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Gender: Male Age: 17 Likes: reading, writing (even though I'm not good at it), and definitely not school What I like to see in stories: Decent grammar and spelling. A few skipped words is understandable. I do the same all the time. If I don't proofread (which I do sparingly, but I am improving!), I'll forget 'not' in places it NEEDS to go. In my story, it read before I proofread it: "Naruto, I'm going to arrest you," assured Guy...yeah, SO needed to fix that, and I did after laughing for five straight minutes. Also I like to see some planning involved (tying in earlier elements to present scene or something). And a good story. That's always big. Realism. C'mon people, godlike Naruto? I will say I've read some god-Naruto fics, but he obtained the power through wild means. Kyuubi isn't a Santa Claus. Favorite couples: Well, my story is mainly NaruHina, though I like SasuSaku too. Not to mention GaaSaku, which is going to be in my story, but I'm not going to go deep into their relationship. To get a gist of it, though, read The Duty by Avium. Really good GaaSaku fic. Others: NejiTen, ShikaTema, InoChoji, and such. Also in my story: LeexYakumo. Going to try it anyway. Least favorite couples:

NarutoxHarem (friggin' annoying)

SasuHina (Doesn't make sense canonically)

And that's about it. I'd actually probably still read fics that had these ships if they were good enough.

OCs in fics I publish...the main ones anyway

OC: Tomitsu Gitsuuga (Translation unavailable)

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Black

Height: 6'0''-6'1'' (Part 1) 6'6'' (Part 2)

Age: 14-15 (Part 1) 18-19 (Part 2)

Clothing: To make it simple, he's basically wearing a

Soul Reaper/Shinigami uniform with the Leaf headband

strapped to his right arm.

Main Weapon: Samurai Sword

History: Undergoes ominous 'excises' (the killing of others, usually criminals)

with father of unknown name. Migrated from Iron to Leaf Village

when he was seven. Follows bushido and refuses to use jutsu

due to bushido.. Met Fu before debut.

Jutsu: Heavenly Blade, Hellish Blade, Flash-step

Personality: Calm, calculating, and ruthless in combat. Very formal. Tactful,

though when asked to be honest, very blunt. Also does not mind talking,

unless during combat. Also possesses a softer side. Philosophic.

Pairing: Fu

Touza (Last Name to be revealed)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 4'4'' (Part I) 4'10'' (Part II)

Age: 7-9 (Part I) 12 (Part II)

Appearance: Shabby, usually dirty dark grey pants and a torn brown shirt.

Appears healthy, however.

History: Was rescued by Naruto from the same bullies who

tormented Hinata. Continued to follow Naruto and his team

ever since. Has a talent for stealth. Is currently enrolled in the

Academy. Naruto was his one-time sensei as was TenTen. Is

friends with Konohamaru and Hanabi.

Jutsu: Invisibility Cloak (No official name), Clone Jutsu

Personality: Bright and cheerful, doesn't mind that people usually don't

talk to him, sensitive to emotions, also mischievous

(Message me if any information is missing or wanted)

Gotta admit these darn ages are gonna be the death of me. Naruto basically starts a year earlier, so Part I is extended by a year...but then he's gonna stay in the Part I arc longer than the actual canon Part I arc...GAAAAAH! For those wondering about Touza, however, just imagine him as a Konohamaru to this Naruto. I kinda added him as a knee-jerk reaction, but I think I can make him work. Konohamaru will definitely still be present(Check Chapter 21 of HDT).

Pairings for How Destiny Turns

(This is all for right now, and not all will get a whole lot of screen time!)







Pairings for Blind Pathfinder

(Again, all for right now.)


Eh...yeah, that's it. As the story progresses, I'll add more.

Alright, for those wondering about my random Artemis Fowl one-shot, I just did it because I was feeling bored and had recently read some HollyxArtemis oneshots. And that was the result. That simple.

I am associated with Anime Beagle, for those who came to ask about Tali. Let's just say that he and I both have gamer crushes on her...can't help it. I also beta his story like Like No Other. Though the concept is not exactly original, I know the guy personally and say he will take things in an...unique direction.

Right here I'm going to talk about my flops as a writer. I approximately have about twelve ideas pinging around in my head or written down, ranging from anime to gaming fictions. I've published about six stories intended to be long-running, but only How Destiny Turns has really turned out. The others were either flops or terribly written. One's still up on my other account to which I've forgotten the password. It's a SasuSaku timetravel fic, and it was bad, to me anyways. If you read it and review, I won't know about it because I've changed my email since then. If you want to see it, type in "Perfect Recall", quotation marks and all. It's under the pen name Boidogan.

I've seen a lot of stuff in stories that suggest that Naruto and other Genin graduates should be automatically ready to slit a person's throat. Like they can be a real Genin for a week and kill in cold blood. People tend to forget that Genin graduates, or at least this group, are TWELVE YEARS OLD. I can see the sensei waiting a year and then the Genin killing, but not straight out of the bag. I've gotten a couple of reviews saying that a certain person shouldn't be scared of killing because that person was a 'ninja'...but I reminded that reviewer that this 'ninja' was twelve years of age and barely out of the Academy. Sure, that person would've been ready if they had come from a graduation like Zabuza's, but not the Leaf's. That's the end of spiel...I hope.

