic pal.

7) Eternal, for Chaotic (Being written)

Post season 3. A Chaotic player is lured into a ritual by a woman. When the ceremony is over, he learns the spirit of Tangath's Toborn's spectral nemesis, Vitog, now lies within him.

8) Dealing With the Devil, for Chaotic (Idea)

When rumors of a magical dealer responsible for bizarre events surfaces, Arias the OverWorlder is skeptical. He asks his friend Arbeid where he can be found, and ends up in the OverWorld wastelands. He meets the dealer, who claims to be a form of crossroads demon, and claims he knows what the ram wants: revenge on his brother, for a price that is.

9) Mistakes Were Made, for Chaotic (Being written)

Concept has evolved from Kitty. Tom heads to Kirvark Mound out of hearing some interesting rumors, but thanks to Attacat's uneasiness of the place as he, Rhaden and Najarin visit too, has a different type of trip.

10) Integration, for Chaotic (Idea)

A select group of creatures from Perim and humans on Earth are brought to a small, enclosed town. It's done with the hopes of being for the better of everybody.

11) Mystical? Maybe, for Gorillaz/SSB (Being mapped out)

Del and Noodle from the Gorillaz are left on their own following the Gorillaz' first breakup. They find each other, run into the Grim Reaper, and are saved by Master Hand. Brought into the World of Trophies, they're now stuck living in a castle as Assist Trophies for the SSB4 Tourney.

12) It Hurt Them More, for Chaotic (Idea)

A small collection of fanfics involving particular characters who were impacted by Tangath's departure the most.

13) Origin, for Generator Rex (Idea)

At the least, this will cover Biowulf's pre-EVO life.

14) The Real Game, for Chaotic (Idea)

This was my original take on Starart's Creatures in the Human World fanfic. The players in this canon also only have the card game. Three friends wait for their Chaotic scanners to download a new patch, but recieve a confusing message while waiting. They pass it off as a joke from the staff until their scanners finish downloading the patch.


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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

His Secret reviews
Hatch is thankful Kalus still doesn't know.
Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 875 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 9/17 - Hatch, Kalus - Complete
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There's something up there.
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While on a journey with Sobtjek, Peyton recalls learning about the real Chaotic. [For Elemental1000]
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Their lives play out, and she's around to watch, or wound up in them. [Post season 3] [On hold until previous chapters are tweaked]
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