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Greetings, my dears! It has been far too long and I owe you all an apology for being away for over a year! I know there is very little I can do make it up to you save to give my reasons for the long delay. I was married shortly after the last chapter, which in itself was not enough to make me stop completely. However, I’ve spent more time being sick this past year than in my entire life and to top it off the recession has taken its toll.

To make a long story short I spent time in the hospital after having bad reactions to medicine prescribed to me, some of which mimicked arthritis and made my hands practically useless while doctors fussed and clucked and brushed me off every time I dare to imply that the medicine they had me on was making me sick. I changed medicines and was okay, for a bit, then started having similar symptoms. 2010 was a year of drama for me and I won't bore you with the details except to say that I’m pretty sure the troubles are over for now.

On to the real profile:

I absolutely love anything that is DBZ and Star Ocean related( except for Claude). My wish is that people would also write more Samurai Deeper Kyo fanfics but I can't have everything can I? I love bishonen but all of my favorites of favorites (Dias, Vegita, and Onimeno Kyo, and Onizuka)are the really manly ones (weird, huh?).

Anime characters I absolutely hate:


Tenchi (there is no way all those girls would fall for him)

Akane Tendo

My favorite pairings of all time are:

Bulma and Vegita

Sesshoumaru and Rin

Rena and Dias

and Nicolai and Karin.

My most hated pairings are:

Sesshoumaru and anyone but Rin (but esp. Sango and Kikyo - I don't count Kagome because that pairing will never happen anyways, but it does irritate me because I don't see it happening when there's such good chemistry between her and Inu)

Goku and Vegita (it's really irritating when people turn a simple rivalry into something way off base)

Naruto and Sasuke (see previous comment, besides they're like brothers)

Dias and Claude

Ryuho and Sharise (I can't remember how to spell her name)

My Fav anime/video gameguys are: Vegita, Dias (SO2), Eikichi Onizuka (GTO) Onimeno Kyo, Hotaru, Akira, Botenmaru, Benitora,Shinrei, Yukimura(all from Samurai Deeper Kyo), Sesshoumaru-sama, Takuto (Full Moon wo Sagshite) Ayame and Kyo ( Fruits Basket) Tsukasa Doumyouji (Hana Yori Dango) Hayate (Pretear) Ashton (SO2), Nicolai and Yuri (from Shadow Hearts: Covenant), Mugen and Jin (Samurai Champloo), Manji (Blade of theImmortal).

My absolute favorite animes of all time are:

Urusei Yatsura


DBZ (I got into this wa~ay before they brought it to the U.S. and played it out)

Rahxephon (much better IMO than Evangelion)

Animes I don't care for:

Fushigi Yuugi (went downhill half-way through)

Tenchi (the boy has no personality)

Evangelion (zero character development)

Kenshin (I was thoroughly unimpressed by the show and the OVA I liked slightly better. I only watch the show when Hiko's on)

General Stuff: I read both Shonen and Shojo manga. I love GTO, SDK, and Yakitate just as much as Red River, Basara, and Hot Gimmick. I get irritated by fans who yaoi-fie EVERYTHING (the sheer amount of effort that goes into making cool characters so OOC baffles my mind). I love cats and I own three of them. I'm a short twenty-five-year-old (5' 1" and a half baby) and I've been watching anime since I was four.

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