I have a question as a writer. When does a story cross from the T rating to the M rating? I know the basic mark of a M story is lemons/limes, but my question is more intended toward the language and violence. My most popular story fluctuates with both. Some chapters are spotless with language, but then others(usually Anko is present) present a bit theme. I know teens can handle language like this, but then violence is where I become really thrown off. In Chapter 18 of HDT(my beta nicknamed it the Game of Thrones Chapter), the violence there is actually toned down from the original writing. Here's some of the worst:

Her smile turned sick. “Too bad. I was thinking of killing you last.” She pressed her hand to his chest, just over his heart, in a grotesque mockery of intimacy. She pushed her hand through his skin with a squelching, stomach-churning noise. Tomitsu groaned, and his body shook violently. Blood poured from his mouth. Her wrist moved as if she had lain her hand on something. “Bye-bye, Big Man,” she purred. She yanked, the object sticking slightly until it was ripped out with the sound of rope snapping.

Sayuri gazed down in fascination at Tomitsu's heart. Tomitsu stared wonderingly at it before his eyes rolled up into his head. She squeezed it, and the heart squirted her uniform with blood. She grinned at them, and Tomitsu fell to the ground, the gaping hole in his chest a sure sign of death.

...a while later

“I can and I will!” He threw the kunai, and it buried deep in Sayuri's skull before detonating. Blood showered on the Genin, and bits of bone came down revoltingly at their feet.

Yeah, that's the original writing. My beta advised me to change it after I had already updated the story with it. To me, I can handle violence like that, but I've explored some of the darkest stories on FanFiction...and it scarred me. An in-detail account of a human, futanari Kurama raping a child does that, and I doubt that's even the worst. Some people have really twisted minds. Anyway, off-subject. If you're an experienced writer/beta/reader, could you maybe give me pointers on what a M story entails? Thanks.

Alright, Blind Pathfinder is out and about in the FanFiction world. I changed it a lot from my original idea. Naruto is eight instead of five and is enrolled in the Academy when "that" happens(I already give out a lot of spoilers on my profile), and he befriends both Hinata and Kiba. He is also close to the Inuzuka clan. As for how he's going to stay in the Academy, let's just say Tsume has to do some political maneuvering. I also have a few ideas of how he's going to "see". A hint: wind and dog. I have high hopes for this story. I actually know what I'm doing now instead of blindly blundering like I had been doing with How Destiny Turns.

Hm, I think I understand why writers offer challenges now. With two stories going, I haven't the time to write much else even though I have about ten more ideas I could flesh out. So here is my first challenge. More like a topic, but anyways:

Technological Naruto

Basically, there is no jutsu. Everything is accomplished with advanced technology developed by child geniuses born by other geniuses. Clone Jutsu, for example, could be a hologram, and Shadow Clone Jutsu could be some sort of hardlight hologram. Everything has to be tech, even the Byakugan and Sharingan. I have a few ideas writers could or could not use.

Naruto's Kyuubi could be some sort of experimental AI that Minato implanted in him. How it works is up to the writer. There is no Academy for children but instead something like Battle School from Ender's Game for Genin and up (ranks aren't needed). Each village is a nation. Each nation has its own geniuses bent on killing the geniuses of the other countries. All geniuses are cold and calculating, even Hinata though she would pale compared to Neji. Missions could exist as field assignments. Same thing, really. Exosuits could be in the story and equipped to every person or just to the people such as Guy or Lee whose taijutsu would translate into something like a exosuit. Again, depends on the writer.

That's really all I have. Pairings are whatever the writer wants, but I would prefer NaruHina. Just let me know if you ever decide to write a story like this or have seen a story similar to this. Not mecha or anything, but modern day, jutsu-into-tech Naruto world.

For those that want some sort of spoiler for HDT, I've already decided Prelims and Final pair-ups for the Chunin Exams. They are as follows:


Tomitsu vs. Fu

Naruto vs. Kiba

Sasuke vs. Zaku

Sakura vs. Ino

Kin vs. Temari

TenTen vs. Boshi

Lee vs. Gaara

Yakumo vs. Kankuro

Sai vs. Taki

Hinata vs. Neji

Shikamaru vs. Yoroi

Choji vs. Misumi

Shino vs. Dosu


Temari vs. Shikamaru

Shino vs. Neji

Choji vs. Kankuro

Sai vs. Boshi

The Big Ones:

Tomitsu vs. Gaara


Naruto vs. Sasuke

There you have it. Prelims and Final matches all there. I personally can't wait to get to the Chunin Exams, but I need chapters to build up to them. For those who want to complain to me about revealing major plot structures, just IGNORE THIS. It isn't that hard. Hide my bio if you need to. And if you want to question me about the matchings, PM me and please ask meaningful questions.

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